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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 17, 2010

Aitech Defense Systems offers a customisable two-slot 3U CompactPCI (CPCI) enclosure that provides flexible electronic configurations and reliable operation.

The machined aluminum side, top and bottom walls in the cold-plate-cooled E902 provides increased thermal and heat-transfer performance, as well as radiation and heavy ion shielding, making the enclosure suitable for harsh mechanical environments with severe climactic stresses typically found in manned or unmanned spacecraft environments.

Designed for spacecraft duty, the enclosure is typically able to dissipate more than 28W at 71C ambient free air with a cold-plate temperature of 55C.

Given these operating conditions, the internal temperature is held to a maximum of 85C at the card's thermal interfaces and edges.

The E902 weighs less than 11lbs with two 3U 0.8in pitch ANSI/VITA 30.1-2002 conduction-cooled CompactPCI boards and has external dimensions of 3.63 (w) x 8.52 (d) x 4.80in (h), which is only slightly larger than the 3U boards contained within the chassis.

The E902 is lightweight and compact, saving size, weight and power (SWaP) as well as costs in space-flight-related applications.

In addition to its bonded and fastened construction using CNC-machined aluminum, the E902 is environmentally sealed and EMI/RF protected to withstand extreme altitude, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, EMI and chemical exposure.

The removable panel-threaded holes feature self-locking stainless-steel Heli-Coils for added protection against shock and vibration.

The enclosure features an external epoxy-paint or chemical-conversion-coated finish for high corrosion resistance, both available in standard military colours with others available on request.

Internal surfaces are chemical-conversion coated.

The internal CompactPCI backplane includes J1 and J2 connectors in all slots.

DC input power is routed to a removable and modular 3U conduction-cooled power supply, such as the Aitech P230 or P217, via a separate screened harness to prevent radiated or conducted EMI.

The power supply holds up the output power rails for a minimum of 4msec when input drops below 18V DC, to ensure memory retention.

The two DC-to-DC converters, which contact the base plate directly, provide four isolated outputs protected against short circuit and over voltage.

For the radiation tolerant or hardened versions, two non-redundant power-supply modules are installed for additional radiation hardness in long-duration space applications.

The E902's customisable front panel features a power-input connector with integrated EMI shielding and user-defined D-Sub connectors for spacecraft applications, as well as harsh rugged and military applications.

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