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Ixia signs to distribute 802.11 test solutions

Communication Machinery Corp (CMC) has signed a nonexclusive global reseller agreement with Ixia, a leading provider of high performance IP network testing solutions

News from Communications Machinery Corp (24 January 2005)

Recorder, multimeter and scope come together

Combining recorder, multimeter and oscilloscope functions in one compact unit - the new Sefram DAS 1200 is ideal for many industrial and electrical troubleshooting or maintenance applications

News from Metrix Electronics (20 January 2005)

Precision power on the bench

B and K Precision 9120 series power supplies are designed to meet the needs of applications that require clean/reliable power and excellent performance

News from Metrix Electronics (20 January 2005)

Generator incorporates frequency counter mode

The TG330 is an advanced 3MHz analogue function generator with built-in sweep, amplitude modulation and simultaneous digital display of frequency and level

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (12 January 2005)

Vector signal generator gains fading option

An option for fading is now available for the SMU200A vector signal generator from Rohde and Schwarz  Brochure available  

News from Rohde and Schwarz (12 January 2005)

Tester finds fault with mobiles

The 3100 mobile fault finder is a novel communication test set for the testing of wireless devices

News from Willtek Communications (12 January 2005)

Software turns source into Airbus power tester

The ABD100 test suite is a powerful software package that greatly simplifies power bus compliance testing of components and subsystems for the Airbus A380 aircraft

News from Elgar Electronics Corp (10 January 2005)

ITU approves novel dispersion test technique

EXFO's proprietary test method for characterising polarisation mode dispersion has been approved by the International Telecommunication Union

News from Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering (6 January 2005)

Threat simulator puts defences to the test

CI Systems has released the IR Threat Simulator (IRTS) to test missile approach warning systems (MAWS) without the need to fire real missiles

News from CI Systems (24 December 2004)

US Government orders radio test sets

The Aeroflex Wichita Division has received orders aggregating $11.3 million for RCTS-001 SINCGARS radio test sets and RCTS-003 life support radio test sets from the US Government

News from Aeroflex (22 December 2004)

Signal sources simplify simulations

The OR-X range of professional signal sources simplify simulations and testing with their extensive choice of standard or user-defined waveforms

News from Metrix Electronics (21 December 2004)

Wi-Fi system tests product and network performance

The EE-WPA is a multistation test system for WPA-Enterprise with full support for 802.1x authentication, Radius, EAP-TLS, TKIP, MIC and WPA-Personal preshared key mode

News from Communications Machinery Corp (16 December 2004)

Real-time spectrum analysis comes of age

The Tektronix RSA3408A is a new high performance DC to 8GHz real-time spectrum analyser providing 36MHz wide real-time triggering and capture capabilities

News from Tektronix (9 December 2004)

Handheld scope checks retail RF security systems

 User application article  A handheld Fluke ScopeMeter oscilloscope is an ideal solution for testing the tagging and gate systems commonly used in retail shops to provide protection against theft  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (8 December 2004)

Handset tester extends to wideband CDMA

Willtek Communications has developed new test software for wideband CDMA wireless terminals

News from Willtek Communications (8 December 2004)

Wireless comms analyser takes on TD-SCDMA

Tektronix has added support for China's TD-SCDMA through software options for its WCA200A wireless communication analyser

News from Tektronix (7 December 2004)

Earth bond tester speeds through production tests

The Kikusui TOS6200 earth bond tester measures low resistance at high test currents in accordance with the requirements of various international safety standards  Brochure available  

News from Telonic Instruments (6 December 2004)

Bizzen takes NetTest west

Bizzen signed a distribution agreement with NetTest, a leading worldwide provider of testing, monitoring and management solutions for advanced and converged networks

News from Bizzen (6 December 2004)

Fibre tester performs all three roles

The MT9080 Access Master series is the first suite of products to combine the three necessary functions for the construction, installation and maintenance of optical fibre links

News from Anritsu (UK) (1 December 2004)

Testers promise rapid on-site measurements

Fluke has extended its range of compact voltage/continuity testers with the new T100 Series  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (1 December 2004)

Lead-acid battery health analyser comes to hand

The BITE 3 battery tester is billed as the first of its kind to measure both float and ripple current, in addition to impedance, cell voltage and intercell connection resistance  Brochure available  

News from Megger (30 November 2004)

Monitor keeps watch over Chinese satellites

 User application article  China Broadcast Satellite Co (CBSAT) has selected the Pixelmetrix DVStation monitoring platform to upgrade its satellite monitoring in Beijing

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (26 November 2004)

Analyser covers energy and disturbance

LEM's new Analyst 3P energy and disturbance analyser offers the widest range of measurements with the clearest display and analysis capabilities in its class

News from LEM Instruments (25 November 2004)

Test and measurement products in detail

Keithley Instruments has published its 2005 test and measurement products catalogue

News from Keithley Instruments (25 November 2004)

Cellular analyser features further functions

The Anritsu Cell Master MT8212B adds a CDMA/GSM transmitter analyser, interference analyser, built-in source, channel scanner and DS0/VF channel access to the popular Cell Master design

News from Anritsu (UK) (24 November 2004)

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