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Loads of power to test DC sources

The LD300 is a DC electronic load with maximum input levels of 80A and 80V, making it ideal for use in investigating the behaviour of many different types of DC power sources

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (6 February 2004)

Signal sources set new standards

The DTG5000 Series of signal source equipment is receiving rapid adoption in the semiconductor, computing and video industries

News from Tektronix (6 February 2004)

Analyser resolves interoperability questions

 User application article  Alcatel Belgium is using the DSL Xpert multilayer analyser to resolve ADSL/ADSL2 interoperability issues

News from TraceSpan Communications (5 February 2004)

Latest test tools catalogue published

Fluke has just released its 2004 test tools catalogue  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (3 February 2004)

Analysers check ADSL interoperability

 User application article  Both British Telecom and France Telecom have purchased the DSL Xpert multilayer analyser

News from TraceSpan Communications (30 January 2004)

Scanning TEM claims 2nm resolution

The new HD-2300 scanning transmission electron microscope offers improved resolution and significantly enhanced analytical capabilities for materials and semiconductor applications

News from Hitachi High-Technologies (Electron Microscopy) (30 January 2004)

UMTS R5 brings protocol tester bang up to date

Tektronix has added Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Release 5 (UMTS R5) to its portfolio of support features available on its leading protocol tester

News from Tektronix (30 January 2004)

Reciprocal interpolating counter masters time

The SR620 universal time-interval counter measures time interval, frequency, period, pulsewidth and phase as well as rise and fall times

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (29 January 2004)

3G seminar tour rolls on

Tektronix is continuing its "Empowerin3G" seminar tour throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa

News from Tektronix (29 January 2004)

Budget price for 100MHz logic analyser

The TA320S is a self-contained logic analyser that offers 32 data channels and 100MHz acquisition for under GBP 600

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (22 January 2004)

Precision source aids power tester calibration

The Model 8100 is a precision source of AC voltage, current and phase angle which may be used in the calibration and test of a wide range of electrical metering instrumentation

News from Rotek Instrument Corp (20 January 2004)

Simple operation for low-cost RF radiation meter

A new low-cost RF radiation meter is ideal for nontechnical personnel who need to carry out measurements of high-frequency emissions from mobile phone basestations or other radiocommunications sites

News from Link Microtek (19 January 2004)

Handheld scopes enhanced for video imaging

The new upgraded Fluke ScopeMeter handheld oscilloscopes have enhanced sensitivity and a new troubleshooting feature

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (15 January 2004)

Flexible configuration for DC test sources

The XMP 2600 multi-output programmable DC power system is based on a single mainframe which can be configured with up to eight of 22 different power modules

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (15 January 2004)

NTL selects Livingston

NTL, the UK's leading broadband company, has chosen Livingston to be its primary supplier of specific test equipment

News from Livingston UK (15 January 2004)

Real-time analysers handle the cutting edge of RF

A new series of real-time spectrum analysers provide the first complete measurement package for engineers developing cutting-edge radio-frequency technologies

News from Tektronix (14 January 2004)

Second-user test kit available online

Test and calibration equipment for sale, or wanted, can be advertised on the Calibration Trade Centre website and portal, alongside a full range of test equipment available for hire

News from Calibration Trade Centre (5 January 2004)

Ohmmeter brings full accuracy to hand

A new digital ohmmeter gives true portability without sacrificing measurement accuracy and functionality  Brochure available  

News from Cropico (23 December 2003)

Tektronix reports strongest orders for years

Tektronix has reported net sales of $217.9 million and net earnings from continuing operations of $36.5 million or $0.42 per share, for the second quarter ended 29th November 2003

News from Tektronix (23 December 2003)

Power quality analyser does the lot

LEM has introduced an "advanced function" for its Memobox power quality analyser family

News from LEM UK (19 December 2003)

Bluetooth protocol analyser upgrades to new specs

Merlin II is the newest in the extensive CATC line of expert Bluetooth protocol analysers  Brochure available  

News from Nohau UK (15 December 2003)

Bluetooth verification brought up to date

New software for the BTTracer/Trainer, CATC's industry-leading Bluetooth design and verification test system, upgrades the unit to the recently approved Bluetooth V1.2 specification  Brochure available  

News from Nohau UK (15 December 2003)

Software upgrades audio testers

Audio Precision has introduced a new control software package for its 2700 Series family of audio test instruments

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (15 December 2003)

Paraellel architecture speeds handset testing

A new solution aims to increase the throughput in repair centres without the need for additional manpower or instruments

News from Willtek Communications (15 December 2003)

Radiocommunication analyser adopts software route

Anritsu has upgraded its innovative MT8820A radiocommunication analyser

News from Anritsu (UK) (15 December 2003)

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