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1.2M LED Solder Paste Machine

Basic Description

It is the first choice for producing lens/ LED lighting products. It has a printing range of 1200×350 mm, which is most frequently used for the printing process of 1.2 meter long LED board.

Equipped with 2D paste printing quality test and analysis, the printing performance is assured. With high printing accuracy of 30 micron and repeat positioning accuracy of 15 micron, it can meet the high standard requirements in printing 1.2 meters long LED board.

What’s more, its maximum transportation speed can reach 1500mm/second, makes it become the one of the fastest and most precisest LED solder paste machines in the same grade.

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1. Stencil Positioning System

  • Equipped with imported SMC cylinder, it can ensure a stable performance and wide applicability.

2. Image-Forming System

  • A polarizer is equipped inside to capture the MARK points of different shapes precisely and automatically.

  • Adopting with Japan screw in X and Y axis, driven by Panasonic motor at the two end sides.


3. Conveyor System

  • The PCB board loading direction can be selected arbitrarily, from left to right or right to left.

  • The transportation speed control of PCB board is programmable, which ensures a precise PCB stop position.

  • Adopt the PCB side clamping structure, it can ensure a suitable flat contract between board and stencil.


4. Cleaning Structure

  • Use of dry, wet, and vacuum combination method, it ensures that the amount of cleaning paper and cleaning solution is controllable



Screen Frame Min. Size737x300mm
Screen Frame Max. Size1500x750mm
Screen Frame Thickness25-40mm
PCB Board Min. Size80x50mm
PCB Board Max. Size1200x350mm
PCB Thickness0.4-6mm
PCB WarpageLess than 1%
Transport Height900 +/- 40mm
Transport DirectionL to R, R to L; L to L, R to R
Transport SpeedMax. 1500mm/S (Programmable)
PCB Positioning Support SystemMagnetic Pin/Support block by hand/Up-down table adjustment
PCB Positioning Clamping SystemElastic Side Clamp/Z Directional Press
Cleaning SystemDry, wet, vacuum (Programmable)
Table Adjustment RangesX: +/-10mm; Y:+/-10mm; Theta: +/- 2 degree
2D Solder Paste InspectionStandard configuration
Power InputAC:220 +/- 10%, 50/60HZ 3KW
Control MethodPC control
Printing Parameter
Squeegee TypeStainless steel (Standard), Plastic
Substrate Separation Speed0.1 - 20mm/sec (Programming)
Squeegee Speed6-200mm/second
Squeegee Pressure0-15Kg (Air pressure control)
Squeegee Angle60 degree / 55 degree /45 degree
Repeat Position Accuracy+/- 0.015 mm
Printing Accuracy+/- 0.03 mm
Cycle TimeLess than 15s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Product ChangeoverLess than 5Min
Air Required4.5-6Kg/Square centimetre


Dimension (LxWxH, mm)2210x1213x1500
Weight (Kg)1500

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