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News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: ProASIC Plus industrial
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 22 November 2002

Industrial specs for
high-density Flash FPGAs

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Actel is claiming the industry's largest Flash-based, reprogrammable FPGA devices qualified to industrial specifications

The nonvolatile, single-chip ProASIC Plus industrial devices, which range in density from 75,000 to 1 million system gates, are guaranteed to operate at ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +85C. With these new solutions, Actel now offers an expanded portfolio of commercial and industrial-grade, live-at-power-up, low power, Flash-based solutions.

This extended temperature range, coupled with the industry's largest density for Flash-based FPGAs, makes these new devices suitable for ASIC alternative applications in the avionics, consumer, industrial control, networking and communications markets.

Since its introduction, Actel's ProASIC Plus family has won a record number of design wins due to its ASIC-like features; the inherent security benefits of the company's flash-based FPGAs; and the in-system programming capability that enables reprogramming of the devices in the field.

Now, with the availability of commercial and industrial-grade devices, the company expects increasing interest in ProASIC Plus solutions, especially in the avionics, consumer, industrial control, networking and communications applications where ASIC-like features are beneficial.

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