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Product category: Design and Development Software
News Release from: Abacus Group | Subject: STMicroeletronics PSDsoft Express
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 22 November 2002

Kits speed DSP memory subsystem design

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Abacus has two different development kits that each enable DSP engineers to build a core DSP design in two chips

The kits allow designers to develop and program DSP system memory (DSM) from STMicroelectronics as a companion chip to Analog Devices ADSP-218x or ADSP-2191 digital signal processors. Each kit includes the STMicroeletronics PSDsoft Express point and click development and programming software tool to configure the DSM, as well as sample DSM devices.

PSDsoft Express is straightforward to use, and allows designers to configure and program the DSP memory subsystem in less than 2h.

First, the device and controller interface are selected from drop down menus.

The user is then free to define the DSM pin configuration, memory map and chip selects.

PSDsoft Express then generates the memory sector chip select equations to be implemented in programmable logic onboard the DSM.

The configuration code is automatically merged with the application code to compile a ".obj" file to program the DSM.

Each DSM chip features a JTAG interface for rapid in-system programming on the assembly line.

This eliminates the need for programming, labelling and storing preprogrammed memory and logic devices, and enables blank DSM devices to be soldered to the circuit board and programmed at the end of the assembly line enabling true just-in-time manufacturing.

DSP system memory (DSM) presents a simple way to implement a DSP system, by enabling many system elements to be configured on a single chip.

These include the DSP bootload memory, as well as Flash memory for arrays, code, data and parameters, programmable logic for decoding or other user-defined functions, and user-configurable I/O.

This technology simplifies implementation and reduces component count when building a memory subsystem for any DSP-based application.

The on-chip decode PLD allows the designer to create advanced memory management operations for paging and swapping multiple blocks of memory.

Two DSM devices are currently available through Abacus Polar.

The DSM2180F3 is featured to interface directly with ADSP-218x DSPs, and integrates 128Kbyte of main Flash memory, a 3000 gate PLD and 16 user configurable I/Os.

The onboard PLD eliminates small external logic devices such as 22V10 PLDs, PALs or 74 series discrete logic, and also allows designers to debounce or condition input signals as they enter the chip.

The PLD's 16 macrocells can be used individually or combined to build flexible logic.

Designs based on the ADSP-2191 are supported by the DSM2190F4, which features a compatible JTAG port compatible with the DSP.

The DSM2190F4 features a larger 256Kbyte main Flash memory, and also adds a 32K x 8 secondary Flash.

The small 8K x 8 sector size makes the secondary Flash suitable for parameter storage, software EEPROM emulation, or as a start-up code store.

It also allows concurrent memory operation where the DSP can be executing from one array, while the second is being erased and reprogrammed.

The 128Kbyte DSM2180F3 and 256Kbyte DSM2190F4 each have 16 user configurable I/Os and are capable of operating from 3.3V DC.

Package options include 52-pin PLCC or TQFP.

Content security features are also common to both types.

DSM components currently available support the ADSP-218x and ADSP-2191, and further DSMs are in development to support other SHARC DSP families from Analog Devices.

The 218x is widely used in consumer telephony, PBXs and modems, and wider applications such as POS terminals, data encryption, motor control, medical instruments and GPS.

The ADSP-2191 is aimed at further applications including VoIP gateways, DSL or cable modems, set top boxes and audio equipment.

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