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News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: Libero 7.0 and Fusion Starter Kit
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 December 2005

Kit supports programmable mixed-signal design

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A comprehensive design environment fully supports implementation of the new Fusion programmable system chip

Unveiling a crucial element in a new era of system development, Actel Corp has released a comprehensive design environment that fully supports implementation of the company's new Fusion programmable system chip (PSC). The combination of the Actel Fusion PSC and the Actel Libero 7.0 integrated design environment (IDE) enables an unprecedented convergence of digital logic, analogue functionality, embedded Flash memory and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) fabric on a single chip.

Actel's extensive mix of tools provide designers with the environments, methodologies and links they need to easily generate, configure and verify operation of this groundbreaking mixed-signal FPGA technology.

Upgrades to Actel's popular Libero IDE allow full PSC generation in an easy-to-use 'pick-and-click' user interface, and a low-cost Actel Fusion starter kit ensures that the design is taken from concept to completion quickly and efficiently.

'The Actel Fusion PSC satisfies a strong demand from system architects for a device that simplifies design and unleashes their creativity', said Dennis Kish, Vice President of Marketing at Actel.

'However, because the right blend of tools is an essential part of this solution, Actel has put together a package that empowers designers to fully exploit the unprecedented level of integration and flexibility provided by this revolutionary family of devices'.

Specifically developed with the Actel Fusion PSC in mind, Actel's Libero 7.0 IDE brings together innovative new tools to generate, configure, interconnect and map intellectual property (IP) to the Fusion fabric.

Highly flexible and easy-to-use, Libero's graphical environment enables designers to 'pick-and-click' specific options to generate and configure complex mixed-signal peripherals.

Recognising the potential of combining Actel Fusion analogue/digital functions with embedded processing, Actel is also providing comprehensive hardware/software codevelopment tools to simplify the development of embedded soft processor solutions directly on the Actel Fusion PSC fabric.

Building on its strategy to provide best-in-class EDA tools as part of its Libero IDE, Actel has worked with industry-leading, third-party tool vendors to provide support for Actel Fusion PSCs.

Magma Design Automation provides physical synthesis support with its Palace tool, Mentor Graphics provides simulation support in ModelSim and Synplicity provides FPGA logic synthesis support with its Synplify AE and Synplify Pro tools.

The feature-rich Actel Fusion Starter Kit has built-in capabilities for a host of designs using the salient features of the Actel Fusion PSC, including internal and external temperature management, analogue signal conversion and level detection, power monitoring and current sensing and control applications, to name a few.

Featuring a 600,000-gate Actel Fusion PSC in an FG256 package, the Actel Fusion Starter Kit delivers higher gate and I/O count than prior kits, enabling users to create and test more complex designs.

The Actel Fusion Starter Kit also includes a set of MOSFETs for driving and controlling external voltages and a high-brightness, multicolour LED for demonstrating pulsewidth modulation (PWM) effects.

For example, users can use this LED to monitor temperature-sensing applications without need for costly external monitoring equipment, such as an oscilloscope or fan.

Further, the Actel Fusion Starter Kit supports many use models, including sleep and standby modes, external wake-up and event-initiated state saving based on current-, temperature-, time- or voltage-sensing events.

Additional contents of the Actel Fusion Starter Kit include an evaluation board, Actel's Libero IDE v7.0, Actel's Flash Pro3 programmer and tutorial documentation.

The Actel Libero 7.0 IDE is available now in a Platinum edition for Windows and Unix platforms, which sell for $2495 and $4995, respectively.

A free Gold edition is also available for Windows.

All Libero editions are one-year renewable licences.

The Actel Fusion Starter Kit is available now.

Pricing for the Starter Kit begins at $350. Request a free brochure from Actel Europe....

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