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Sunday 12 September
to Saturday 18 September 2004

Siemens signs for custom antennas

Antenova has signed a partnership agreement with Siemens' Automation and Drives Group (A and D) for the design and supply of internal antennas.

News from Antenova (17 September 2004)

RFID reader set free with Bluetooth

Cathexis Innovations and Baracoda have launched the beta version of the market's first handheld Bluetooth 13.56MHz RFID reader.

News from Baracoda (17 September 2004)

Novel 32bit core makes light work of instructions

A novel 32bit RISC core brings a new level of code density and power economy to deeply embedded applications.

News from Cambridge Consultants (17 September 2004)

Four MEMS design training centres set for China

Coventor is to open four MEMS design training centres in China to teach the practical benefits of CoventorWare software tools to new and existing users.

News from Coventor (17 September 2004)

Initiative to standardise 10Gbit/s systems

The Communications, Data and Consumer Division of FCI has joined the Unified 10Gbit/s Physical-layer Initiative (UXPi) as a Contributor Member.

News from FCI (17 September 2004)

Relay multiplexer joins PXI product family

The P580 relay multiplexer is a double-width 3U PXI module that provides 34 differential input channels multiplexed onto two independent analogue paths.

News from KineticSystems Company (17 September 2004)

New system produces faster quotes

A leading Yorkshire electronics company has revolutionised its internal processes by writing and developing its own software to enhance its customer service provision.

News from GSPK Electronics (17 September 2004)

High-reliability alternative to ZIF connectors

HDL high-density connectors are specifically designed for test applications requiring frequent mating and unmating.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (17 September 2004)

Lee to tell all on lead-free soldering

Dr Ning-Cheng Lee will present a workshop entitled "Lead-free soldering - metallurgical fundamentals, reflow application and challenges", at the CEMCEX Conference.

News from Indium Corporation of America (17 September 2004)

Intersil to buy back common stock

The Intersil board of directors has authorised a programme to repurchase up to $150 million of Intersil's common stock over the next 12 months.

News from Intersil (17 September 2004)

Connector range ruggedises Ethernet installations

A new range of highly rugged RJ45 Ethernet connectors, patch cords, covers and sealed boxes is targeted for diverse harsh environment applications.  Brochure Available 

News from ITT Interconnect Solutions (17 September 2004)

Interface puts PCs into industrial CAN networks

USB-to-CAN II is an industrial version of the popular USB-to-CAN Compact interface from Ixxat.

News from Ixxat (17 September 2004)

Synthesis tools support Virtex-4 FPGAs

The Mentor Graphics suite of advanced synthesis products will support the newly introduced Virtex-4 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) from Xilinx.

News from Mentor Graphics UK (17 September 2004)

Software supports new compact data format

The Mentor Graphics Calibre product line now accepts Oasis files and supports Oasis output.

News from Mentor Graphics UK (17 September 2004)

Connectors cater for compact cards

Two new types of connectors cater for the requirements of the new TransFlash memory card format, the world's smallest removable memory card system.

News from Molex UK (17 September 2004)

PXI module offers three instruments in one

The NI PXI-4072 FlexDMM combines a 6.5-digit multimeter, an LCR meter and a 1.8Msample/s isolated digitiser in a single-slot 3U PXI module.  Brochure Available 

News from National Instruments (17 September 2004)

Easy handling for 19in rack cases

Mettec 19in rack cases have an attractive front bezel which incorporates novel "comfort handles" for easy handling.

News from OKW Enclosures (17 September 2004)

BiCMOS processes gain laser-trimmable resistors

A new SiChrome (SiCr) thin film resistor that features low parasitics and a 500ohm sheet resistance to help reduce die size.

News from PolarFab (17 September 2004)

Lamps slim down to backlight handset keypad

 User Application Article  The flexible DFLX electroluminescent lamp is used as the keypad backlight in the new Voq Professional Phone from Sierra Wireless.

News from Rogers Corp (17 September 2004)

Schaffner attacks Electronica on two fronts

Schaffner will have a dual presence this year at Electronica.  Brochure Available 

News from Schaffner (17 September 2004)

RAID enclosures support 2.5in SATA drives

StorCase Technology is to begin shipping InfoStation 1U RAID enclosures supporting the newest 2.5in Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and SCSI or Fibre dual host connections.

News from StorCase Technology (17 September 2004)

SoC simplifies high-definition box design

The STi7710 is billed as the most highly integrated single-chip solution yet for high definition set-top boxes.

News from STMicroelectronics (17 September 2004)

Bluetooth SoC powers wireless USB adapter

 User Application Article  Air2U, a leading Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of wireless consumer electronics products, is using the SiW3000 UltimateBlue single-chip Bluetooth component in its USB adapter.

News from RF Micro Devices (17 September 2004)

NEC takes on optical proximity correction

NEC Electronics has adopted Synopsys Proteus optical proximity correction (OPC) software for 90nm production.

News from Synopsys (17 September 2004)

Programme aims for photomask improvements

Synopsys and Photronics have set up a joint programme to improve the manufacturability and quality of advanced photomasks and reducing the cycle times for design-to-photomask flows.

News from Synopsys (17 September 2004)

Tuning tools speed DSP software optimisation

The Code Composer Studio Tuning Edition IDE delivers a new way for programmers to reduce system cost and improve the development timeline for high performance embedded systems applications.

News from Texas Instruments (April 2001-March 2006) (17 September 2004)

Quality crisis hits the embedded software industry

 Technical Background Article  Increased reliance on embedded software in electronic products gives rise to three degrees of failure.

News from Verum (17 September 2004)

Aggressive growth strategy recognised

Xantrex Technology has been selected by Frost and Sullivan as the recipient of the 2004 growth strategy leadership award in the category of world power inverter market.

News from Xantrex Technology (17 September 2004)

Nordic focus for Rosen

Actel Europe has appointed Goran Rosen as Nordic Sales Manager.

News from Actel Europe (16 September 2004)

Smart dongle to target Japanese IR transactions

Agilent Technologies and Link Evolution Corp are to collaborate on the development of an IrFM-compliant smart dongle solution for the Japanese infra-red mobile-payment market.  Brochure Available 

News from Avago Technologies (16 September 2004)

Cypress enlists physical help for PCI Express

Cypress Semiconductor has licensed PCI Express PHY technology from Astro Semiconductor.

News from Astro Semiconductor (16 September 2004)

VME board boasts top real-time processing

Concurrent Technologies has broadened its PowerPC based VME64x product range with the introduction of the VP 742/20x.

News from Concurrent Technologies (16 September 2004)

Speedy digital tester exploits PC resources

The USBee SX digital test pod combines a deep sample buffer logic analyser and signal generator all in one compact and easy to use unit.

News from CWAV (16 September 2004)

Mobile handsets to dominate Flash market

Unit demand for Flash memory cards for digital consumer products is set to drive compound annual growth of more than 41% according to Future Horizons Semiconductor Monthly Update report.

News from Future Horizons (16 September 2004)

Model-driven development speeds embedded design

Green Hills Software has extended the integration between its Integrity RTOS and Multi IDE and the I-Logix's Rhapsody model-driven development environment.  Brochure Available 

News from Green Hills Software (16 September 2004)

Relays evolve for automotive applications

 Technical Background Article  The electromechanical relay is constantly changing and updating to meet the needs of the customer, making it a cost effective solution to many switching needs in automotive applications.

News from Panasonic Electric Works UK (16 September 2004)

Cores gain validated reference methodology

Magma Design Automation and MIPS Technologies have developed a validated reference methodology for the high-performance MIPS32 24K microprocessor core family.

News from MIPS Technologies (16 September 2004)

CompactPCI SBC crams more into a single slot

MEN Mikro Elektronik has extended its range of embedded CompactPCI single-board computers (SBCs) with the introduction the Pentium M based F9.

News from MEN Mikro Elektronik (16 September 2004)

Speedy USB interface simplifies on-chip debug

usb2Demon is a novel high-speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 device for JTAG (IEEE1149.1) or background debug mode (BDM).

News from Macraigor Systems (16 September 2004)

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