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TME introduces Axiomet Cable Locator set

The Axiomet T2090 Cable Locator set, available from transfer Multisort Elektronic, consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

News from Transfer Multisort Elektronik, May 18, 2011

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Goepel introduces Scanflex gang tester

Goepel Electronic has launched the SFX-TAP16/G, a modular gang test system with integrated UUT power supply that allows compact and cost-efficient Gang test applications to be implemented.

News from Goepel Electronic, May 17, 2011

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Telonic offers 6.5 digit professional multimeters

The Kikusui DME1600 series of 6.5 digit professional multimeters is available in the UK from Telonic Instruments.

News from Telonic Instruments, May 17, 2011

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DVB-C2 software coder for SFU signal generator

Rohde and Schwarz has launched a DVB-C2 software coder for its SFU signal generator, aimed at broadcast receiver equipment and chipset manufacturers, certification bodies and cable network operators.

News from Rohde and Schwarz, May 16, 2011

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GAO Tek launches nine-channel video multiplexer

GAO Tek has launched a nine-channel real-time colour video multiplexer for use in security monitoring, high-quality video conferencing and other closed-circuit television surveillance applications.

News from GAO Tek, May 11, 2011

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Analog Devices expands TxDAC data converter range

Analog Devices has introduced a 16-bit digital-to-analogue converter for wired and wireless communication systems that features a combination of package size, speed and low noise.

News from Analog Devices, May 11, 2011

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RF signal generator offers low phase noise

Aim-TTi has launched the TGR6000, a 6GHz RF signal generator that the company claims is priced at less than half that of the lowest-cost 6GHz generators available previously.

News from Thurlby Thandar Instruments, May 5, 2011

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VCO meets low phase noise performance requirements

Z-Communications has introduced the SMV3727A-LF, an RoHS-compliant voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) model in S-band for digital radio and fixed wireless applications.

News from Z-Communications, May 4, 2011

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USB pod tests mixed-signal electronic devices

California-based electronics company CWAV has released the USBee RX Test Pod, which is designed to be the ultimate PC-based programmable multifunction mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO).

News from CWAV, Apr 27, 2011

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Digital oscilloscopes suit use in education

Tektronix has announced the TDS1000C-EDU digital oscilloscope series, which for the benefit of first-time oscilloscope users and students, is designed to be affordable and easy to learn and operate.

News from Tektronix, Apr 27, 2011

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Data converters target communications applications

Analog Devices has launched the AD9434 and AD9230 data converters, designed to deliver speed and performance at low power for communications infrastructure, radar systems and data acquisition systems.

News from Analog Devices, Apr 22, 2011

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Tektronix oscilloscopes for system troubleshooting

Tektronix has released two new versions of its performance oscilloscope series ranting from 500MHz to 8GHz designed to help embedded system design engineers quickly troubleshoot their designs.

News from Tektronix, Apr 18, 2011

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Oscium uses Cypress PSoC 3 for Ipad oscilloscope

Oscium has selected the PSoC 3 programmable system-on-chip from Cypress Semiconductor for its IMSO-104 mixed-signal oscilloscope for the Ipod touch, Iphone and Ipad.

News from Cypress Semiconductor, Apr 11, 2011

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Amplicon oscilloscopes for RandD troubleshooting

Amplicon has introduced the Infiniivision X-series of oscilloscopes for applications in research and development (RandD) troubleshooting and validation.

News from Amplicon, Apr 11, 2011

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TCXO timebase for universal frequency counter

Aim-TTi has announced that the TF930 3GHz low-cost universal frequency counter incorporates a temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO) timebase.

News from Thurlby Thandar Instruments, Apr 8, 2011

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Source-measure device for testing semiconductors

Keithley Instruments' new Model 2651A High Power System Sourcemeter instrument provides a wide current range, making it suitable for a variety of RandD, reliability and production test applications.

News from Keithley Instruments, Apr 5, 2011

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Linear Technology offers one-shot pulse generator

Linear Technology has added a miniature one-shot pulse generator to its Timerblox range of timing devices for demanding automotive and industrial environments.

News from Linear Technology, Mar 31, 2011

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High-bandwidth probes for high-voltage signals

Tektronix is introducing two additions to its TPP Series of passive voltage probes, designed to suit the needs of engineers developing energy-efficient power supplies and power semiconductors.

News from Tektronix, Mar 31, 2011

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Spectrum Master for monitoring interfering signals

The handheld MS2711E Spectrum Master is designed for technicians, installers, field RF engineers and contractors responsible for monitoring interfering signals and assessing signal quality.

News from Anritsu, Mar 28, 2011

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Tool measures resistance in component production

The highly accurate measurement of low resistance in electronic component production is improved with the newly upgraded Cropico DO7010 portable digital microhmmeter from Seaward.

News from Seaward Electronic, Mar 9, 2011

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Sensor provides feedback of loading events

Saelig has launched Loadsense, an intelligent load sensor that can be integrated with a crane hook, a fork lift or another handling device to deliver feedback of loading events.

News from Saelig, Feb 14, 2011

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Waverunner oscilloscopes offer advanced triggering

Lecroy's new line of Waverunner 6 Zi oscilloscopes offer a range of application packages.

News from Lecroy, Feb 9, 2011

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Test system for AESA radar equipment manufacturers

The new R and S TS6710 test system from Rohde and Schwarz is a highly flexible, turnkey standard solution for manufacturers of AESA radar equipment.

News from Rohde and Schwarz, Feb 9, 2011

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AWGs deliver COTS function for wider RF signals

Tektronix has announced a new capability for the AWG7000C Series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).

News from Tektronix, Feb 9, 2011

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Highland introduces PH200 nanowatt photoreceiver

Highland Technology has launched the PH200 nanowatt photoreceiver, the first product in the PH series of extreme-performance photonic instruments.

News from Highland Technology, Feb 8, 2011

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