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Company name Category Information available
PacerPacer logoPacer International Ltd is a specialist supplier of optoelectronic components, laser solutions, photonic instruments and information displays. We offer a wide range of LEDs, LED arrays and light en... Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Parasoft UKParasoft Embedded develops and markets embedded development tools and solutions that leverage proven software verification methods to achieve greater productivity, shorter time to market, and signi... Design and development software Company information iconArticles icon
Parker Hannifin - Electromechanical and DrivesParker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and... Electromechanical components Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
PEI-GenesisPEI-Genesis logoPEI-Genesis is the fastest and largest robotic assembler of ITT Cannon, Amphenol and Cinch connectors in the world. Our production capabilities meet and exceed the highest military and industrial... Plugs and sockets Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Penny and GilesPenny + Giles Controls Ltd is an established manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable products. The company has a comprehensive product range that includes: Linear position sensors, Line... Sensors and data acquisition Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
PermabondPermabond is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplying high-quality industrial adhesives throughout industry to customers worldwide. Permabond has offices in The Americas, in Euro... Electronics manufacturing materials Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Phoenix ContactPhoenix Contact logoEstablished for 25 years in the UK, Phoenix Contact Ltd is your partner in electrical connection technology, PCB connection, surge protection, field cabling, wireless networks and industrial automa... Terminals and power Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Power IntegrationsPower Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage integrated circuits used in energy-efficient power conversion. The company?s innovative technology enables compact, energy-efficient... Power-supply ICs and controllers Video iconCompany information iconArticles icon
Prism SoundPrism Sound logoPrism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital audio test solutions for 23 years. The solutions we provide incorporate the highest performing audio test products availa... Stand-alone instruments Company information iconArticles icon
Pro-TalkPro-Talk logoPro-Talk is one of the world's most effective industrial and scientific on-line business to business publishers. We have a series of e-Mail newsletters, all free of charge, with associated website... Industry news Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
ProPhotonix Laser SolutionsProPhotonix Laser Solutions logoPhotonic Products is a leading global manufacturer of custom designed and 'off the shelf' laser diode modules and laser assemblies and an authorised distributor of high performance, reliable indust... Lasers Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
ProPhotonix LED Solutions Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Articles icon


Company name Category
P2i Electronics manufacturing materials
PA and E Cables and wires
Pace Components/Power Magnetics Capacitors
Pactec Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Palmchip Intellectual property cores
Palomar Technologies PCB assembly equipment, tools
Panasonic Electric Works Electromechanical components
Panasonic Industrial PCB assembly equipment, tools
Panduit PCB assembly equipment, tools
Panel X Industry news
Panorama Antennas Antennas and feeders
Parallel Systems Design and development software
Paramount Panels Industry news
Paratek Antennas and feeders
Parker Domnick Hunter Electronics manufacturing materials
Parkheath Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Parks Associates Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Parrot Invent Test accessories
Partex Marking Systems PCB assembly equipment, tools
Partminer Recruitment, reports, resources
Parvus Embedded computing and control
Patent Office Recruitment, reports, resources
PB Design and Developments Batteries and chargers
PC/104 Embedded Consortium Recruitment, reports, resources
PCB Recruitment, reports, resources
PCB Power Design services
PCB-Pool Industry news
PCB123 Design and development software
PCTEL Wireless communications
PDS Instruments Stand-alone instruments
Peak Production Equipment Stand-alone instruments
Peak Technologies Industry news
Peak Test Services Test accessories
Pebble Bay Consulting Design services
Peer Group IC and hybrid processing equipment
Peerless Electronics Electromechanical components
Pelham Sloane PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Pelikon Other OEM display modules, meters
Pender Electronic Design Design and development hardware
Penn Engineering Electronics manufacturing materials
Pentadyne Power UPSs
Pentagon EMS Electronics manufacturing services
Pentek VMEbus boards, assemblies
PEP Modular Computers CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Peppercon Networking hardware
Perancea Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Peratech Communications ICs (wireless)
Perceptia Devices Design services
Peregrine Semiconductor Communications ICs (wireless)
Perforce Software Design and development software
Performance Motion Devices Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Performance Technologies Networking hardware
Pericom Semiconductor Communications ICs (wired)
Peripheral Corner PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Perkinelmer Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Perllo Technologies Communications ICs (wireless)
Perpetuum Sensors and data acquisition
Petroferm Electronics manufacturing materials
Pfannenberg Heatsinks and thermal management
PFC Engineering EMC components
PFU Systems Embedded computing and control
Phaedrus Systems Design and development software
Phasa Developments Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Phidgets Boards and backplanes
Phihong AC/DC power supplies
Philips Lumileds Lighting Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Phoenix County Metals Electronics manufacturing materials
Phoenix Display LCD modules
Phoenix Electronics Distribution Plugs and sockets
Phoenix Enterprises PCB connectors
Phoenix Passive Components Resistors
Phoenix Technologies Design and development software
Photline Optoelectronics
Photo Stencil Electronics manufacturing materials
Photodigm Lasers
Photofabrication Services Electronics manufacturing materials
Photon Power Technology AC/DC power supplies
Photonics and Analytical Marketing Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Photonics Cluster Industry news
Photronix Interconnection
Phylinks Intellectual property cores
Phyworks Communications ICs (wired)
PI Technology Design and development software
PIC Wire and Cable Cables and wires
Picker Components Electromechanical components
Pickering Electronics Electromechanical components
Pickering Interfaces Board-level instruments
Pico Technology Board-level instruments
Picochip Designs Design and development software
Pigeon Point Systems CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Piher Rotary controls, joysticks etc
Pika Technologies Design and development software
Pintail Technologies ATE systems
Pioneer Technology Design and development
Pira Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Pirelli Broadband Solutions Lasers
Pittsburgh Simulation Design and development software
PIV Technology DC/DC convertors
Pixelmetrix Stand-alone instruments
Placepower ATE systems
Planar Systems Monitors
Planet 82 Optoelectronics
Plasma Etch PCB assembly equipment, tools
Plastic Electronics Foundation Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Plastics One Plugs and sockets
Platform Computing Design and development software
Plating Equipment Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Platinum Sensors Sensors and data acquisition
Plato Design Systems Design and development software
PLDA Intellectual property cores
Pleora Technologies Networking hardware
Plextek Design services
Plextronics Electronics manufacturing services
Plexus Electronics manufacturing services
Plimsoll Publishing Recruitment, reports, resources
PLS Programmierbare Logik and Systeme Design and development hardware
Plurality Intellectual property cores
PLX Technology Communications ICs (wired)
PM Vision Design services
PMA Cables and wires
PMC Store PC-compatible boards, assemblies
PMC-Sierra Communications ICs (wired)
PMJ Automec Embedded computing and control
Poeton Industries Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Polamco Plugs and sockets
Polar Fab Power-supply ICs and controllers
Polar Instruments Design and development software
Polatis Optical transceivers, transponders, repeaters
Polygon Technologies Wireless communications
Polymer Systems Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
Polymer Vision Other OEM display modules, meters
Polyrack Tech Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Polytec Sensors and data acquisition
Polyteda Software Design and development software
Pomona Electronics Test accessories
Ponte Solutions Design and development software
Portland Design and development software
Portwell Technology Embedded computing and control
Powell Electronics Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Power Control UPSs
Power Dsine DC/DC convertors
Power Electronic Measurements Test accessories
Power Inspired UPSs
Power IO Electromechanical components
Power Kinetics EMEA UPSs
Power Master Systems Power supplies
Power Org Recruitment, reports, resources
Power Over Ethernet Industry news
Power Partners Power-supply ICs and controllers
Power Products Heatsinks and thermal management
Power Sources Unlimited AC/DC power supplies
Power Supply Shop AC/DC power supplies
Power Systems International Power-supply ICs and controllers
Power-One DC/DC convertors
Powergenix Batteries and chargers
Powerlase IC and hybrid processing equipment
Powernet Custom Design AC/DC power supplies
Powerpax AC/DC power supplies
Powersolve AC/DC power supplies
Powerstax DC/DC convertors
Powertron Power supplies
Powervar UPSs
Powerware UPSs
PQI Memory devices and modules
Practical Components Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Praesagus Design and development software
Precidia Technologies Networking hardware
Precise Time and Frequency Capacitors
Precision Devices Frequency control components
Precision Micro Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Precision Resistor Sensors and data acquisition
Precision Solutions Compliance engineering
Prema Semiconductor Power-supply ICs and controllers
Premier EDA Solutions Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Premo EMC components
Prestwick Circuits Boards and backplanes
PRI Stand-alone instruments
Prima Electronics Services Electronics manufacturing services
Printed Systems Electronics manufacturing services
Prior Scientific Stand-alone instruments
Prism Business Media Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Prism Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
Prism Tech Design and development software
Pro Design Design and development software
Pro-Lite Technology Lasers
Probe Star ATE systems
Proces-Data Electronics manufacturing services
Product Safety Compliance engineering
Production Equipment Sales IC and hybrid processing equipment
Production Solutions Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Profan Fans and blowers
Profibus Recruitment, reports, resources
Profusion Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Prolificx Embedded computing and control
Pronet Networking hardware
Pronexus Design and development software
Proqual Electronics manufacturing services
Protek Power AC/DC power supplies
Protocase Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Proven Software Solutions Embedded software and operating systems
Prysmian Cables and Systems Cables and wires
Psiber Data Systems Stand-alone instruments
PTT Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Puls AC/DC power supplies
Pulsar Electronics Power-supply ICs and controllers
Pulse Transformers and inductors
Pulse Core Semiconductor EMC components
Pulse Power and Measurement Test and measurement
Pulse Research Lab Test accessories
Pulse-Link Wireless communications
Pulsic Design and development software
Purex Electronics manufacturing materials
Puritan Medical Products Electronics manufacturing materials
Purple Media Solutions Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
PWB Electronics manufacturing services
Pyxis Technology Design and development software

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