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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 7, 2011

Measurement Computing's three data-acquisition modules in the 6000 Series of Advanced Measurement Products are now available from Adept Scientific.

These products combine high-performance, Ethernet-based DAQ modules with powerful software.

Three data-acquisition modules in the 6000 Series of Advanced Measurement Products are now available from Adept Scientific

The 6222 is a 12-channel, simultaneously sampled, thermocouple input module featuring 24-bit resolution for accurate temperature measurements.

The 6230 and 6231 are 12-channel, high-speed, isolated voltage input modules with 24-bit ADC per channel.

All inputs are sampled simultaneously at up to 50kS/sec per channel.

Channel-to-channel isolation of 250Vrms is also provided.

The 6230 features a +/-10V input range, while the 6231 offers measurements up to +/-60V.

Each module also includes eight digital I/O channels.

Also included with each 6000 Series module is Encore, an interactive measurement software package.

Encore version 1.1 combines an intuitive user interface with robust functionality.

It allows users to quickly configure hardware, develop and customise data displays, analyse data with built-in analysis tools and provides the ability to develop comprehensive test reports.

Systems can be used in a central location or in distributed or remote configurations.

Multiple modules can also be combined to build expandable, mixed-signal systems.

Modules are currently offered for measuring voltage, temperature and strain.

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