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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Analogue broadcast signal capture on PCIbus

The INT-1461, a new PC/104-Plus frame grabber module from Datasound Laboratories, is a complete low-cost single-chip solution for analogue broadcast signal capture on the PCIbus.

News from Datasound Laboratories, Nov 12, 2001

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All-in-one kit gets LCDs up and running

New from Digital View comes a cost-effective fast and easy method of enabling an extensive range of high-performance LCDs.

News from Digital View, Oct 23, 2001

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Addon board puts text on any video/ARGB background

Digital View has introduced a high-performance display solution, enabling text information to be overlaid on top of any video/ARGB background.

News from Digital View, Oct 16, 2001

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Controller cards drive test platforms

National Instruments reckons its NI 8171 Series comprises the fastest highest-performance 3U embedded controllers on the market for PXI/CompactPCI.

News from National Instruments, Sep 20, 2001

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Motorola endorses new PCI standard

Motorola Computer Group and several collaborating companies have reaffirmed their commitments to build system-level platforms and products that adhere to PICMG 2.16.

News from Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing, Sep 18, 2001

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Kit solves LCD applications

A new analogue interface controller kit, complete with all necessary accessories packaged in a single box - with a single part number - has been introduced by Digital View.

News from Digital View, Sep 10, 2001

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LCD drivers support nonstandard PC resolutions

Flint Displays has added two new LCD display driver boards to support its LCD panel range.

News from Flint, Sep 7, 2001

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Card reader meets PC by USB

Flint Smart is introducing an addition to its swipe card reader range, which offers simple interfacing to PC-based systems through a built-in USB interface.

News from Flint, Jul 19, 2001

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Touchscreen panel PC for harsh environments

BF Group has launched the Axiom P5000 touchscreen panel PC, suitable for use in industrial and harsh environments.

News from BF Group, Jul 18, 2001

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Motorola completes Blue Wave acquisition

Motorola Computer Group (MCG) has completed the acquisition of Blue Wave Systems.

News from Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing, Jul 5, 2001

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Wealth of information about vision technology

Firstsight Vision reckons its Vision Elements catalogue provides an invaluable resource to the vision developer.

News from Firstsight Vision, Jun 8, 2001

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PCI frame grabber unburdens host CPU

PC-CamLink is the latest addition to Coreco Imaging's PC series of advanced frame grabbers from Firstsight Vision.

News from Firstsight Vision, Jun 5, 2001

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Frame grabbers offload host CPU resources

New from Firstsight Vision, the Bandit-II series of frame grabbers features a high-resolution VGA accelerator that supports true colour display resolutions up to 1600 x 1200pixel.

News from Firstsight Vision, Jun 4, 2001

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PCI card provides motion control for x-ray checks

The ground-breaking mouse-controlled positioning delivered by Dage's new X-ray electronics inspection machines is handled by Baldor's NextMove PCIbus motion controller card.

News from Baldor UK, May 22, 2001

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Amplicon polishes up its website and catalogue

In the first of a series of major changes, Amplicon Liveline has relaunched its website and also redefined its catalogue to fall inline with ongoing customer requirements.

News from Amplicon Liveline, May 17, 2001

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Analogue output PCI board boasts 32 channels

Amplicon Liveline offers a range of analogue output PCI boards offering 8, 16 and 32 analogue outputs with 16bit resolution.

News from Amplicon Liveline, Apr 13, 2001

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One-inch disks provide high-density storage

Flint Smart is supplementing its comprehensive catalogue of card options by stocking the IBM family of Microdrives.

News from Flint, Apr 4, 2001

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New sales engineer at Amplicon Liveline

Amplicon Liveline has appointed Andrew Jones to the position of Sales Engineer.

News from Amplicon Liveline, Mar 30, 2001

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Digital I/O on the USB for the cost-conscious

Data Translation reckons its DT9835 offers the best cost-per-point for digital I/O on the market.

News from Data Translation, Mar 13, 2001

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RAID systems can be monitored over the web

Springtek's Little Big Box RAID storage systems now support a web monitor feature when they are attached to Microsoft Windows NT/2000 systems.

News from Nexsan Technologies, Feb 28, 2001

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Two PCs squeeze into just 1U of racking

A new 1U (44mm) high dual computer system for 19in rack mounting, the SR-105-Dual from Sight Systems, is designed for space-critical applications such as servers, networks, telephony and E-commerce.

News from Sight Systems, Jan 29, 2001

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Motion control Developer's Kit

Baldor has released a bundled Developer's Kit version of its PCIbus-based motion controller, NextMove PCI.

News from Baldor UK, Jan 9, 2001

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High-performance DVI interface controller

New from Digital View comes a high performance interface controller featuring the new industry leading DVI specification.

News from Digital View, Jan 2, 2001

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Low cost interface controller for rapid VGA

New from Digital View is a low-cost interface controller that provides direct VGA connection for a wide range of TFT LCD panels with resolutions of 640 x 480.

News from Digital View, Jan 2, 2001

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High-performance XGA LCD controller

A low cost direct analogue LCD interface controller supporting XGA resolutions at up to 75Hz for less than 70 has been added to the Digital View range.

News from Digital View, Jan 2, 2001

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Showing 776-800 of 806 articles

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