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Custom test systems check RF cables in a Typhoon

 User application article  Anritsu's European Applied Solutions Centre has developed two complete custom test solutions to enable BAE Systems to test the high-performance RF cables on the Typhoon aircraft

News from Anritsu (UK) (16 September 2002)

The five biggest mistakes companies make

The Peak Group has produced a booklet explaining how to avoid the industry's most common test pitfalls

News from Peak Production Equipment (12 September 2002)

Pair take on full set of voice network tests

Two new compact and instruments from Megger offer a comprehensive and economical solution for monitoring and troubleshooting any voice telecommunication network  Brochure available  

News from Megger (11 September 2002)

Testers take on MAN interfaces

Demand for equipment to support the testing of the various interfaces supplied by OEMs within the Metropolitan Area Network is on the increase according to Livingston  Brochure available  

News from Livingston UK (11 September 2002)

DMM comes with bonus bundle

The Fluke 189 Plus Pack combines the handheld 189 digital multimeter with FlukeView Forms software, a ToolPak meter hanging solution and a soft carry case in a money-saving package  Brochure available  

News from Fluke (UK) (9 September 2002)

Flying-lead tester takes on small-batch QA

Prototypes, new product introductions and low volume PCB assemblies, present a challenge to manufacturing test engineers

News from Polar Instruments Europe (9 September 2002)

Waveform monitor watches high-definition TV

The Leader LV 5152DA is a waveform monitor specifically designed for high-definition TV applications

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (9 September 2002)

Impedance tester checks backup battery life

Fast, easy and reliable condition testing for lead-acid and NiCad secondary batteries with capacities of up to 7000Ah is offered by the new BITE 2P battery impedance tester  Brochure available  

News from Megger (5 September 2002)

Big bandwidth boost for power analyser

The Norma 3000 power analyser provides precise measurement of current, voltage and electrical power on distorted signals

News from LEM Instruments (30 August 2002)

Quiggin adds software focus

X-Tek Systems has appointed Niall Quiggin as Senior Software Engineer

News from X-Tek Systems (29 August 2002)

Software takes on tasks from old plotters

Plottergeist is a software package that extends the life of test and measurement equipment by allowing a standard PC to emulate an HPGL plotter for printing test kit traces on a low-cost printer

News from Amplicon (28 August 2002)

Synthesisers offer microwave migration path

Anritsu has added three new CW generators to its MG3690A series, creating the industry's first synthesiser family to cover the entire DC to 65GHz frequency range

News from Anritsu (UK) (26 August 2002)

Low-cost logic analysers offer up to 48 channels

The LA3200 and LA4800 logic analysers are designed to meet the needs of digital engineers working on low- to medium-speed systems

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (23 August 2002)

Livingston looks East for expansion

In response to increasing demand for its services, Livingston has opened a representative office in Shanghai and a sales office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to serve its customers in China and SE Asia

News from Livingston UK (22 August 2002)

Telnor expands network monitoring

Telenor Mobile has ordered a significant expansion to its existing MasterQuest monitoring system

News from NetTest (21 August 2002)

Website upgrade covers full range

Tinsley's revised and extended website provides instant details and specifications of all the company's products

News from Tinsley (21 August 2002)

High-performance digital sampling power meters

Yokogawa has a new range of digital sampling power meters which combine high performance with versatility for a wide range of power measurement and energy management applications

News from Yokogawa Europe - Test and Measurement (16 August 2002)

Logic analysers take on RapidIO testing

Tektronix has thrown its weight behind RapidIO, the fast-emerging intrasystem communication architecture  Brochure available  

News from Tektronix (13 August 2002)

Danes extend GPRS monitoring

Telia Mobile Denmark has ordered an expansion of its existing NetTest MasterQuest system to monitor GPRS services

News from NetTest (12 August 2002)

Speed boost for LCR meters

The latest versions of the Hioki 3522 and 3532 LCR instruments have been enhanced to work at four times the speed of their predecessors, making them ideal for both laboratory or production line use

News from ASM (9 August 2002)

Loads put power sources to the test

The Dynaload RBL and RBL488 800W Series single-channel loads provide all the features needed to test a wide range of power sources including power supplies, fuel cells and batteries

News from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) (9 August 2002)

Microscope provides static-safe inspection

The new Lynx-ESD stereo eyepieceless microscope offers electrostatic discharge protection for inspection in the electronics and semiconductor industries  Brochure available  

News from Vision Engineering (8 August 2002)

Testers take on L, C, R and Z

A new range of testers provides high-accuracy L, C, R and Z measurements for stand-alone, PC-controlled and test system applications

News from SPS Electronic UK (7 August 2002)

Economical solution to surge testing

The ST 3300 surge tester is ideal for testing AC stators, rotors and coils in industrial production as well as in maintenance and repair shops

News from SPS Electronic UK (7 August 2002)

Fibre monitoring system upgraded to cover DWDM

QuestFiber 2.1 is the latest version of the proactive, remote fibre monitoring system from NetTest designed to work with full-service emerging and next generation networks

News from NetTest (7 August 2002)

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