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News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: Libero IDE 7.3
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Design environment supports low-power FPGAs

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The latest version of the Libero integrated design environment offers full support for Actel's newest Flash-based field-programmable gate array solutions, the low-power Igloo family

The latest version of the Actel Libero integrated design environment (IDE) offers full support for Actel's newest Flash-based field-programmable gate array (FPGA) solutions, the low-power Igloo family. The Libero IDE 7.3 also provides new easy-to-use features that will aid designers utilising the mixed-signal Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC) and low-cost ProASIC3/E families.

The Libero IDE 7.3 introduces innovative internal design functions, such as the new Libero block design flow, to lower FPGA development costs and enable users to reach design closure more quickly.

The enhanced IDE also combines advanced FPGA backend technology with best-in-class design software products from Synplicity, Mentor Graphics and SynaptiCAD.

'The Libero IDE 7.3 combines powerful analysis and implementation features with the ease of use that Actel customers have come to expect', said Rich Brossart, Vice President, Product Marketing at Actel.

'This is just the latest example of Actel's commitment to provide cutting-edge silicon functionality and low FPGA development costs while still optimising the user experience'.

'No other FPGA development software bundle provides as much value-per-dollar as the Libero IDE 7.3'.

The Libero IDE 7.3 is optimised for Actel's new low-power Igloo FPGA family, the industry's lowest power FPGA.

The software supports the Actel Igloo family's three power modes - Flash*Freeze, low-power active and sleep.

In Flash*Freeze mode, the Igloo devices achieve ultra-low power consumption of less than 5uW.

These innovations build on the power-optimisation toolset available in Libero, including the SmartPower analysis tool, which allows users to characterise power consumption in the Actel Igloo devices.

Best-in-Class Tools, Advanced Functions and Improved Ease of Design Expanding the software support network for Actel FPGAs, the Libero IDE 7.3 includes the industry-standard Synplicity Identify 2.4.1, a RTL debugger, bundled for free in the Libero Gold edition.

Joe Gianelli, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Synplicity, said: 'By integrating the Identify software into the Libero IDE 7.3, Actel's customers now have a cost-effective way to set up and debug their flash-based ProASIC3 designs quickly, and with in-system functional evaluation'.

For the first time, customers can also leverage the rich feature set of the Precision RTL synthesis software from Mentor Graphics as part of the Libero Web download product bundle.

Combining these products in an easy-to-use package, Mentor Graphics and Actel expand the synthesis options for designers.

Further, SynaptiCAD and Actel worked closely to adapt the Waveformer Lite v11 testbench generation tool to support the unique architecture of Fusion, which includes analogue, embedded flash and FPGA fabric on a monolithic PSC.

'SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Lite v11 allows Actel Fusion users to quickly generate analogue waveforms by choosing a waveform equation and its parameters', said Dan Notestein, President and CEO of SynaptiCAD.

'These waveforms can be used directly in a Libero HDL testbench to simulate and test a virtual Fusion prototype'.

The Libero IDE 7.3 also introduces advanced internal design functionality with a block design flow and extends the backend timing and power analysis software with features, such as virtual clocks and bottleneck analysis, power initialisation with timing constraints and advanced power analysis for memory blocks.

These features allow designers to rapidly reach design closure and characterise their FPGA design in the context of the overall system.

The Actel Libero IDE 7.3 Platinum edition is available now on Windows and Unix platforms for US $2495.

The enhanced Libero IDE Gold edition is available on Windows for free.

All editions are one-year renewable licences. Request a free brochure from Actel Europe....

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