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Product category: Design and Development Software
News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: Designer Series
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 12 June 2002

Faster and easier route to FPGA design

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Actel has significantly enhanced its Designer Series FPGA tool suite with a robust power analysis tool and the ability to display netlists in a hierarchical manner

Actel has significantly enhanced its Designer Series FPGA tool suite with two new capabilities: SmartPower is a robust power analysis tool, and Netlist Viewer allows designers to display the netlist in a hierarchical manner. These enhancements enable customers to create designs for Actel's next-generation FPGA devices in less time.

Additionally, the performance of the timing analysis and layout utilities has increased substantially - up to 50% faster on specific customer designs.

The new version of Actel's Designer Series includes a state-of-the-art power analysis tool, SmartPower, which enables Actel customers to quickly identify power consumption problems within a component and then optimise accordingly.

This feature offers a distinct advantage over competitive power analysis tools that estimate the power consumption of overall designs rather than components.

SmartPower also enables the designer to inspect detailed hierarchical reports of the dynamic power consumption of a design.

This includes design level power summary, average switching activities, ambient and junction temperature readings.

The addition of Netlist Viewer allows users to display the netlist in a hierarchical manner, trace signals and explore each level of the design.

This new capability assists designers in meeting area and timing goals and aids in critical path identification.

The Designer Series tool suite supports established electronic design automation standards, such as Verilog/VHDL/EDIF netlist formats.

The new Netlist Viewer enables designers to view a graphical representation of the netlist, display the netlist in a hierarchical manner or search for instances, nets and ports.

These three viewing options - a schematic view format, a hierarchical view format and a search view format - enable designers to easily explore each level of the design.

In conjunction with existing Designer Series features, such as PinEdit, ChipEdit and Timer, the Netlist Viewer assists designers in meeting area and timing goals by helping with critical path identification.

Actel's Designer Series tool suite contains user-friendly productivity tools to accelerate and automate the system design process without forcing the designer to relinquish control.

With both automated and manual flows, Designer delivers automatic place and route, provides support for fixed pins, creates customised macros and ensures accurate timing throughout the development cycle.

Actel Designer Series works seamlessly with best-in-class synthesis, schematic and simulation tools from leading EDA vendors, including Cadence, Innoveda, Mentor Graphics, Model Technology, SynaptiCAD, Synopsys and Synplicity.

The Designer Series tool suite is available in two different versions: Platinum and Gold.

Actel's Designer Series Platinum is a complete tool suite solution with unlimited design capacity and customer support.

Actel offers its Designer Series Gold version for users designing system-level devices of 50,000 gates or less.

Pricing for Actel's Designer Series Platinum version begins at $995.

The Designer Series Gold version R1 2002 will be available on the Actel website from 1st July 2002.

Current customers on maintenance will be upgraded to version R1 2002 at no additional cost.

The Designer Series tool suite is also now available for Windows XP operating systems.

For more information, please contact Actel.

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