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Speedy operation from arbitrary function generator

The Tabor 3362 is a two-channel 300Msample/s waveform generator with 4M points (optional 16M points) per channel of waveform memory

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (31 October 2003)

Service tester aligns Edge transmitters

New software for the Willtek 4200 Series mobile service tester will allow service centres to test and align the transmitters of new Edge-capable mobile phones

News from Willtek Communications (31 October 2003)

Stress testers check interconnection reliability

PWB Interconnect Solutions has signed Polar Instruments to distribute and market its interconnect stress test (IST) systems and test services throughout Europe

News from Polar Instruments Europe (27 October 2003)

Solderability tester evolves for SMT and Pb-free

The long-established industry-benchmark Must solderability tester has been even further improved to accommodate the enhanced test accuracy needs demanded by the smallest surface mount devices

News from HumiSeal Europe (24 October 2003)

Cradle-to-grave solution for 3G network operator

Hutchison 3G UK has selected Livingston to supply its test equipment management solutions during the preparation, rollout and operation of the UK's first 3G service

News from Livingston UK (23 October 2003)

Portable, programmable micro-ohmmeter

The compact bench-top 5891 programmable micro-ohmmeter can be used for a wide range of measurement tasks

News from Tinsley (21 October 2003)

Self-verification boost for broadcast tester

DVScope is a new HD/SD SDI waveform and vector generation, display and analysis tool that boasts a unique error log/profile capability for automatic verification

News from Pixelmetrix Corp (21 October 2003)

New source for AC power sources

TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor of AC power sources from California Instruments

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (17 October 2003)

Modular multiple-output supply puts power to test

A new multi-output programmable DC power system offers power modules as high as 2.4kW

News from Xantrex Technology (15 October 2003)

Seminars address network monitoring and analysis

Livingston is partnering with NetTest, Tektronix and Fluke Networks on a series of individual seminars across Europe this Autumn Brochureavailable

News from Livingston UK (15 October 2003)

High performance and low prices for bench scopes

The WaveRunner 6000 is the latest generation of the popular WaveRunner range of DSOs, featuring five models covering a bandwidth range from 350MHz to 2GHz

News from LeCroy (10 October 2003)

Real-time scope takes on 4.25Gbit/s serial data

The new TDS7704B 7GHz DPO and the CSA7404B communications signal analyser raise performance levels with superior measurement fidelity, unrivalled analysis and uncompromised usability

News from Tektronix (9 October 2003)

Portable pattern generator has HDTV covered

The Model 1253 is a cost-effective portable multistandard HDTV pattern generator

News from B+K Precision (9 October 2003)

Handheld analyser takes on wireless networks

The MS2711D Spectrum Master is a handheld spectrum analyser that delivers greatly improved sweep speed, and is designed with a built-in pre-amplifier to increase sensitivity and dynamic range

News from Anritsu (UK) (9 October 2003)

Easier use for cable and antenna analysers

The S331D and S332D Site Master cable and antenna analysers feature a number of improvements in performance and operation

News from Anritsu (UK) (9 October 2003)

Reshuffle brings bargains to oscilloscope pack

Tektronix has repositioned its entire oscilloscope portfolio to meet the needs of its customers in applications ranging from high-speed serial data compliance testing to troubleshooting and education

News from Tektronix (7 October 2003)

Speedy analysis of Ethernet twisted pairs

A novel remote network cable analyser traces installed cables and can locate discontinuities in seconds

News from B+K Precision (7 October 2003)

Budget price for high-performance true-RMS DMM

Using a standard AC mains outlet as the power source, the new PC-compatible Model 5491A bench multimeter provides an easy to read dual display with 50,000-count accuracy

News from B+K Precision (7 October 2003)

Pair target nanotechnology research

Keithley Instruments and Zyvex Corp have signed an agreement to work together to develop new solutions for the nanotech marketplace

News from Keithley Instruments (6 October 2003)

A closer look at solder at Productronica

Vision Engineering will be demonstrating its entire range of ergonomically optimised stereo inspection microscopes at Productronica 2003 Brochureavailable

News from Vision Engineering (6 October 2003)

Sources and amplifiers put photonics to the test

A new family of broadband amplified spontaneous emission sources and erbium-doped fibre amplifiers is packaged for test and measurement of photonics components Brochureavailable

News from Newport Spectra-Physics (6 October 2003)

Analyser and antenna coupler speed RF testing

Two new products from Willtek Communications aim to simplify radio frequency testing

News from Willtek Communications (1 October 2003)

Power quality analyser comes with free test tools

Fluke is now offering free test tools with its power quality analyser package Brochureavailable

News from Fluke (UK) (29 September 2003)

Solid growth for Tektronix

Tektronix has reported net sales of $201.4 million and net earnings from continuing operations of $11.4 million or $0.13 per share, for the first quarter ended 30th August 2003

News from Tektronix (24 September 2003)

Microscope produces scanning transmission images

The S-5200 ultrahigh-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope can now be equipped with a transmission detector to allow scanning transmission images to be produced

News from Hitachi High-Technologies (Electron Microscopy) (23 September 2003)

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