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Company name Category Information available
MacDermid PCB assembly equipment, tools Download iconArticles icon
MacDermid Autotype Electronics manufacturing materials Articles icon
Mantracourt Electronics Mantracourt was founded in 1974 with the clear objective of becoming a leader in the application of microelectronics to industrial measurement applications. Ever since, Mantracourt have demonstrat... Wireless communications Company information iconArticles icon
Martek PowerMartek Power logoMartek Power designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC power converters, and DC-AC power inverters for Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automoti... DC/DC convertors Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Master Bond Electronics manufacturing materials Articles icon
Maxim Integrated ProductsAbout Maxim Maxim Integrated Products is a publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance semiconductor products. The Company was founded over 25 years ago with the ... Power-supply ICs and controllers Company information iconArticles icon
Mazet Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs Articles icon
MecmesinForce and torque specialist, Mecmesin, designs and manufactures affordable, reliable and accurate test measurement equipment to suit a wide range of applications and customer requirements. With alm... Passive components Company information iconDownload icon
Megger Stand-alone instruments Articles icon
Michell InstrumentsManufacturers of dew-point transmitters, cooled mirror hygrometers, relative humidity sensors, process moisture analyzers, hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers, moisture in liquid analyzers and oxygen a... Industry news Company information iconDownload icon
MindtreeMindTree is a global IT and Product Engineering Services Company. It specialises in IT Services, Independent Testing, Infrastructure Management and Technical Support (IMTS), Knowledge Services and ... Communications ICs (wired) Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon


Company name Category
M and C Specialties Electronics manufacturing materials
M-Systems Memory devices and modules
M-Tech Printers Printers, knobs, bezels, other panelware
M/A-Com Technology Solutions Lasers
M2000 Intellectual property cores
M5T Embedded software and operating systems
MacGregor Welding Systems Electronics manufacturing materials
Machine Vision Products Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Macraigor Systems Design and development hardware
Macroblock Power-supply ICs and controllers
Macron Optoelectronics
Maestro Wireless Solutions Wireless communications
Magic Power Technology AC/DC power supplies
Magillem Design Services Design services
Magink Display Technologies Industry news
Magma Design Automation Design and development software
Magna Projects and Instruments Sensors and data acquisition
Magna-Power Electronics AC/DC power supplies
Magnachip Semiconductor Optoelectronic sensors, switches, receivers
Magnetec EMC components
Magnetek DC/AC inverters
Magnus Power Power supplies
Majantys Stand-alone instruments
MANCEF Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Mango DSP Networking hardware
Manncorp PCB assembly equipment, tools
Mans Stand-alone instruments
Manufacturing Engineering Centre Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Manufacturing Institute Recruitment, reports, resources
Mara Technologies Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Marantz Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Markem Imaje Electronics manufacturing materials
Marktech Optoelectronics Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Marl Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Marquardt Mechatronik Switches and keyboards
Martec Interconnection
Martel Instruments Switches and keyboards
Marvell Communications ICs (wired)
Mascot Batteries and chargers
Maser Communications Cables and wires
Master Distributors Circuit protection devices
Math Star Programmable logic devices
Mathworks Design and development software
Matrixone Design and development software
Matrox Graphics PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Matsusada Precision AC/DC power supplies
Max Stream Wireless communications
Maxell Batteries and chargers
Maxwell Technologies Capacitors
Mayteck PC-compatible boards, assemblies
MBOS Wireless communications
MCE Tewkesbury Electronics manufacturing services
Mclennan Servo Supplies Embedded computing and control
McObject Embedded software and operating systems
MDSMap - Tetra Tech Industrial Division Compliance engineering
Mead Testing Compliance engineering
Mears Technologies IC and hybrid processing equipment
Measurement Computing Sensors and data acquisition
Measuretech Antennas and feeders
Mecagis Capacitors
Mechanical Solutions Heatsinks and thermal management
MECI Terminals and power
Meder Electronic Industry news
Media Systems Wireless communications
Mediaphy Communications ICs (wireless)
Medtec Industry news
Meech Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Mega Electronics Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Megaphase Cables and wires
Meikon CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Meilhaus Electronic Sensors and data acquisition
Melexis Communications ICs (wireless)
Membrane Keyboard Switches and keyboards
Memory Plus Memory devices and modules
Memory Solution Memory devices and modules
Memsic Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Memtron Input Components Switches and keyboards
Memtronics Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
MEN Mikro Elektronik Embedded computing and control
Mentor Graphics Design and development software
Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Design and development software
Mercury Computer Systems VMEbus boards, assemblies
Mercury United Electronics Frequency control components
Meritec PCB connectors
Merlin Systems Wireless communications
MESL Microwave Antennas and feeders
Mesophotonics Optoelectronics
Messe Muenchen Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Metafoam Technologies Heatsinks and thermal management
Metalink Communications ICs (wireless)
Metanetworks Technologies Networking hardware
Metcal PCB assembly equipment, tools
Methode Electronics Plugs and sockets
Metrix Electronics Stand-alone instruments
Metrowerks Design and development software
Metryx Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Metway Electrical Industries PCB connectors
MGE UPS Systems UPSs
MH and W Heatsinks and thermal management
Micam Interconnection
Micom Labs Compliance engineering
Micralyne IC and hybrid processing equipment
Micrel Power-supply ICs and controllers
Micrium Embedded computing and control
Micro Circuit Engineering Electronics manufacturing services
Micro Computer Control PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Micro Emissive Displays Other OEM display modules, meters
Micro Magic Design and development software
Micro Memory Memory devices and modules
Micro Metalsmiths Antennas and feeders
Micro Technic Embedded computing and control
Micro-Robotics Embedded computing and control
Microbridge Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Microchip Technology Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Microclean Technologies Electronics manufacturing materials
Microcontroller Pros Design and development hardware
Microdul Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Micromark C and CD Capacitors
Micromech Electromechanical components
Micrometrics Communications ICs (wired)
Micronas Reference designs
Micronel Fans and blowers
Micropower Direct DC/DC convertors
Microprecision Electronics Electromechanical components
Microsoft Design and development software
Microsoft Embedded Embedded software and operating systems
Microstar Laboratories Sensors and data acquisition
Microstencil Electronics manufacturing materials
Microsystems Manufacturing Association Industry news
Microtel Networking hardware
Microtherm Circuit protection devices
Microtouch Systems Industry news
Microtune Communications ICs (wireless)
Mid America Electronics manufacturing materials
Midoan Software Engineering Solutions Design and development
Midwest Microwave Interconnection
Mikroelektronika Design and development hardware
Mikropack Stand-alone instruments
Mill-Max Manufacturing Plugs and sockets
Millennium Prize Foundation Recruitment, reports, resources
Miller Dial Electronics manufacturing materials
Mimer Information Technology Embedded software and operating systems
Mimix Broadband Communications ICs (wireless)
Mimoon Wireless communications
Minco Boards and backplanes
Mindready Solutions ATE systems
Mindshare Industry news
Mini-Box PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Minicom Advanced Systems Networking hardware
Miniflex Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Mintech Interconnect and Test Power-supply ICs and controllers
Mintech Semiconductors Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Minus K Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
MIPS Technologies Intellectual property cores
Mirics Semiconductor Communications ICs (wireless)
Mistletoe Technologies Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Mistral Solutions VMEbus boards, assemblies
Miteq Wireless communications
Mitrionics Design and development hardware
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Systems Embedded computing and control
Mitsumi Electronics manufacturing services
Mixpac Equipment Electronics manufacturing materials
Miyachi PCB assembly equipment, tools
MK Consultants Wireless communications
ML Design Technologies Design and development software
ML Electronics Design services
MMG Magdev Electronics manufacturing materials
MMS Electronics Industry news
MMU Cheshire Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
MND Semiconductors Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Mobiforms Design and development software
Mobile Expertise Wireless communications
Mobileer Embedded software and operating systems
Mobitex Association Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Mobius Photonics Lasers
Mobiwave Design and development hardware
Model Engineering Solutions Embedded software and operating systems
Modtronix Engineering Networking hardware
Moeller Electric Embedded computing and control
MOHC Design and development software
Molex PCB connectors
Momentive Performance Materials Electronics manufacturing materials
Momentum Computer CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Monolithic Power Systems Power-supply ICs and controllers
Monta Vista Embedded software and operating systems
Monterey Design Systems Design and development software
Moortec Design services
Morgan Advanced Ceramics Electronics manufacturing materials
Morgan Electro Ceramics Capacitors
Moritex Optical filters, lenses, gratings
Mornsun DC/DC convertors
Morvan Trading Plugs and sockets
Mosaic Industries Embedded computing and control
Mosaid Intellectual property cores
Moschip Semiconductor Technology Communications ICs (wired)
Moss Express Electronics manufacturing materials
MOST Recruitment, reports, resources
MOST Forum Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Mosys Intellectual property cores
Motovario Enclosures and panel products
Mouser Electronics Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Movidia Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Moxa Technologies Embedded computing and control
MP Associates Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
MPC Data Design and development software
MPE-Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
MR Technical Services Electronics manufacturing materials
Mr Test Equipment Stand-alone instruments
MRC Components Communications ICs (wireless)
MRP Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
MSC Vertriebs Embedded computing and control
MTI Leewood Gaskets, seals and screens
Multi-Contact Test accessories
Multi-Tech Systems Networking hardware
Multicore Association Recruitment, reports, resources
Multimedia Card Association Recruitment, reports, resources
Multipix Imaging PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Multiple Access Communications Stand-alone instruments
Multipulse Electronics Interconnection
Multitest Elektronische Systeme Electronics manufacturing materials
Multitone Wireless communications
Murata Electronics EMC components
Murata Power Solutions DC/DC convertors
MUST Recruitment, reports, resources
MVR Capacitors
Mydata Automation PCB assembly equipment, tools
Mylox Technologies Switches and keyboards

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