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Product category: Design and Development Software
News Release from: Actel Europe | Subject: Libero
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 5 December 2001

Libero sweeps up FPGA design software

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Actel has enhanced its Libero integrated design environment for FPGA development and design

With this new release, Libero includes support for mixed-mode design entry input, giving designers the choice of mixing either high-level VHDL or Verilog HDL language blocks with schematic modules within a design. Mixed-mode support enables designers to describe complex functions in HDL and 'stitch' those blocks together using schematic diagrams.

This new capability is especially valuable for designers integrating intellectual property (IP) into complex FPGAs where time-to-market and productivity requirements are stringent.

Older design methodologies require a designer to manually re-implement a design module if it was created in a format different to that of the overall design.

Actel's enhanced Libero tool suite allows integration of such modules, eliminating the need for re-implementation.

This mixed-mode capability has become important as programmable logic design density increases and IP use and design reuse become a necessity.

'Manually integrating multiple design blocks using schematic and HDL input can be tricky and time consuming', said Richard Paw, manager of software product marketing at Actel.

'By giving our customers the freedom to mix and match their design entry methodologies, our enhanced Libero tool suite minimises redesign work, easing design reuse and increasing productivity'.

Libero integrates industry-leading design tools and streamlines the design flow; manages all design, run and report files; and passes necessary design data between tools.

Libero includes best-in-class tools such as Innoveda's ViewDraw schematic capture tool; SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Lite test bench generation system; Model Technology's ModelSim simulation and design verification software; Synplicity's Synplify synthesis software; and Actel's Designer Series place-and-route software and Silicon Explorer verification and logic analyser tool.

The Libero tool suite is available in three versions: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Actel's Libero Platinum is a complete tool suite solution with unlimited design capacity and customer support.

For users designing system-level devices of 50,000 gates or less, Actel offers its Libero Gold version.

Libero Silver offers tool support from entry to programming for Actel devices of 10,000 gates or less, including Actel's eX family and the ProASIC A500K050.

Libero Silver does not include simulation, but designers may use their own simulator without restrictions.

Libero Platinum is priced at $2495 and Libero Gold is priced at $995.

Libero Silver is offered at no charge to qualified designers for one year.

Current customers on maintenance will be upgraded at no additional cost.

A Libero Platinum evaluation version may be used for 45 days free of charge.

It includes all the integrated tools, functionality and power of Platinum without the programming capability.

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