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The Coach House
Watery Lane
Telephone: (UK) +44 1225 780400

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Photodiode solution avoids noise problems

Opto Diode's ODA-5W-100k suits low-light (less than 1mW) tasks where electrical noise can affect the photodiode signal if the detector and amplifier are separate components on a circuit board.

News from AP Technologies (14 April 2008)

Silicon photodiode takes preamp onboard

Opto Diode Corporation's ODA-5W-100M combines a high responsivity 5mm2 active area silicon photodiode with a 100Mohm preamplifier.

News from AP Technologies ( 4 January 2007)

Detector upgrades microscope performance

The new 3Max detector from El-Mul Technologies is billed as the first true innovation in Everhart-Thornley (ET) type chamber detectors in over 40 years.

News from AP Technologies ( 3 Januar