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Product category: Wireless Communications
News Release from: Alpha Micro Components | Subject: Trac Monitor
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 June 2005

GPRS modems collect Turkish meter data

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A Turkish IT solutions provider turned to Alpha Micro Components for help with a remote metering project.

Turkish IT solutions provider Bentas has built a reputation for developing software for large corporations within Turkey Following discussions with BIS Energy, a leading Turkish electricity company, Bentas was commissioned to design a solution, which would gather information from the company's electricity meters in order to determine energy usage throughout the country

In line with a Government directive, electricity companies were required to submit capacity usage on an hourly basis and BIS Energy required a solution to enable them to do this.

As many of the electricity meters are located in rural areas, without a device which could monitor the meters remotely, data would have to be collected manually.

Although Bentas had the expertise to develop the software, which would analyse the data collected by the meters, it did not have the technology to interrogate the devices remotely.