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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Stanton takes over at Advantech

Mark Stanton is the new UK sales director for Advantech.

News from Advantech (UK), May 13, 2002

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Quick-fit relay boards take on PC ports

Available from Audon Electronics is a range of low-cost relay boards for connection to PC parallel and serial ports.

News from Audon Electronics, May 3, 2002

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Raytheon takes steps to upgrade radar systems

Raytheon Company has selected Dy 4's System Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) to assist in the technology upgrade of its SeaVue family of surveillance radars.

News from Force Computers, Apr 25, 2002

Ultrafast CameraLink acquisition and processing

New from Kane Computing is the Leonardo family of ultrafast CameraLink digital video acquisition and real-time processing boards.

News from Kane Computing, Apr 25, 2002

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System provides budget digital video recording

GrabPeg is a real-time PC-based image recording system based on MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video compression standards.

News from Kane Computing, Apr 24, 2002

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TFT LCD brightens industrial PC

A reliable panel PC from computer supplier, Wordsworth Technologies, is ideal for industrial applications.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Apr 18, 2002

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Convertor turns video to digital

New from Kane Computing, the PixeLink PL-A544 FireWire video convertor captures and converts NTSC/Pal video into digital images.

News from Kane Computing, Apr 11, 2002

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Tech Source puts Acal in charge

Acal Electronics' Networks Division has been appointed as the master distributor for the Tech Source family of high-resolution graphics accelerators across the EMEA region.

News from Acal Electronics, Mar 28, 2002

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CPU card prepares for next generation PCI

The Rocky-3706EVG 64bit/66MHz PCIbus CPU board from Wordsworth is able to accept the next generation of 64bit PCI cards for use in high performance network applications.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Mar 22, 2002

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Analogue output card is full of features

For PCIbus applications where high-speed continuous analogue output or real-time waveform functions are required, Advantech reckons its PCI-1721 advanced analogue output card is an effective solution.

News from Advantech (UK), Mar 18, 2002

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High-density computing from half-height server

The System 1H from Force Computers is a half-depth 1U platform and the newest member of the Flexor family of embedded systems.

News from Force Computers, Mar 18, 2002

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IP gateway card is easy to listen to

Aculab has launched a 30-channel IP telephony gateway PCI card.

News from Aculab, Feb 28, 2002

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Force gains top vendor rating

Force Computers has received a Platinum vendor rating from Venture Development Corporation (VDC), an independent research company, in its inaugural survey of merchant computer board buyers.

News from Force Computers, Feb 28, 2002

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Real-time PXI controllers speed system response

Engineers now can create high-speed real-time systems capable of executing control loops up to 40kHz with National Instruments' fastest RT Series PXI embedded controllers to date.

News from National Instruments, Feb 14, 2002

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Analogue boards mount PCI and PXI

The DAQ-2500 and PXI-2500 series are four- or eight-channel 12bit high-performance analogue output cards for the PCI and PXI buses.

News from Adlink Technology, Feb 12, 2002

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Hsu takes control of Europe for Advantech

Advantech has appointed Hank Hsu as its Managing Director for Europe.

News from Advantech (UK), Feb 11, 2002

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Industrial PC integrates easily with PLCs

Mitsubishi Electric reckons its QPC rack-mounted industrial PC module fills the gap between PLC and PC control.

News from Mitsubishi Electric (Automation Systems Division), Feb 7, 2002

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Workstations keep it clinically clean

Planar Systems has introduced the Invitium medical information platform, the first point-of-care family of workstations designed from the ground up to address healthcare informatics applications.

News from Planar Systems, Feb 1, 2002

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Rugged web tablet combines I/O and comms

Advantech has introduced its first ruggedised web tablet.

News from Advantech (UK), Jan 30, 2002

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Embedded server has 15 slots for expansion

The System 4 embedded server is the latest addition to the Flexor family of modular system solutions from Force Computers.

News from Force Computers, Jan 30, 2002

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Backplane and bridge boost PCI communications

Kaparel is releasing both the PS 1808 backplane and PS1188 low-profile bridge, based on the PLX GigaBridge switched-PCI architecture today at the Bus and Board Conference.

News from Kaparel Corp, Jan 23, 2002

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Buffalo reports strong PC memory business

Despite extensive comment about the state of the PC industry, Buffalo Technology is enjoying continued growth in its penetration of the PC market.

News from Buffalo Technology, Dec 25, 2001

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Framegrabber supports latest Camera Link spec

New from Firstsight Vision, the Viper-CamLink from Coreco Imaging is a single-slot high-performance acquisition and preprocessing board for the PCIbus.

News from Firstsight Vision, Nov 26, 2001

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Kit claims easy LCD applications

A new analogue interface controller kit, complete with all necessary accessories packaged in a single box - with a single part number - has been introduced by Digital View.

News from Digital View, Nov 21, 2001

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Video controller drives LCDs and plasma displays

A new PC and video interface controller, specifically designed to support both TFT colour LCD panels and plasma display panels (PDPs), is available from Digital View.

News from Digital View, Nov 21, 2001

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Showing 751-775 of 806 articles

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