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Time for UK and Ireland distribution

Audio and video manufacturer DK-Technologies (UK) has been appointed sole distributor for the UK and Ireland by German manufacturer, Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering.

News from DK-Technologies (29 May 2006)

Digital radio test set expands into new markets

New software for the 3900 Series digital radio test set expands the range of tests offered by this platform into new markets.

News from Aeroflex (25 May 2006)

International sales boost for Amplicon

For the first time in the company's 33 year history, Amplicon's international sales have reached over Eur 1 million.

News from Amplicon (24 May 2006)

Power analyser has six independent channels

Caltest Instruments can now supply a compact, very high performance, easy to use advanced digital power analyser manufactured by UK based Voltech Instruments.

News from Caltest Instruments (24 May 2006)

Modules simulate networks for testing

Network simulation modules provide improved testing and analysis result accuracy, multiple application flexibility and easy integration with existing infrastructure.

News from Timbercon (22 May 2006)

Voltage detector and flashlight come together

The LumaVolt combines an AC voltage detector and bright flashlight in one easy-to-use device.

News from Pomona Electronics (18 May 2006)

Nepcon visitors show interest in RF

First time exhibitor at Nepcon, specialist test instrumentation and communications equipment distributor Aspen Electronics reports the 2006 event an unqualified success.

News from Aspen Electronics (17 May 2006)

Nanotech measurement prizes are up for grabs

A contest aims to encourage researchers and development engineers to share nanotech electrical measurement techniques that will help the industry at large.

News from Keithley Instruments (16 May 2006)

Sources stand the test of mains simulation

ASX series AC power sources provide 1.5 to 12kVA, and can be synchronised to provide up to 36kVA in three-phase form.

News from Caltest Instruments (15 May 2006)

Sonet/SDH testers take to the field

New from EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering is the FTB-8115 Transport Blazer Sonet+SDH module for the FTB-400 Universal Test System and FTB-200 Compact Platform.

News from Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering (12 May 2006)

OTDR adds coverage for 1625nm fibre

A triple-wavelength module adds 1625nm capability to the standard 1310 and 1550nm wavelengths for the Yokogawa AQ7260 optical time-domain reflectometer.

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (12 May 2006)

Ohmmeter is still testing after all these years

In a notable testing success story reported to Cropico, a Model KB1 Kelvin Bridge ohmmeter bought in 1953 by Vernon's Fuse Co, and used every day for over 50 years is still working perfectly.

News from The Seaward Group (10 May 2006)

Partners come together for automotive testing

Rohde and Schwarz will be at Testing Expo 2006 in Stuttgart together with its subsidiary companies Gedis and ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik.

News from Rohde and Schwarz (9 May 2006)

Low-cost function generator runs up to 50MHz

A low-cost DDS function generator with arbitrary waveform capability can generate high-purity sinewaves up to 40MHz and square waves up to 50MHz.

News from TTI (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (9 May 2006)

PPM signs for Government procurement support

PPM has signed a new partnership agreement with TestMart, the leading marketplace operator and service provider for the IT, network maintenance and test and measurement industry.

News from TestMart (8 May 2006)

Serial data analyser has impressive specs

The SDA 18000 delivers the industry's highest bandwidth, highest sampling rate and longest memory combination available in a high-bandwidth real-time test instrument.

News from LeCroy (8 May 2006)

Supplies, loads and safety testers on show

Telonic Instruments will exhibit Kikusui's range of AC and DC laboratory power supplies, electronic loads and electrical safety testers at the EMCUK Exhibition and Conference.

News from Telonic Instruments (4 May 2006)

Ethernet testing comes to compact form factor

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering has launched the FTB-8510 Packet Blazer Ethernet test module for the recently introduced FTB-200 Compact Platform.

News from Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering (3 May 2006)

Waveform generators simulate HSDPA and HSUPA

A WCDMA signal-generation utility that supports High Speed Uplink Packet Access as defined in 3GPP Release 6 is now available for use with Yokogawa arbitrary waveform generators.

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (2 May 2006)

Multimeters cover all applications

With powerful and exclusive built-in features and functions combined with rugged designs, Extech reckons it offers a multimeter for any application.

News from Extech Data Systems (28 April 2006)

Hardware and software upgrade video measurement

Rohde and Schwarz has equipped its R and S DVM400 digital video measurement system with a new computer platform.

News from Rohde and Schwarz (27 April 2006)

Catalogue combines power test lines

The Kikusui 2006 product catalogue is packed with information on AC and DC laboratory power supplies, electronic loads and electrical safety testers.

News from Telonic Instruments (27 April 2006)

Vehicle radio tester includes cables and antennas

A lightweight and portable radio test set is designed specifically to test vehicle-based radio systems used predominantly by first responders.

News from Aeroflex (27 April 2006)

Generators improve accuracy and control

Pulse/pattern generators provide key performance advantages, such as superior signal quality and precise control for pulsewidths from 3ns to 1000s, as well as a simple, intuitive user interface.

News from Keithley Instruments (27 April 2006)

Comms testers come to US Government market

A new agreement authorises TestMart to present LitePoint WLAN, MIMO and Bluetooth test solutions to the US Government and military markets.

News from TestMart (27 April 2006)

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