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OTDR makes fault-finding quick and easy

Arden Photonics has been chosen by Megger to distribute its XC-850 multimode OTDR

News from Arden Photonics (12 December 2003)

Drives tested for functionality and safety

 User application article  The latest generation of motor drive systems from Control Techniques are benefiting from sophisticated functional and flash test systems developed by the Peak Group

News from Peak Production Equipment (12 December 2003)

Amplifier powers up to 100W for RF testing

Rated at 100W over the band 0.8-4.2GHz, the Model BBS3Q7EK0 microwave power amplifier is ideal for RF immunity testing, power device testing and general laboratory use

News from Empower RF Systems (8 December 2003)

Resistance tester puts airbag igniters on trial

Available now from Keithley Instruments is the Model 2790-A SourceMeter airbag inflator DC electrical test system

News from Keithley Instruments (8 December 2003)

Troubleshooter tackles UMTS networks

NetTest has added a UMTS extension to its MasterQuest monitoring and troubleshooting system

News from NetTest (3 December 2003)

One stop shop for calibration

The Calibration Trade Centre offers a universal trading portal for all calibration equipment and services, across all industries, for engineers and QA professionals seeking calibration solutions

News from Calibration Trade Centre (1 December 2003)

Software makes good use of spectrum analysers

Oasis II is a novel software package for spectrum management and spectrum and interference identification using standard spectrum analysers or equivalent RF receivers

News from Smiths Interconnect - Summitek Instruments (20 November 2003)

Managed calibration is a weight off the mind

A new cost-effective fully managed service for the calibration of test equipment leaves operators and managers free to concentrate on their primary function

News from Calibration Centre (17 November 2003)

Bench power supply can supply 150V and 4A

The EX752M is a laboratory bench power supply offering both high-voltage and high-current capabilities

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (17 November 2003)

Telecomms tester checks lines dead or alive

The BERT 20E1 test set provides fast, straightforward in-service or out-of-service testing on digital E1-based (2Mbit/s) telecommunication networks  Brochure available  

News from Megger (17 November 2003)

Investment brings optical calibration in-house

Livingston's investment in new test equipment to expand its existing optical calibration capabilities has helped to drastically cut turnaround times and reduce calibration costs  Brochure available  

News from Livingston UK (14 November 2003)

Complete software toolset enhances logic analysers

The iLink toolset is an integrated suite of logic analyser, oscilloscope and accessories for maximum design, debug and troubleshooting efficiency using TLA700 Series logic analysers

News from Tektronix (14 November 2003)

Save on second-user general purpose test equipment

Refurbished, certified and warranted second-user general purpose test equipment, complete with manuals and standard accessories, is available with savings of up to 75% over new list prices

News from GPTE International (11 November 2003)

Tester tackles MOST automotive communications

The Optimo-100 is a tester for the new MOST (Media Orientated Systems Transport) automotive entertainment and control bus  Brochure available  

News from Schaffner (11 November 2003)

Taiwan order begins Asian market drive

LA Techniques has won a major breakthrough order from Taiwan as part of its drive towards the Asian market

News from LA Techniques (10 November 2003)

Monitoring system aids basestation maintenance

Tektronix has developed the market's first network monitoring solution to enable maintenance prioritisation per basestation

News from Tektronix (10 November 2003)

Software tools speed comms testing

The new Modulation Toolkit 2.0 and Spectral Measurements Toolkit 2.0 from National Instruments give engineers tools to perform spectrum analysis, analogue modulation and digital modulation  Brochure available  

News from National Instruments (7 November 2003)

Handheld oscilloscopes ideal for medical service

Dual-input colour and monochrome handheld oscilloscopes have features especially designed for engineers servicing medical imaging and high-resolution medical video equipment  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (6 November 2003)

Edwards takes over

Brighton-based distributor Amplicon Liveline has appointed Richard Edwards as its new MD

News from Amplicon (5 November 2003)

Testing time for 3G networks

NetTest has a suite of monitoring and testing products that empower wireless operators to make better decisions for increasing revenue and user satisfaction from UMTS networks

News from NetTest (5 November 2003)

Safety tests go hands free

A family of flexible-boot alligator clip accessories with Cat III, 1000V, 10A rating has been introduced by Warwick Test Supplies

News from Warwick Test Supplies (4 November 2003)

Analyser gets to grips with serial comms links

The FSA32 is a Windows-based protocol analyser for debugging asynchronous serial communications

News from New Forest Electronics (4 November 2003)

Rack-mount receiver puts GPS to the test

The ptf 3201A is a low-cost GPS receiver for applications ranging from test and measurement to wireless communications, broadcasting and almost anywhere GPS technology is required

News from Precise Time and Frequency (4 November 2003)

Australian line testers come to Europe

The latest telephone cable test equipment is now available in the UK and Europe from Mans International, following a strategic relationship agreement with Teletech, Australia

News from Mans International (3 November 2003)

TEM warms quickly to its task

The new PC-controlled H-9500 TEM from Hitachi High-Technologies is designed for rapid operation

News from Hitachi High-Technologies (Electron Microscopy) (3 November 2003)

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