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Company name Category Information available
Adept ScientificAdept Scientific logo Adept Scientific is one of the world's leading suppliers of software and hardware for engineering, scientific and research applications. Offering a wide range of market-leading solutions for colle... Sensors and data acquisition Company information iconArticles icon
Aerotech Electromechanical components Articles icon
Air Control Industries Air Control Industries (ACI) is a leading Global provider of industrial air movement products. We analyse the application, select or design the product with the right materials, performance and en... Fans and blowers Company information iconArticles icon
Amplicon Stand-alone instruments Articles icon
Anixter Component Solutions Electronics manufacturing materials Articles icon
ArcolectricArcolectric specialise in the design and manufacture of switches, indicator lights and fuseholders for every kind of application from computers to coffee machines, from lighting to laser printers. ... Switches and keyboards Company information iconArticles icon
AVX Capacitors Download iconArticles icon
AWS Electronics Electronics manufacturing services Articles icon


Company name Category
A123 Systems Batteries and chargers
Aaeon Embedded computing and control
AB Automotive Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
AB Connectors Interconnection
AB Electronic Electronics manufacturing services
AB Electronic Assemblies Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Abacom Ingenieurgesellschaft Design and development software
Abacus Transformers and inductors
Abacus Deltron PCB connectors
Abacus Express South Embedded computing and control
ABB DC/AC inverters
Abhisam Software Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
ABI Electronics ATE systems
Abilis Systems Communications ICs (wireless)
Able Systems Printers, knobs, bezels, other panelware
ABSL Power Solutions Batteries and chargers
Absolute Analysis Stand-alone instruments
Absolute Multimedia PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Absopulse Electronics AC/DC power supplies
Acad Design and development software
Acal Components Capacitors
Acal Electronics Transformers and inductors
Acal Microsystems PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Acal Power Solutions Batteries and chargers
Acal Radiatron Plugs and sockets
Acal RF and Microwave Communications ICs (wireless)
Acal Semiconductors Communications ICs (wired)
Acal TC PCB assembly equipment, tools
Acal Technology Communications ICs (wireless)
ACC Silicones Electronics manufacturing materials
Accelchip Design and development software
Accelerant Networks Communications ICs (wired)
Accelerated Designs Design and development software
Accelerated Technology Embedded software and operating systems
Accellera Recruitment, reports, resources
Accelonix Stand-alone instruments
Accent Design services
Acces I/O Products PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Access IS Switches and keyboards
Accordance Systems Embedded software and operating systems
Accratech UPSs
Accton Technology Networking hardware
Accuplace PCB assembly equipment, tools
ACE Associated Compiler Experts Design and development software
Acheson Colloids Electronics manufacturing materials
Achronix Semiconductor Programmable logic devices
Acme Electric AC/DC power supplies
Acopian Power Supplies AC/DC power supplies
Acota Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Acoustic Technologies Embedded software and operating systems
ACQ Inducom CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Acqiris Board-level instruments
Acro Engineering AC/DC power supplies
Acrosser Embedded computing and control
Acsoft Stand-alone instruments
ACT/Technico VMEbus boards, assemblies
Acte Components Wireless communications
Actel Programmable logic devices
Acterna Stand-alone instruments
Actis Computer VMEbus boards, assemblies
Actis Design Design and development software
Active Silicon PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Active Switch and Sensor Electromechanical components
Actix Stand-alone instruments
Aculab Networking hardware
Acute Power Power supplies
ACW Technology Electronics manufacturing services
Adacore Design and development software
Adamant Interconnection
Adaptive Digital Technologies Embedded software and operating systems
Adaptsys Electronics manufacturing materials
Adax Networking hardware
ADC Krone Cables and wires
Adcon Telemetry Wireless communications
Add 2 Stand-alone instruments
Adder Technology Networking hardware
Adeneo Embedded software and operating systems
Adeon Technologies Design and development software
Adept-SIP Consortium Recruitment, reports, resources
Adirondack Wire and Cable Cables and wires
Adlink Technology PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Admiral Microwaves Communications ICs (wireless)
Adrio Communications Recruitment, reports, resources
Adtech Ceramics Electronics manufacturing materials
Adura Systems Active components
Advance Electronics Circuit protection devices
Advanced Analogic Technologies Power-supply ICs and controllers
Advanced Crystal Technology Frequency control components
Advanced Diamond Solutions Electronics manufacturing materials
Advanced EMC Solutions Compliance engineering
Advanced Input Systems Switches and keyboards
Advanced Interconnect Technologies Electronics manufacturing materials
Advanced Interconnections Plugs and sockets
Advanced IO Systems VMEbus boards, assemblies
Advanced Layout Solutions Design services
Advanced Micro Devices Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Advanced Micro Peripherals Embedded computing and control
Advanced Microcomputer Systems Design and development hardware
Advanced Power Components LCD modules
Advanced Recognition Technologies Embedded software and operating systems
Advanced Rework Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
Advanced Silicon Power-supply ICs and controllers
Advanced Solutions Design and development software
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Stand-alone instruments
Advanced Thermal Solutions Heatsinks and thermal management
Advansus Embedded computing and control
Advantage Electronic Product Development Sensors and data acquisition
Advantech PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Advantek Electronics manufacturing materials
Advantest ATE systems
Adveda Design and development software
AE Techron AC/DC power supplies
AEG Power Solutions UPSs
Aegis Electronics manufacturing materials
Aeluros Communications ICs (wired)
AEM Circuit protection devices
Aemtec Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Aerco Plugs and sockets
Aerocomm Wireless communications
Aeroflex Stand-alone instruments
Afa Technologies Communications ICs (wired)
Agere Systems Communications ICs (wired)
Agile Materials and Technology Optoelectronics
Agile Systems Power-supply ICs and controllers
Agilent Technologies Europe Stand-alone instruments
AGM Batteries Batteries and chargers
Ahura Technology Design and development software
Aicsys Instrument cases, benchtop, wall-mounting enclosures
Aimtec DC/DC convertors
Air Products Electronics manufacturing materials
Air Semiconductor Communications ICs (wireless)
Airgain Antennas and feeders
Airline/Ovation Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Aitech Defense Systems VMEbus boards, assemblies
AKCP Sensors and data acquisition
AKM Semiconductor Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Alazar Technologies Stand-alone instruments
Alazartech Board-level instruments
Alba Centre Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Albacom Power supplies
Alcad Batteries and chargers
Alcatel Microelectronics Communications ICs (wired)
Alchemy Semiconductor Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Aldec Design and development software
Alexander Technologies Batteries and chargers
Alfamag Electronics Transformers and inductors
Alfautomazione Electronics manufacturing, packaging
Algor Design and development software
Algotronix Intellectual property cores
ALH Systems Electronics manufacturing materials
Aliner Industries Plugs and sockets
Alker Optical Equipment Optical fibres, cables, connectors
All Flex Boards and backplanes
All PSU AC/DC power supplies
Allegro Microsystems Power-supply ICs and controllers
Allendale Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
Alliance Sales PCB assembly equipment, tools
Alliance Semiconductor Communications ICs (wired)
Allied Electronics Plugs and sockets
Allied Images Design and development software
Almag Division, Carnhill Transformers EMC components
Almit Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
Alpha Data Design and development hardware
Alpha Micro Components Wireless communications
Alpha Wire Cables and wires
Alphamosaic Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Alphasem Electronics manufacturing materials
Alps Electric Switches and keyboards
ALR Services Boards and backplanes
Alrad Instruments AC/DC power supplies
Alstom Power Conversion Recruitment, reports, resources
Alta Design Design services
Altair Semiconductor Communications ICs (wireless)
Altasens Optoelectronic sensors, switches, receivers
Alter Technology Compliance engineering
Altera Programmable logic devices
Alternative SMT Electronics manufacturing materials
Altia Design and development software
Altinex Networking hardware
Altium Design and development software
Altos Design Automation Design and development software
Altra Broadband Communications ICs (wired)
Amalfi Semiconductor Communications ICs (wireless)
Amalgamated Instrument Stand-alone instruments
Ambarella Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
AMCC Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Amec Thermasol Heatsinks and thermal management
American Aerospace Controls Sensors and data acquisition
American Council of Independent Laboratories ACIL Recruitment, reports, resources
American Industrial Systems Embedded computing and control
American Power Conversion UPSs
American Society for Quality Recruitment, reports, resources
AMI Semiconductor Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Amic Technology Memory devices and modules
Amicus Recruitment, reports, resources
Amimon Communications ICs (wireless)
Amino Communications Networking hardware
Amkor Technology Electronics manufacturing materials
Ammocore Technology Design and development software
AMP Netconnect Cables and wires
Amphenol Plugs and sockets
Amphenol Industrial Operations Plugs and sockets
Amphenol PCD Terminals and power
Amphenol RF Antennas and feeders
Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics Plugs and sockets
Ample Communications Communications ICs (wired)
Amplifier Technology Indicators and audio
Ampohm Wound Products Capacitors
Ampro Computers Embedded computing and control
Amprobe Test Tools Stand-alone instruments
Amps Abundant Power-supply ICs and controllers
Amptronix DC/AC inverters
Amrel/American Reliance Stand-alone instruments
AMS Courseware Industry news
Anadigics Communications ICs (wireless)
Anadigm Programmable logic devices
Analog Devices Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Analogic Computers Embedded software and operating systems
Analogix Semiconductor Communications ICs (wired)
Anapico Stand-alone instruments
Anatech Electronics EMC components
Anchor Bay Technologies Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Anchor Semiconductor Design and development software
Anders Electronics LCD modules
Anderson and Associates Aerosol Division Electronics manufacturing materials
Anderson Power Products Terminals and power
Andrew Antennas and feeders
Anglia Components Capacitors
Animatics Electromechanical components
Anite Telecoms Compliance engineering
Anoison Electronics Cables and wires
Anritsu Stand-alone instruments
Ansoft Design and development software
ANT Embedded software and operating systems
Antares Advanced Test Technologies Test accessories
Antennessa Stand-alone instruments
Antenova Antennas and feeders
Antistat Electronics manufacturing materials
Anyware Technologies Design and development software
Aonix Design and development software
AP Technologies Optoelectronic sensors, switches, receivers
APA Optics Optoelectronics
Apacewave Technologies Communications ICs (wireless)
Apache Design Solutions Design and development software
Apache Electronics Electronics manufacturing materials
APC Displays LCD modules
APC Hero Communications ICs (wireless)
Apcon Networking hardware
APEC Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Apem Components Switches and keyboards
Apex Embedded Systems PC-compatible boards, assemblies
Aphel Terminals and power
Aplica Technologies Wireless communications
Aplix Design and development software
Apnano Materials Electronics manufacturing materials
Apollo Display Technologies LCD modules
Appliance Studio Recruitment, reports, resources
Application Solutions Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Applied Coating Technologies Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Applied Concepts Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Applied Engineering Products Cables and wires
Applied Kilovolts AC/DC power supplies
Applied Microengineering Electronics manufacturing materials
Applied Power Systems AC/DC power supplies
Applied Scintillation Technologies Stand-alone instruments
Aprio Technologies Design and development software
Aptix Design and development software
APW Enclosure Solutions Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Aqueous Technologies Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Aquest Systems Electronics manufacturing materials
AR Infotek Networking hardware
Aragon Photonics Labs Stand-alone instruments
Arbor Technology Embedded computing and control
ARC Intellectual property cores
Archpro Design Automation Design and development software
Arcobel Embedded Solutions Embedded computing and control
Arconix Fans and blowers
Arcotek Elektronik Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Arcotronics Capacitors
Arcturus Networks Networking hardware
Arden Photonics Stand-alone instruments
Ardent Concepts Test accessories
Aries Electronics Plugs and sockets
Arka Technologies EMC components
ARM Intellectual property cores
Arma Design Design services
Armagard Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Arques Technology Power-supply ICs and controllers
Arrow Electronics Communications ICs (wired)
Arrowspan Wireless communications
Arroyo Optics Optoelectronics
Articulation Electronics manufacturing materials
Artila Electronics Embedded computing and control
Artimi Communications ICs (wireless)
Artisan Software Tools Design and development software
Arun Components Plugs and sockets
ASC Electronics manufacturing materials
Asco Power Technologies Active components
Asetek Heatsinks and thermal management
Ashgill Electronics Test and measurement
Asiatronix Circuit protection devices
Asicahead Communications ICs (wireless)
Asine VMEbus boards, assemblies
Asix Electronics Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
ASM Stand-alone instruments
ASML Electronics manufacturing materials
Asocs Communications ICs (wireless)
Aspen Electronics Stand-alone instruments
Aspen Optics Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Aspex Semiconductor Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Aspire Systems Design services
Assembleon PCB assembly equipment, tools
Assemtech Electromechanical components
Asset Intertech Design and development software
Asset Management Compliance engineering
ASTA BEAB Certification Services Compliance engineering
Astro Semiconductor Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Astrodyne AC/DC power supplies
Astrosyn Batteries and chargers
Asymtek Electronics manufacturing materials
AT4 Wireless Compliance engineering
ATC Semitec Circuit protection devices
Ateeda ATE systems
Atek Electronics manufacturing services
Atek Technology Test accessories
Ateme Embedded software and operating systems
Athena Semiconductors Communications ICs (wireless)
Atheros Communications Communications ICs (wireless)
ATI Technologies Communications ICs (wired)
Atific Wireless communications
Atinav Embedded software and operating systems
Atmel Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Atmos Memory devices and modules
Atollic Embedded software and operating systems
Atomic Programming Test accessories
Atop Technologies Wireless communications
Atrenta Design and development software
AU Optronics LCD modules
Auctionelec Capacitors
Audience Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Audio Precision Stand-alone instruments
Audio Processing Technology Embedded software and operating systems
Audio Video Supply Monitors
Audium Semiconductor Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Audon Electronics Sensors and data acquisition
Aurel Wireless communications
Austin Hughes Switches and keyboards
Austriamicrosystems Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Autodesk Industry news
Automation Products Sensors and data acquisition
Automotive EMC Network Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Avago Technologies Optoelectronic sensors, switches, receivers
Avalue Technology Embedded computing and control
Avant Design and development software
Aven Test accessories
Averlogic Technologies Reference designs
Averna ATE systems
Avery Dennison Fastener Division Cables and wires
Aviv Electronics Interconnection
Avix-RT Embedded software and operating systems
Avnet Memec Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Avnet Time Frequency control components
Avo Photonics Electronics manufacturing services
Avocent PC-compatible boards, assemblies
AX Distribution Plugs and sockets
Axiom Manufacturing Services Electronics manufacturing services
Axiomtek Embedded computing and control
Axis Electronics Electronics manufacturing services
Axis Network Technology Wireless communications
Axon Cable Cables and wires
Axsem Communications ICs (wireless)
Azego Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Azuro Design and development software
Azzurri Technology Communications ICs (wireless)

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