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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Adapter squeezes 16 serial ports onto PCIbus

The COMM+16.PCI is a 16-port PCIbus serial I/O adapter that offers the highest serial port count available in a PCI format.

News from Sealevel Systems, Feb 14, 2003

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Speedy route to USB-based audio

Two new USB audio subassemblies provide a fast-track solution for consumer electronics OEMs to add USB headphone, microphone and speaker solutions to their products.

News from iLab America, Feb 4, 2003

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Speech technology on show at CeBIT

At CeBIT 2003 Aculab will highlight text-to-speech enhancements, its new speaker verification speech technology and its IP telephony cPCI card.

News from Aculab, Jan 31, 2003

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Vittori takes control

Wendy Vittori is the newly appointed Vice President and General Manager of Motorola Computer Group.

News from Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing, Jan 30, 2003

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Industrial workstation takes on real-time control

New from the BF Group is Axiom's ICS-460/ICS-480 industrial computer system for real-time control applications.

News from BF Group, Jan 29, 2003

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Compact PC gains compact monitor

The Microspace PC from Datasound Laboratories now has extended capabilities with the developmemt of a 15in LCD monitor.

News from Datasound Laboratories, Jan 23, 2003

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Alliance boosts small-form-factor drive production

Toshiba and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries (MKE) are to collaborate in the production of 1.8 and 2.5in hard disk drives.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Jan 23, 2003

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Pentium 4 motherboard to live long and prosper

The Endura BG845G Pentium 4 microATX motherboard is the latest in the popular Radisys Endura family of long-life motherboards.

News from Radisys, Jan 22, 2003

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Intel chipset aids PICMG SBC compatibility

Complementing its current range of PICMG SBCs BVM has released the WSB-7845, a socket 478 module supporting P4 processors to speeds over 2GHz.

News from BVM, Jan 17, 2003

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CameraLink boards provide full-speed acquisition

A new range of CameraLink digital video acquisition and real-time processing boards is now available from Kane Computing.

News from Kane Computing, Jan 14, 2003

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Panel PC has battery backup to keep running

The PPC-L126T-CE is a high-performance fanless panel PC which supports embedded Windows CE.NET and is ideal for use in low-noise operating environments and clean-room applications.

News from Advantech (UK), Jan 13, 2003

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Dual-processor mainboard powers up workstations

Amplicon Liveline has a new generation of high-performance dual-processor mainboards for workstations and servers as part of an exclusive UK distribution partnership with Iwill.

News from Amplicon Liveline, Jan 10, 2003

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New telecomms architecture to free up PCIbus

Motorola Computer Group is one of a group of industry-leading communications platform and component providers behind the Compact Telecommunications Computing Architecture initiative, or "CompactTCA".

News from Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing, Jan 10, 2003

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DSP-based acquisition runs desktop or embedded

The Model BVR-32 is a DSP-based PCIbus acquisition board for both desktop and embedded environments based on a 60MHz Texas Instruments TMS320C32 DSP with 512Kbyte of SRAM.

News from Dalanco Spry, Jan 7, 2003

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New UK source for military and aerospace design

Dy 4 Systems has opened its Custom Technology Centre in Milton Keynes in the UK.

News from Force Computers, Dec 24, 2002

Server boards take on speedy front-side buses

The FES-4204 and FES-4203/533 are dual Intel Xeon processor server boards based on the leading-edge 533MHz Intel E7501 and ServerWorks GC-LE 533 chipsets.

News from Force Computers, Dec 23, 2002

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High resolution from entry-level frame grabber

Completing the Euresys Domino range, Iota is an entry-level single-tap monochrome analogue frame grabber.

News from Multipix Imaging, Dec 19, 2002

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Connectivity is key to embedded SBC

The Adlink EBC-2000 network attachable embedded single board computer from Crellon Microsystems makes it easier to add a computing platform anywhere in a LAN or WAN.

News from Crellon Microsystems, Dec 18, 2002

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PCI platform powers protocol convertor

Aculab's GroomerII is a high-density, flexible switching engine powered by an off-the-shelf PCI system supplied via Kontron UK.

News from Kontron UK, Dec 13, 2002

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Sagem buys into Gemplus

Sagem has purchased a 10% stake in Gemplus.

News from Sagem, Dec 9, 2002

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Pentium 4 speeds up 4U rack-mount e-server

The RS-400-SF is a high-speed-processing fast-storage-capacity 4U rack-mount e-server.

News from Advantech (UK), Dec 3, 2002

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Adapter boards simplify network storage

Agilent Technologies has a new range of IP storage PCI adapter boards that enable manufacturers to simplify the delivery of block and file storage data over Ethernet networks.

News from Agilent Technologies, Nov 26, 2002

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Serial adapter fits both PCI slots

The latest addition to the popular PCI product line from Sealevel Systems is the Ultra Comm+2.LPCI, a dual-port low-profile PCIbus serial I/O adapter.

News from Sealevel Systems, Nov 22, 2002

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Mounter to support design-ins

Advantech has expanded its Industrial Automation Group with the appointment of Phil Mounter to the position of Account Manager.

News from Advantech (UK), Nov 19, 2002

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Internet-enabled industrial platforms

Advantech has a powerful new range of fault-resilient industrial computing platforms, designed for easy integration into existing network management environments.

News from Advantech (UK), Nov 18, 2002

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Showing 676-700 of 806 articles

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