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Product category: PC-Compatible Boards and Assemblies
News Release from: Amplicon | Subject: Microstar/UEI Linux drivers
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 02 August 2000

Linux option for data acquisition

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Amplicon Liveline is opening up Linux to end-users for acquisition and analysis tasks by offering drivers from both Microstar Laboratories and United Electronic Industries products

Amplicon Liveline extends its range of products and opens up options to end-users with the open-source environment for acquisition and analysis tasks: Linux, offering drivers from both Microstar Laboratories, Inc., the manufacturer or real time Data Acquisition Boards, and United Electronic Industries, a supplier of high speed and general purpose data acquisition products The company is able to offer the Linux driver for PCI DAP boards, complementary to Microstar's existing Linux driver for ISA DAP boards