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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Aug 25, 2010

Actel has launched Unison, an ultra-tiny, Linux-compatible OS that gives developers the option for Linux-based embedded design when using Smartfusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGAs.

Unison consists of a set of modular software components, which, like Linux, are either free or commercially licensed.

Unison offers Posix and Linux compatibility with hard real-time performance, complete I/O modules, a small memory footprint and an easily understood environment for device driver programming.

Seamless integration with FPGA and analogue features are said to be fast and easy.

Unison comes with more than 30 demonstration programs that work out of the box in 10 minutes with Softconsole.

All Unison versions are strictly tested with standardised Posix test suites, along with additional testing, development and management approaches.

Actel and Rowebots are holding a live webinar to introduce Rowebots' Ultra Tiny Linux OS with Actel Smartfusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGAs.

Attendees will learn how the Unison ultra-tiny Linux operating system, with an ultra-tiny modular memory footprint, supports the Smartfusion with embedded ARM Cortex-M3 device with as little as 1K of RAM and 6K of flash.

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