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Handheld spectrum analyser has bandwidth bonus

Willtek Communications has a new series of spectrum analysers in the 4GHz class enabling detailed component-level repair of mobile phones using handheld equipment

News from Willtek Communications (20 November 2002)

Picoammeter provides femtoamp resolution

Keithley Instruments reckons its Model 6487 picoammeter/voltage source provides a set of measurement capabilities unique in the industry

News from Keithley Instruments (20 November 2002)

Module has power to boost signal generators

The Model 5303075 is a 0.8-4.2GHz 1.5W power amplifier module available now from Ophir RF

News from Ophir RF (18 November 2002)

Testers track cable faults to within 100cm

The new TDR2000/2 range of cable fault locators from Megger is designed to provide dependable and straightforward detection for even the most elusive cable faults, at ranges up to 16km  Brochure available  

News from Megger (15 November 2002)

Scope and probes target speedy serial designs

Tektronix has a new set of signal integrity measurement and analysis tools for digital engineers developing fast serial-bus-based systems and computing, networking and communications devices

News from Tektronix (15 November 2002)

Tetra tester breaks drive-by speed limit

Multiple Access Communications has doubled the maximum sample rate of its ground-breaking CatchAll measurement receiver

News from Multiple Access Communications (12 November 2002)

High-speed colour handheld oscilloscope

The ScopeMeter 190C Series features a large high-resolution colour screen and a digital persistence mode to give a better view of complex waveforms in the field

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (8 November 2002)

Website focuses on industrial inspection

Nikon has launched a new information website for its industrial product range

News from Nikon UK (7 November 2002)

Generator supports 720p high-definition formats

Tektronix has expanded its video test generator family to include modules that provide a complete solution for multiformat analogue test signal generator needs

News from Tektronix (7 November 2002)

Fast sampling allows drive-by RF characterisation

A new up-convertor option for the Willtek Communications Griffin series of RF receivers adds the frequency range from 300 to 500MHz and meets the needs of network operators and RF planners for new rad

News from Willtek Communications (1 November 2002)

Tek sells off optical product family

Tektronix has signed an agreement to sell a family of products and certain other related assets within its optical test portfolio to Digital Lightwave

News from Tektronix (1 November 2002)

Worldwide responsibility for Kyas

Othmar Kyas has joined Tektronix as Worldwide Director of Marketing for its Monitoring and Protocol Test (MPT) business

News from Tektronix (30 October 2002)

Resistance conversion unit profiles switches

A novel resistance conversion unit from Stable Micro Systems allows manufacturers to test the electrical resistance of a wide range of conductive materials when subjected to physical deformation  Brochure available  

News from Stable Micro Systems (29 October 2002)

Calibration aids multiport RF measurements

The 36584 series of AutoCal modules provides fast, repeatable and high-quality coaxial calibrations for Anritsu Scorpion vector network measurement systems

News from Anritsu (UK) (29 October 2002)

Multiport measurement systems extend to 9GHz

Anritsu has added the MS4624x series to its Scorpion family of vector network measurement systems (VNMS), increasing the Scorpion's frequency range to 9GHz

News from Anritsu (UK) (29 October 2002)

Philips ellipsometry business line acquired

Philips and Jobin Yvon have finalised an agreement for the transfer of the ellipsometry business line of the former Philips Analytical business unit to Jobin Yvon

News from Horiba Jobin Yvon (29 October 2002)

Taiwan summit rewards excellence

Amplicon was the only UK distributor to receive an excellence in sales growth award at the recent Moxa Technologies distributor summit in Taiwan

News from Amplicon (29 October 2002)

Analysers take on high-speed serial data

LeCroy has released what it reckons are the world's first serial data analyser instruments

News from LeCroy (28 October 2002)

Data broadcast generator joins MPEG test systems

Tektronix has added a data broadcast generator option to its MPEG test systems, which will reduce design time for customers developing interactive television products

News from Tektronix (28 October 2002)

Instrument tests quality of multimedia displays

The 3298 multimedia display tester is a quality-of-display instrument designed to test the display screens used in modern multimedia products

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (23 October 2002)

Ion beam system samples semiconductors

A new focused ion beam milling system is ideal for specimen preparation of semiconductors and other advanced materials for both scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

News from Hitachi High-Technologies (Electron Microscopy) (14 October 2002)

Meter measures and calibrates

The Fluke 724 temperature calibrator, new from TTi, is a powerful yet easy-to-use calibrator

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (10 October 2002)

Tester speeds UMTS network development

Tektronix has a new solution for real-time monitoring and analysis of the latest Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) mobile networks elements

News from Tektronix (9 October 2002)

Handheld tester traces network cabling

Fluke has added another handheld voice, data and video (VDV) test tool to its MicroTools family aimed at security installers and electrical contractors  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (8 October 2002)

Low-cost real-time X-ray inspection at Nepcon

X-Tek Systems staged the UK launch of its advanced new Orbita X-ray system at Nepcon

News from X-Tek Systems (7 October 2002)

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