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Product category: Programmable Logic Devices
News Release from: Actel Europe
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 5 March 2002

FPGAs add design
security to giant displays

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NetVision has selected Actel's A54SX72A antifuse FPGA device for its new Magitron range of giant colour outdoor LEDs

The screens use Actel nonvolatile SX-A FPGAs for display circuit control and colour correction management. The combination of newly developed processing algorithms and the high-speed performance of the SX-A has resulted in 48bit displays with greatly improved colour graduation. "The Magitron circuit design specifications required a logic integration device that offered high performance, design security and low power consumption.

Actel's SX-A FPGAs met this need perfectly", said Claude Poirier, chief executive officer at NetVision.

"Further, with Actel's A54SX72A, we were able to integrate all of the digital functions into one FPGA, resulting in an 80% reduction in the number of components as well as a significant cost savings".

"The widespread adoption of Actel's SX-A FPGAs is fueled by the performance, low power and security features of the architecture", said Jon Ewald, director of product marketing at Actel.

"NetVision's Magitron screens are a great illustration of the level of integration and capabilities the SX-A family can deliver for a wide range of communications, consumer and industrial applications".

As the complexity, capabilities and market share of FPGAs increases with respect to competing FPGA technologies, the need to secure the intellectual property implemented in FPGAs increases.

Nonvolatile antifuse FPGAs, like Actel's SX-A family, are more secure against attack than the ASIC technologies they are replacing and therefore, satisfy an increasingly important market requirement.

The A54SX72A device selected by NetVision is extremely secure, preventing copying or reverse engineering of the design.

Introduced in September 1999, the SX-A family offers a fine-grained antifuse architecture similar to a masked gate array, providing a high-performance, low-cost solution for communications, consumer and industrial applications.

In addition, the SX-A family offers I/O capabilities that provide full support for hot swapping.

With devices up to 108,000 system gates and speeds up to 250MHz system performance, the SX-A family is also 66MHz PCI compliant.

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