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Partnership to assure wireless services

NetTest has signed a definitive agreement to co-operate with Casabyte in a partnership to bring integrated network and service assurance solutions to wireless operators

News from NetTest (14 October 2004)

Analyser checks for passive intermodulation

The SI-400C passive intermodulation (PIM) analyser covers the frequency band from 138 to 512MHz

News from Smiths Interconnect - Summitek Instruments (14 October 2004)

VoIP tester to add voice quality assessment

NetTest is working with Psytechnics to bring nonintrusive voice quality measurement capabilities to its MasterQuest VoIP solution

News from NetTest (13 October 2004)

DSOs boost productivity in the lab and field

The TPS2000 Series of DSOs is designed to improve the productivity of designers and technicians requiring a powerful, general-purpose oscilloscope in a compact, portable package

News from Tektronix (11 October 2004)

Tektronix video testers come to TTi

Tektronix has strengthened the UK support and distribution channels for its video product range with the appointment of two specialist distributors

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (11 October 2004)

VPSEM boasts outstanding performance

The S-3400N is a new variable pressure scanning electron microscope

News from Hitachi High-Technologies (Electron Microscopy) (8 October 2004)

PMR tester has the personality to cope with Tetra

The IFR 3900 Series is a next-generation portable digital radio test set platform claimed to set a new benchmark for quality, performance and value

News from Aeroflex (8 October 2004)

IP monitor gains MPEG monitoring companion

The DVStation-IP Qube was designed specifically as a cost effective companion solution to the IneoQuest Singulus G1-T and Argus Media over IP test and monitoring products

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (8 October 2004)

Monitor now checks network synchronisation

Pixelmetrix has released the first solution for automatic monitoring of DVB-T single frequency network synchronisation

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (8 October 2004)

One box has optical network testing covered

The MP1590B is a novel modular "single-box" test and measurement platform for assessing network performance

News from Anritsu (UK) (8 October 2004)

System monitors video over IP

IneoQuest Technologies has appointed Pixelmetrix as a value added reseller partner for its newly released Argus video over IP monitoring system

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (7 October 2004)

Interfaces help check CATV system operation

Pixelmetrix has a new family of interface modules ideal for CATV operators using QAM modulation

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (7 October 2004)

Monitor keeps watch over Austrian video links

 User application article  Austrian broadcaster ORF has selected the Pixelmetrix DVStation monitoring platform to continuously monitor the quality of its video links

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (7 October 2004)

Minilog updates all the latest test equipment

Farnell InOne has published a new "minilog" showcasing the best and latest in test and measurement products

News from Farnell InOne (5 October 2004)

Taiwanese test house gains Edge test technology

Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (RIWS) has supplied CGC, the largest test-house in Taiwan, with its 6103 AIME/CT conformance test platform

News from Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (1 October 2004)

LCR bridge takes on surface-mount components

The LCR400 precision LCR bridge is now available with high-quality four-terminal tweezers for measuring surface-mount components

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (1 October 2004)

Platform checks out mobile IP signalling

Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions is demonstrating its mobile IP signalling conformance test capability for the first time at this week's CDMA Americas Congress

News from Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (30 September 2004)

Upgrade for market-leading basestation tester

The 6413A is an enhanced and upgraded 3G basestation test system from Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions

News from Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (29 September 2004)

GSM RF test solutions on show in Singapore

PCTEL's RF Solutions Group is demonstrating a number of new products this week on Booth B7 at the 3GSM Asia 2004 World Congress

News from PCTEL (27 September 2004)

Loads offer powerful test capabilities

The RBL488 series of electronic loads are ideally suited to the testing of large batteries, power supplies, fuel cells or other DC power equipment

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (24 September 2004)

Broadband testers gain fast RAID storage option

Aeroflex has developed an ultrafast storage capability for its Celerity CS35000 broadband signal analyser (BSA) and CS25000 broadband signal generator (BSG) systems

News from Aeroflex (21 September 2004)

Testers support new digital TV standard

Rohde and Schwartz produces both operating equipment and test instruments for new DVB-H digital TV standard  Brochure available  

News from Rohde and Schwarz (20 September 2004)

Imaging photometer for speedy display testing

New from Pro-Lite Technology is the ProMetric PM-1400 Fast series of CCD-based imaging photometer from Radiant Imaging

News from Pro-Lite Technology (20 September 2004)

Software sppeds setup for microwave test systems

Aeroflex has integrated National Instruments' NI TestStand development system into its high-performance synthetic microwave test systems

News from Aeroflex (20 September 2004)

New scopes to star at Electronica

Tektronix will showcase a broad portfolio of products that meet the most demanding requirements faced by design engineers and technicians during Electronica

News from Tektronix (20 September 2004)

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