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Product category: Communications ICs (Wired)
News Release from: Agere Systems | Subject: PI-40SAX
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 24 October 2002

Multiservice switch IC cuts telecomms
kit to size

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Agere Systems reckons it has developed the world's fastest switching chip.

Agere Systems reckons it has developed the world's fastest switching chip, a device it claims has the potential to revolutionise the economics, size, and multiservice performance and flexibility of communications network infrastructure equipment and consumer electronics devices for the next several years The groundbreaking chip switches voice, data, and video signals at least four times faster than all other competing single chip switches

China-based Zhongxing Telecom Equipment Corp (ZTE) - the largest listed telecommunications equipment manufacturer in China - is designing in Agere's chip for use in its multiservice switching equipment platform.

Agere's chip, called the Protocol Independent Stand-Alone Switch (PI-40SAX), is a key engine driving an important shift in the communications equipment industry to a lower cost structure.

For the next several years, the industry's equipment will have to be much more reliable, much smaller, offer many more services, and still deliver much higher capacity and speeds-and cost much less.

"The PI-40SAX - the third evolution of Agere's switching chip product line - will empower telecom original equipment manufacturers of the world to revolutionis