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Yokogawa helps hurricane relief

Yokogawa Electric Corp is making a Y10 million contribution to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast of the USA

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (15 September 2005)

Software sorts out low-speed serial buses

New application software from Tektronix aids efficient testing and debugging of low speed serial buses including CAN and LIN networks

News from Tektronix (15 September 2005)

Tester combines source and measurement

A high-accuracy high-speed programmable voltage and current source incorporates both generation and measurement functions as well as a USB interface and USB storage functions

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (8 September 2005)

No shipping charges in Ontario

Mr Test Equipment now offers free delivery for all sales and free pickup and delivery for all service, repair and calibration work within Ontario, Canada

News from Mr Test Equipment (8 September 2005)

Power analyser handles many roles

The 4106A power analyser can be used for jobs as simple as measuring the power requirement of a coffee machine or as complex as determining the pertinent power parameters of a frequency inverter

News from Tinsley (7 September 2005)

Digital signal generator claims price breakthrough

Signal Forge has released the first high-performance digitally synthesised signal generator with an 800MHz range, usable to 1GHz, for under $1000

News from Signal Forge (5 September 2005)

Software promises full picture in BER analysis

A new advanced jitter, noise and BER analysis software package is available for the TDS/CSA8000 Series of sampling oscilloscopes

News from Tektronix (5 September 2005)

Optical power meter drives over the rainbow

The Yokogawa TB200 is billed as the world's first optical power meter to support blue, red and near-infra-red measurements

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (5 September 2005)

Voltage and continuity tests for just twenty quid

A new Fluke electrical tester offers a low cost solution to professional electricians and maintenance personnel for rapid AC/DC voltage measurement and continuity testing  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (2 September 2005)

Audio analysers have all tests covered

Suitable for broadcast and communications or bench and production use, Portable One offers a complete easy-to-use audio test set housed in a rugged case

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (2 September 2005)

Nanjing Cable signs for preventive monitoring

Pixelmetrix has won a major deal with Nanjing Cable, a leading cable television operator in China

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (31 August 2005)

DMM adds voltage detector for troubleshooting

The new 300 Series of digital multimeters from Extech Instruments features an inbuilt voltage detection function  Brochure available  

News from Extech Instruments (30 August 2005)

Digital TV monitor certified for use in China

China's SARFT Test Centre has fully certified the Pixelmetrix DVStation to receive high-quality digital television signals

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (30 August 2005)

Harness testers offer flexible operation

The Synor range of harness and cable testing systems now available from Cropico is flexible enough to be set to test as few as 32 points or up to 2000 or more points  Brochure available  

News from Cropico (29 August 2005)

Oscilloscope in the running for IEE award

The Tektronix TDS6154C oscilloscope and Z-active P7313 low-loading probe have been selected as a finalist in the Product Design category of the first IEE 'Innovation in Engineering' Awards

News from Tektronix (29 August 2005)

Bluetooth software tests out Broadcom chips

LitePoint has added manufacturing test program support for Bluetooth ICs from Broadcom Corp to its the LitePoint Bluetooth software package

News from LitePoint Corp (25 August 2005)

Generator-on-a-chip gives instruments three roles

The new AFG3000 Series of arbitrary/function generators (AFGs) consists of six models whose ease of use and performance claims a new benchmark in the 'value' category

News from Tektronix (25 August 2005)

Radio test set extends to 2.7GHz

The IFR 3902 service monitor expands the operating range of the IFR 3901 radio test set to 2.7GHz for both generating and receiving analogue and digital RF signals

News from Aeroflex (23 August 2005)

Power supplies take function generators onboard

The TopCon range of AC/DC power supplies are available as standard rack-mount units with power ratings of 10, 16, 20 and 32kW and with finely graduated DC output voltages up to 1kV

News from Regatron (22 August 2005)

Website demonstrates new metrology system

Following the recent launch of the LEXT confocal laser scanning microscope for ultraprecise surface analysis, Olympus is now running an online special feature on this new metrology system

News from Olympus Life and Material Science Europa (22 August 2005)

Research targets cognitive radio technology

Tektronix is conducting joint research with the Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group at Virginia Tech in the development of cognitive radio technology

News from Tektronix (18 August 2005)

Bit-error-rate tester targets 10Gbit/s systems

A new compact, portable bit-error-rate tester is dedicated to high-speed measurements in the 10Gbit/s band

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (17 August 2005)

Software tests real-world noise performance

To test mobile handsets for real-world noise conditions, Aeroflex is now including an AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise) source with its IQCreator software

News from Aeroflex (17 August 2005)

Partners receive global rcognition

Tektronix has named four companies as 'Worldwide Partners of the Year' for outstanding commitment to technical expertise, creating demand and providing exceptional logistics, service and support

News from Tektronix (17 August 2005)

Optical test and measurement at ECOC

Yokogawa is featuring a number of new optical test and measurement products at ECOC 2005

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (16 August 2005)

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