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Sunday 6 June
to Saturday 12 June 2004

PCI card hosts MPEG4 software development kit

The PCI-MP4S is a video compression development kit that combines excellent real-time image acquisition with an advanced MPEG4 software video compression algorithm.  Brochure Available 

News from Adlink Technology (11 June 2004)

Digi-Key joins distribution network

Agilent Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Digi-Key Corp, one of the fastest growing electronic component distributors in the world.

News from Avago Technologies (11 June 2004)

Wireless modem deal is "always on"

Alpha Micro Components has struck a deal to supply 5000 wireless GPRS modem modules to Trintech Technologies, one of Europe's major credit card terminal manufacturers.

News from Alpha Micro Components (11 June 2004)

Rockwell Collins presents supplier award

AMI Semiconductor has been named the ASIC/MMIC/FPGA Commodity Supplier of the Year 2004 by Rockwell Collins.

News from AMI Semiconductor (11 June 2004)

Eighth-brick convertors handle quarter-brick power

Two new 5V single-output eighth-brick DC/DC convertors boast industry-leading conversion efficiencies of 92%.

News from Emerson Network Power - Embedded Power (11 June 2004)

Standard module is tailored Bluetooth solution

 User Application Article  Brainboxes is supplying a customised Bluetooth solution to Microvision, the Washington-State-based leader in high-resolution scanned beam display and imaging systems.

News from Brainboxes (11 June 2004)

Bluetooth range upgrades to latest specs

Brainboxes, is updating its Bluetooth hardware to be compliant with the latest version of the Bluetooth specification (v1.2).

News from Brainboxes (11 June 2004)

New Bluetooth chips enhance datarates

CSR has launched a fourth generation of its Bluetooth silicon, designed for enhanced datarate (EDR) Bluetooth, launched this week by the Bluetooth SIG at WiCon World in Amsterdam.

News from Cambridge Silicon Radio (11 June 2004)

IP shifts DECT into 2.4GHz band

WiCon this week has seen the release of new software intellectual property that optimises DECT for use in the licence-free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.

News from Cambridge Consultants (11 June 2004)

SCSI terminators go inside or out

A new SCSI terminator series is available in internal and external configurations for LVD/SE multimode applications.

News from Circuit Assembly (11 June 2004)

SCA2 plugs come in multiple configurations

Circuit Assembly has a new range of SCA2 plugs compliant with the Single Connector Attachment-2 hard drive interface developed for SCSI and FC-AL systems.

News from Circuit Assembly (11 June 2004)

Doughty to develop CEM element

Bob Doughty has joined CIL, the Whitchurch based contract design and manufacturing company, as Sales Manager.

News from CIL Custom Interconnect (11 June 2004)

Peiker commits to software solutions

Peiker Acustic has chosen the Integrity RTOS and Multi software development environment to form the software backbone of future in-car automotive electronics programmes.  Brochure Available 

News from Green Hills Software (11 June 2004)

Current feedback amps target portable applications

National Semiconductor has three new high-speed LMH amplifiers for portable communications, industrial, medical and video applications.

News from National Semiconductor (11 June 2004)

Module is speedy route to cordless handsets

A novel cordless voice module (CVM) integrates a radio transceiver and baseband with a complete protocol stack on a single board.

News from National Semiconductor (11 June 2004)

Springwire connectors put to the test

ODU has developed a flat springwire connector that is ideal for mating to flat blade contacts during quality assurance, test and measurement, maintenance procedures and identity software downloads.

News from ODU UK (11 June 2004)

Platform uses media and packet processing solution

 User Application Article  Vertical Networks has selected the IPnexus MTN4100 media and packet processing subsystem and UniPorte software to enable voice and fax capabilities in its InstantOffice communications platform.

News from Performance Technologies (11 June 2004)

Monitors check up on Aussie TV quality

 User Application Article  Telstra is using the DVStation to provide distributed multipoint, real-time signal and content integrity monitoring for its DVB-C network delivering Foxtel's digital cable television to Australia.

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (11 June 2004)

Monochrome LCD aims for white goods controls

A new 3.8in quarter-VGA monochrome STN display boasts high brightness, long life and a wide operating temperature range for use in control panels for advanced home appliances and other equipment.

News from Trident (11 June 2004)

Software suite gains method-of-moments analysis

Vector Fields has signed an agreement to market the Clasp software developed by Abingdon based Culham Electromagnetics and Lightning.

News from Vector Fields (11 June 2004)

Current monitor enhances power control

Helping to improve current sensing accuracy, increase efficiency and reduce PCB size, the highly integrated ZXCT1030 features an internal reference and comparator with a nonlatching output.

News from Zetex (11 June 2004)

Optical encoders take position

Agilent Technologies has developed two high-resolution optical encoders designed to increase the performance of home and office printers and image scanners.

News from Avago Technologies (10 June 2004)

Convertors claim no compromise

A new family of sigma-delta analogue-to-digital convertors is claimed as an unprecedented low-noise and low-power solution for applications in industrial and medical instrumentation markets.

News from Analog Devices (10 June 2004)

PLL synthesisers up the frequency

Two new PLL synthesisers deliver industry-leading performance for the up- and down-conversion of RF signals in wireless applications.

News from Analog Devices (10 June 2004)

Free tool speeds PLL design

ADIsimPLL version 2.5 is billed as the most comprehensive design and evaluation tool available today for phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit design.

News from Analog Devices (10 June 2004)

Low-power radio systems shrink to single chips

Three new RF ICs each offer complete low-power radio system solutions on a single chip, simplifying the design and reducing bill of material costs for customers.

News from Analog Devices (10 June 2004)

Panasonic prize for Arrow

Panasonic Industrial Europe has presented Arrow with its award for Northern European Distributor of the Year for 2003/2004.

News from Arrow Electronics (UK) (10 June 2004)

Virtual prototyping and synthesis come together

First Encounter Global Physical Synthesis (GPS) is a new product that integrates silicon virtual prototyping and second-generation global physical synthesis technology into a single environment.

News from Cadence Design Systems (10 June 2004)

Pair resolve to bridge software gap

Cadence has signed a multiyear multi-million-dollar software licensing and joint development agreement with ASML MaskTools for advanced resolution enhancement technology software solutions.

News from Cadence Design Systems (10 June 2004)

Platforms join new TSMC flow

Both the Encounter digital IC design platform and the Allegro system interconnect design platform have been integrated into TSMC's Reference Flow 5.0.

News from Cadence Design Systems (10 June 2004)

More support for Power Quality Partnership

LEM Instruments has become the latest company to join the Power Quality Partnership, the UK group which is part of the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative.

News from Copper Development Association (10 June 2004)

Seawell comes back onboard

Finance and EDA industry veteran Brooke Seawell has joined the CoWare Board of Directors.

News from CoWare (10 June 2004)

Novel approach to embedded nonvolatile memory

Cavendish Kinetics has developed a major new technology claimed to offer the lowest power and entry-cost embedded nonvolatile memory in the industry.

News from Cavendish Kinetics (10 June 2004)

"Unbelievable" pricing for high-brightness LCDs

Dicoll has released a new range of high-brightness daylight and transflective sunlight readable screens.

News from Dicoll (10 June 2004)

Latches offer an open and shut case

The comprehensive Emka 6000 programme of toggle latches offers a solution to a wide range of closure needs on boxes, cases, cabinets, access panels, cladding panels and light assemblies.  Brochure Available 

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