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Product category: Design and Development Hardware
News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: CoreMP7 Development Kit
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 1 March 2006

Kit accelerates soft core deployment

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A complete hardware and software development environment speeds implementation of the CoreMP7 soft ARM7 processor core

Available now from Actel, the CoreMP7 Development Kit is a complete hardware and software development environment for the implementation of the company's CoreMP7 soft ARM7 processor core. Providing users with everything needed to quickly and easily evaluate and design FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC) applications, the kit includes the award-winning CoreMP7, the Actel ARM7-enabled M7 ProASIC3 device and FPGA development tools.

'Leveraging the combination of FPGA flexibility, fast time to market and industry-standard ARM7 processor technology, the CoreMP7 Development Kit simplifies the evaluation and development of sophisticated SoCs', said Mike Thompson, Manager, IP Marketing at Actel.

'This kit is a comprehensive environment, including the tools required for assembly, simulation, synthesis, layout, programming and debug as well as the interfaces and I/Os needed to create a real-world, system-level design'.

The Development Kit includes a stand-alone development board and the CoreConsole IP deployment platform (IDP), the Libero Gold integrated design environment (IDE), Gnu software tools and a CoreMP7 debugger.

In addition, a FlashPro3 programmer is optionally available to provide programming and debug support for both the FPGA fabric and the ARM7 software.

Interfacing seamlessly, the CoreConsole IDP and the Libero IDE together enable designers to assemble, simulate, synthesise, layout, program and debug a CoreMP7-based system.

To further ease ARM7 software program development for CoreMP7, the CoreConsole IDP outputs a memory map and drivers that can be used with the Gnu software tools.

The board is available with either an M7A3PE600 or M7A3P1000 device in an FG484 package, providing FPGA real estate for design implementation.

It also includes: Ethernet, RS232, USB and CAN interface connectors; PHY interfaces; up to 150 user-defined I/Os for easy connection to other systems and components in an application; and 2Mbyte SRAM and 2Mbyte Flash memory.

Available now, the CoreMP7 Development Kit is priced at $695.

The kit with the FlashPro3 programmer is priced at $795.

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