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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Motherboard is first with latest Intel chipset

The P4I865G motherboard is the first to be based on Intel's new-generation Springdale chipset.

News from QDI, Apr 14, 2003

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1U system majors on multimedia capabilities

The Webster-E101 is a 1U system based on a Via C3 Mini-ITX mainboard running at 800MHz for multimedia-rich applications.

News from Aicsys, Apr 9, 2003

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Dual Xeon board stands alone

Currently the only board available in its class, the Adlink NuPRO-900 has been built on the 64bit ePCI-X bus, providing PICMG 1.2 R1.0 compliance, and supports 533MHz FSB for the latest Intel Xeon.

News from Amplicon Liveline, Apr 8, 2003

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More speed for military databus

Data Device Corp has a new MIL-STD-1553 PC/104 card that provides an enhanced bitrate (EBR) of 10Mbit/s.

News from DDC United Kingdom, Apr 7, 2003

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Busy exhibition season for Adlink

Adlink Technology participated in this year's Korea International Factory Automation System Exhibition (KOFA) and CeBIT Hannover and received positive feedback from exhibition visitors.

News from Adlink Technology, Mar 31, 2003

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Modular system gains more processing power

Evalue has raised the performance of its range of SOM-ETX CPU modules with the release of the ESM-2643.

News from Evalue Technology, Mar 25, 2003

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Graphics cards feature high-bandwidth processor

The Npact family of graphics cards includes both high- and mid-range boards supporting the latest AGP 8X standard interface.

News from QDI, Mar 19, 2003

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Telephony cards are key to bank call centre

Telenet Kommunikationssysteme has recently developed a call centre solution for Dresdner Bank combining its MultiVoice system with telephony cards from Aculab.

News from Aculab, Mar 13, 2003

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Small computer replaces bulky PC

Stealth Computer Corporation a leading ISO9001 manufacturer of specialised computers and peripherals have continued their tradition of providing powerful solutions for space-confined applications.

News from Stealth Computer Corp, Mar 12, 2003

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Extended PCI bus speeds Pentium 4 SBC

The PCA-6185 is a full-sized Pentium 4 SBC with a range of features including a 64bit PCI-X interface, Hyper-Threading technology and onboard Ultra 320 SCSI and dual-port Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

News from Advantech (UK), Mar 11, 2003

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More power for embedded PCI/PCI-X computing

A new SBC combines embedded PCI-X technology with Gigabit Ethernet and support for up to 8Gbyte SDRAM in a dual, low-power processor design that boosts processing power, bandwidth and storage.

News from Crellon Microsystems, Mar 11, 2003

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Turnover and profit boost for Legend

Legend Group has revealed its third-quarter results for the period ended 31st December 2002.

News from QDI, Mar 11, 2003

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Baseboard puts embedded modules into PCI systems

Sealevel Systems has been selected to provide baseboard design services for system OEMs using Ampro's EnCore family of embedded processor modules.

News from Sealevel Systems, Mar 7, 2003

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Compact core module takes Ethernet onboard

Z-World's newest RCM3400 core module is the first RabbitCore with analogue, and provides a 10/100Base-T reference design.

News from Impulse Corporation, Mar 4, 2003

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Reference design points to compact camera

Smart Network Devices (SND) unveiled the world's smallest autonomous network camera at Embedded World 2003 in Nurnberg.

News from Smart Network Devices, Mar 4, 2003

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Chinese motherboards to debut at CeBIT

At CeBIT 2003, Legend Group will launch the K8A8000 and Superb 4X MAX motherboards, along with Npact, a new family of graphics cards based on the nVidia Geforce4 chip.

News from QDI, Mar 3, 2003

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1U platform is basis for flexible appliances

Radisys Corp has a 1U platform for OEMs who are developing a variety of complex appliances on a single common server platform.

News from Radisys, Mar 3, 2003

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Interface marries military databus to PCI

The BU-65566 MIL-STD-1553 PMC card provides a complete commercial-off-the-shelf solution for interfacing between a PCIbus and one or more MIL-STD-1553 databuses.

News from DDC United Kingdom, Feb 28, 2003

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SBC brings 64bit processing to legacy systems

The NuPRO-900 is a PICMG 1.2 R1.0 compliant full-size SBC with support for dual Intel Xeon processors, 8Gbyte DDR200/266 memory with ECC, and dual true 64bit Gigabit Ethernet.

News from Adlink Technology, Feb 25, 2003

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Budget price for Pentium 4 SBC

The Peak 715VL Series SBC supports the Intel socket 478 Pentium 4 CPU with 400/533MHz system bus operating at up to 2.8GHz, and is available at very competitive prices for OEMs and system integrators.

News from Nexcom UK, Feb 25, 2003

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Acquisition boards take on Linux drivers

In response to customer requests, the UltraFast range of high-speed A/D, D/A and digital I/O boards from Strategic Test are now supplied with Linux drivers.

News from Strategic Test, Feb 25, 2003

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Dedicated ADCs speed four-channel sampling

The UltraFast UF2021 is a full-length PCI board that has four analogue input channels and a maximum sampling rate of 50Msample/s.

News from Strategic Test, Feb 25, 2003

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More I/O for high-speed PCI measurement cards

A new option called Extra I/O has been added to the UltraFast family of high-speed measurement and generation PCI boards.

News from Strategic Test, Feb 25, 2003

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Ultrafast digital I/O board runs up to 125Mbit/s

The UF-7021 is a full-length PCI board with 64 digital input or output channels that can simultaneously capture and replay signals at a maximum sample rate of 125Mbit/s.

News from Strategic Test, Feb 24, 2003

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Compact camera reaches XGA resolution

The XC-HR70 camera captures 29.2 frames per second and is the industry's first to deliver XGA resolution at such a small size, measuring just 29 x 29 x 30mm.

News from Sony Europe - Image Sensing Solutions, Feb 18, 2003

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Showing 651-675 of 806 articles

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