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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 20, 2008

Advanced Micro Peripherals' Vcodec-H264 is a single channel H264 Codec on a single PC/104-plus form factor.

It captures and compresses analogue video inputs to the H264 standard.

The Vcodec-H264 allows high quality real-time video and audio capture and H264 compression from PAL/NTSC video sources to disk, providing an additional path for uncompressed video for on-screen preview or optional downstream video analytics.

The Vcodec-H264 can simultaneously decompress and replay recordings from storage to display.

The H264 video data compression and reduced bus utilisation allows up to four Vcodec-H264 cards within a PC/104-plus system.

The Vcodec-H264 can record up to four video inputs to a single H264 file as if from a single video source.

The resulting H264 file can be played as a single H264 stream by the Vcodec-H264 or appropriate hardware/software decoders without separation.

The Vcodec-H264 provides a secondary video path, allowing the video being recorded, or an alternative video source, to be streamed across the PC/104-plus bus to the host system's VGA buffer for video previewing.

PAL/NTSC or RS170 display devices can also be driven.

The uncompressed video, in RGB or YUV format, may be used in further image processing applications.

The Vcodec-H264 allows bit-mapped text and graphics overlay on incoming video prior to recording.

Video source information including camera reference, location, time and date stamp can be overlaid on preview and recordings for real-time annotation and labelling.

Other features of the Vcodec-H264 include flexible bit rate control and motion detection.

Win-NT/2000/XP-E, Linux and QNX provide software support.

Applications include: solid-state digital video server, vehicle-based video Codec, law enforcement, crime scene recording, remote video surveillance, multi-camera security application, asset monitoring, traffic monitoring and control, video acquisition and analytics.

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