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Company name Category Information available
Fascia GraphicsFascia Graphics Limited is the market leader for the production of membrane keypads in the printed graphics industry, providing the highest quality products for a diverse range of equipment, across... Printers, knobs, bezels, other panelware Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
Flir SystemsFLIR Systems is the world's largest manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras for industrial applications. The breadth of its product programme is unmatched. It comprises dedicated ranges of infra... Sensors and data acquisition Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon
FlukeFluke, established in 1948, is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications. As the worlds largest manufacturer in this category Fluke foc... Stand-alone instruments Company information iconArticles icon
Fluke Precision Measurement Stand-alone instruments Articles icon
Fujitsu ComponentsFujitsu Components logoBusiness Activities Connectors Optical modules KVM switches Relays Thermal printers Touch panels Wireless modules Centrally located in The Netherlands, Fujitsu Components Europe B.V... Electromechanical components Company information iconDownload iconArticles icon


Company name Category
Fab Owners Association Recruitment, reports, resources
Fairchild Semiconductor Power-supply ICs and controllers
Falcom Wireless communications
Fan Technology Fans and blowers
Faraday Technology Intellectual property cores
Farnell Capacitors
Farsite Communications Networking hardware
Fastrax Wireless communications
FC Lane Electronics Plugs and sockets
FCI PCB connectors
FCI-Burndy PCB assembly equipment, tools
FDK DC/DC convertors
Feller Interconnection
Ferroperm EMC components
Ferrus Power AC/DC power supplies
FFV Sensors and data acquisition
FG Microtec Embedded software and operating systems
Fiberbyte Sensors and data acquisition
Fibercore Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Fiberlogix Optical filters, lenses, gratings
Fibox Handheld and other small enclosures
Fibre Technologies Opto and fibre test equipment
Fibrefab Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Fibreoptic Industry Association Recruitment, reports, resources
Fieldserver Technologies Networking hardware
Find Your Engineer Recruitment, reports, resources
Finda-training-course Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Finder Electromechanical components
Fine Line Stencil Electronics manufacturing materials
Fineir Technology Touchscreens and touch sensors
Finepoint Precision Cleaning Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Fingerprint Cards Embedded software and operating systems
Finisar Optical transceivers, transponders, repeaters
Fintronic Design and development software
Firefly Technology Programmable logic devices
First Components Discrete power devices
First EDA Design and development software
Fischer Connectors Plugs and sockets
Fischer Instrumentation Compliance engineering
Five Star Technologies Electronics manufacturing materials
Flat Vision Industry news
Flexray Consortium Recruitment, reports, resources
Flextek Electronics Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Flextraction Electronics manufacturing materials
Flextronics - Short Range Wireless Communications ICs (wired)
Flightspares Electronics Plugs and sockets
Flint Memory devices and modules
Fluent Design and development software
Fluffy Spider Technologies Design services
Fluke Networks Stand-alone instruments
Foba Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
Focus EDL EMC components
Force Computers CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Force Technologies Memory devices and modules
Foremost Electronics Switches and keyboards
Foresite Electronics manufacturing services
Forge Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Forte Design Systems Design and development software
Forth Dimension Displays Other OEM display modules, meters
Forward Concepts Recruitment, reports, resources
Fox Electronics Frequency control components
FPGA World Recruitment, reports, resources
Fractus Antennas and feeders
Framos Electronics Optoelectronics
Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Electronics manufacturing materials
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS Embedded software and operating systems
Free 2 Move Wireless communications
Freedom CAD Services Design services
Freescale Semiconductor Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Freewave Technologies Wireless communications
Frontier Silicon Communications ICs (wired)
Frost and Sullivan Recruitment, reports, resources
Frozen Solid Audio Electronics manufacturing services
Fujikura Optical transceivers, transponders, repeaters
Fujikura - DDK Connector Division PCB connectors
Fujitsu Semiconductor Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Furukawa Electric Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Future Electronics Design and development hardware
Future Horizons Recruitment, reports, resources
Future Technology Devices Communications ICs (wired)
Future Waves Communications ICs (wireless)

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