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Product Categories on Electronicstalk at 24/12/10

Active components
Analogue and mixed-signal ICs
Communications ICs (wired)
Discrete power devices
Programmable logic devices
Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs
Memory devices and modules
Power-supply ICs and controllers
Communications ICs (wireless)
Standard logic devices

Passive components
EMC components
Frequency control components
Electromechanical components
Circuit protection devices
Transformers and inductors

Design and development
Embedded software and operating systems
Design and development hardware
Intellectual property cores
Reference designs
Design and development software
Design services

Enclosures and panel products
Handheld and other small enclosures
Instrument cases, benchtop, wall-mounting enclosures
Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures
Fans and blowers
Gaskets, seals and screens
Heatsinks and thermal management
LCD modules
Other OEM display modules, meters
Switches and keyboards
Rotary controls, joysticks etc
Indicators and audio
Touchscreens and touch sensors
Printers, knobs, bezels, other panelware

Antennas and feeders
Boards and backplanes
Cables and wires
PCB connectors
Plugs and sockets
Terminals and power

Electronics manufacturing, packaging
IC and hybrid processing equipment
Electronics manufacturing materials
PCB assembly equipment, tools
Electronics manufacturing quality assurance
Electronics manufacturing services

Industry news
Exhibitions, courses, conferences, training
Recruitment, reports, resources

Optical fibres, cables, connectors
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Optical filters, lenses, gratings
Optical transceivers, transponders, repeaters
Optoelectronic sensors, switches, receivers
Opto and fibre test equipment

Power supplies
AC/DC power supplies
Batteries and chargers
DC/DC convertors
DC/AC inverters
OEM power supplies

VMEbus boards, assemblies
CompactPCI boards, assemblies
Embedded computing and control
Wireless communications
Networking hardware
PC-compatible boards, assemblies

Test and measurement
ATE systems
Compliance engineering
Sensors and data acquisition
Board-level instruments
Stand-alone instruments
Test accessories

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