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Product category: Design and Development Software
News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: Libero Gold
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 24 February 2006

Free software expands
to million-gate designs

Note: A free brochure or catalogue is available from Actel Europe on the products in this news release. Click here to request a copy.

The free-of-charge Libero Gold integrated design environment now provides expanded device support for designs up to one million gates

Continuing to enhance its tools suite with greater value, functionality and performance, Actel today announced that its free Libero Gold integrated design environment (IDE) now provides expanded device support for designs up to one million gates. Users need only download and install a small service pack, the Libero 7.0 IDE Service Pack 1 (SP1), to their existing Libero 7.0 IDE software to immediately start developing one million-gate designs using Actel's field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

This free, expanded device support covers all Actel single-chip device families, including the company's low-cost ProASIC3 and ARM7-enabled ProASIC3 FPGA families, and the world's first mixed-signal FPGA, the Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC).

For the Actel Fusion PSC, Libero 7.0 SP1 also provides enhanced SmartGen Fusion IP peripheral generation flows that streamline the configuration of analogue System Builder Components.

In addition, the service pack includes enhanced algorithms that dramatically improve the place-and-route efficiency and quality of results (QoR) for Actel's high-performance, antifuse-based Axcelerator FPGAs.

Five effort levels for Axcelerator timing-driven layout have been re-tuned to function in 'quick mode', providing up to twice the runtime performance with improved QoR.

'This release reflects Actel's commitment to deliver easy-to-use and cost-efficient tools for the development of high-performance designs', said Jake Chuang, senior director of tools marketing at Actel.

'In addition to enabling our customers to design up to one million gates for free, the service pack adds support for the Actel Fusion PSC and ARM7-enabled ProASIC3 devices, allowing our customers to immediately begin their mixed-signal and embedded system designs'.

The Libero IDE Gold software contains all the tools of Libero IDE Platinum, except Palace AE Physical Synthesis, and WaveFormer Lite Reactive Test Bench and VCD import.

Libero IDE 7.0 SP1 is available immediately as a free software download from Actel's website.

Users must already have Libero IDE 7.0 installed or they can get a free copy of Libero IDE 7.0, along with a free Libero Gold software licence from Actel's website. Request a free brochure from Actel Europe....

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