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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Relay output card provides speedier switching

The PCI-7258 is a 32-channel photo-MOS relay output card for ATE, instrumentation, telecomms and medical applications where high speed and reliable switching is required.

News from Adlink Technology, Nov 13, 2002

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Rugged carrier puts mezzanine cards on cPCI SBCs

Dy 4 Systems has added the SCP/DCP-201 conduction-cooled carrier card to its CompactCore line of ruggedised cPCI products.

News from Force Computers, Nov 13, 2002

SBC runs two flat panels at once

The ECB660 is a half-size complete PC board, measuring 184 x 122mm, not including brackets and connectors.

News from Trident Displays, Nov 12, 2002

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Engine drives compute-intensive applications

The HXEB100 is the first in a new class of products called databoards from Motorola Computer Group.

News from Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing, Nov 4, 2002

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Long-lifecycle Pentium 4 SBC takes more onboard

The ECB-870 is an all-in-one full-size Pentium 4 SBC designed with the Intel 845 embedded chipset which supports the latest Intel m-PGA 478 Pentium 4 CPU up to 2.2GHz.

News from Evalue Technology, Nov 1, 2002

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Thumbs up for Service Availability specification

Force Computers is to support the recently published Service Availability platform interface open specification for carrier-grade platforms and middleware.

News from Force Computers, Oct 30, 2002

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Microsoft award for Arcom

Microsoft Corp has chosen Arcom to receive a Windows Embedded Partner of the Year Award in the category of Independent Hardware Vendor.

News from Arcom, Oct 25, 2002

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Display specialist buys into in-flight systems

Calibre UK has acquired a 64% stake in IEC In-Flight Systems.

News from Calibre UK, Oct 23, 2002

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Compact drive brings DVD-R to laptop manufacturers

New from Toshiba's Storage Device Division is the SD-R6012 slim combination drive, the industry's first combination DVD/CD recordable drive for mobile computers.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Oct 17, 2002

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Text-to-speech issues explained

Aculab's head of speech technology Phil Cambridge will address key issues surrounding text-to-speech (TTS) on Thursday 31st October at SpeechTek 2002.

News from Aculab, Oct 15, 2002

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Controller handles dual-bus PCI systems

Olympus 1000 is a 6U CompactPCI system/non-system-slot 750CXe processor and GT-64260 dual PCI controller featuring the IBM PowerPC bridge.

News from SBS Technologies, Oct 8, 2002

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Pentium 4 SBC goes from comms to automation

Advantech has developed its first Pentium 4 full-sized SBC, the PCA-6184, which offers a range of features including DDR memory support.

News from Advantech (UK), Oct 4, 2002

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Budget price tag for Pentium 4 SBC

The WSB-7651 Pentium 4 SBC is available now from stock at BVM.

News from BVM, Sep 17, 2002

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Reliability boost for 24-channel digital output

The newest addition to Kontron's growing line of I/O boards, the CP382 is a 3U/4HP board with 24 digital output channels.

News from Kontron UK, Sep 17, 2002

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DSP motherboard targets speedy image processing

A new PCI motherboard with Virtex-II and three Dime-II slots offers teraOPS performance for next generation reconfigurable computing.

News from Nallatech, Sep 16, 2002

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Help yourself to successful solutions

A senior executive from Aculab will address key issues surrounding the speech technology industry at V-World Europe 2002 in London on 10th-11th September.

News from Aculab, Sep 10, 2002

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Fast storage capacity 1U e-server system

Advantech has a high-speed processing, fast storage capacity e-server, the RS-100-RT series.

News from Advantech (UK), Sep 10, 2002

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Kaparel joins High Speed Backplane Initiative

Kaparel Corporation has become a member of the High Speed Backplane Initiative (HSBI).

News from Kaparel Corp, Sep 6, 2002

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Wincomm adds to BVM's portfolio

An extensive range of industrial PC products has been added to the portfolio of embedded board manufacturer BVM.

News from BVM, Sep 5, 2002

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FireWire convertor puts analogue video on PCs

The PixeLink PL-A544 analogue video to FireWire convertor is ideal for anyone wanting to stream analogue NTSC/Pal video into PCs and laptops, where plugging in a framegrabber is impractical.

News from Kane Computing, Sep 3, 2002

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PCI card is digital surveillance system

The IVC-200G video capture PCI card provides a real-time video monitoring capability that is an ideal basis from which to build a digital surveillance system.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Aug 26, 2002

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Rack-mount PC gains UL approval

Arcom's standard APC 19in rack-mounted industrial PC has been fully approved (UL file reference is E203067) for applications requiring full UL compliance.

News from Arcom, Aug 21, 2002

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Reliability is key to industrial PC

The 7586-600 Pentium IV industrial computer is designed for high-performance reliable operation in the most demanding environments.

News from Rugged Technologies, Aug 20, 2002

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Kit puts Java applications on embedded PC

Arcom Control Systems has expanded its award winning range of development kits for Embedded Linux with Java technology.

News from Arcom, Aug 15, 2002

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DSP-based synchro/resolver measurement

A new high-density intelligent DSP-based synchro/resolver measurement card is now available exclusively in the UK from Crellon Microsystems.

News from Crellon Microsystems, Aug 14, 2002

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Showing 701-725 of 806 articles

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