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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Full-size PICMG platform runs up to Pentium 4

The Commell FS-978 is a full-size PICMG platform based on the Intel 82865G and 82801EB chipset.

News from Commell, Aug 12, 2003

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High-density bundle for DSP-based speech comnms

Telephony and speech developers now have a further compelling option for building applications with a large number of ports.

News from Aculab, Aug 11, 2003

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IP telephony cards run with Linux

Aculab has further enhanced its product range with Linux support for its IP telephony portfolio and Prosody with TiNG DSP resource card.

News from Aculab, Aug 4, 2003

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ALT Software to drive next-generation graphics

Dy 4 Systems is to develop its next generation rugged graphics product with ALT Software.

News from Dy 4 Systems, Aug 4, 2003

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Rittal reorganises its subsidiaries

Rittal has formed a single business unit by combining the Kaparel backplane operation in Waterloo, Canada with the Ripac subrack mechanical/assembly operations in Springfield, Ohio.

News from Kaparel Corp, Jul 29, 2003

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Panel PC squeezes into place

Boasting a 15in XGA ultraslim TFT LCD panel, the Axiomtek P2150S panel computer supports a Socket 370 based SBC with Celeron or Pentium III CPU up to 1GHz and SDRAM up to 1Gbyte.

News from BF Group, Jul 24, 2003

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Frame grabbers suit embedded PC formats

Kane Computing is to distribute the XSYS range of programmable PLD-based frame grabbers from PLD Applications in the UK and Ireland.

News from Kane Computing, Jul 24, 2003

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Graphics card goes beyond the norm

Tyan's new Tachyon 9600 Pro graphics card offers both power and control to the user.

News from Tyan Computer, Jul 24, 2003

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PowerPC CPU offers speedy I/O

The VS145 is the latest addition to the family of PowerPC G4+ PCI and PMC cards from Varisys.

News from Varisys, Jul 22, 2003

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Card controls up to 12 servos

A new generation of PCIbus motion control cards uses the high-performance SSCNET servo system control network from Mitsubishi Electric Co.

News from Adlink Technology, Jul 11, 2003

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Pentium M processor first on micro ATX motherboard

This week at the Embedded Systems Expo and Conference, Radisys unveiled the industry's first, standard microATX motherboard to support Intel's new range of mobile Pentium M processors.

News from Radisys, Jul 10, 2003

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Board brings processing power to Gigabit Ethernet

The NuPRO-842 is a full-sized PICMG 1.2 Pentium 4-based single board computer (SBC) using the Intel 845GV chipset.

News from Adlink Technology, Jul 9, 2003

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Packet-based architecture boosts availability

Stratus Technologies is using several IPnexus products from Performance Technologies in its Intel-processor-based fault-tolerant server platforms.

News from Performance Technologies, Jul 4, 2003

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Canadian acquisition improves SBS image

SBS Technologies has completed the acquisition of Avvida Systems, a formerly privately held company located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

News from SBS Technologies, Jul 4, 2003

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SBC powers IrDA-data development platform

Embednet has teamed up with JK Microsystems to offer a turnkey IrDA-data protocol evaluation/development platform that will work with any Windows or DOS based PC.

News from JK Microsystems, Jun 25, 2003

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Four-channel serial board uses software selection

The C4-104.Ultra is the first multi-interface PC/104 serial I/O card that allows the user to select the desired interface via software.

News from Sealevel Systems, Jun 25, 2003

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Boards embed four or eight switchable serial ports

The 104-COM-8S and 104-COM-4S are the latest additions to the line of PC/104 boards from Acces I/O Products.

News from Acces I/O Products, Jun 24, 2003

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Mezzanine card boosts performance up to 40%

Crellon Microsystems has a new low-power processor PMC that it claims cost-effectively provides 40% more processing power than its predecessors.

News from Crellon Microsystems, Jun 24, 2003

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Kits combine SBCs with TFT displays

Display Technology (DT) has put together a range of low-cost single board computer "plug and play" kits combining TFT LCDs with SBCs.

News from Display Technology, Jun 24, 2003

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Adapter links USB with I2C

The UCA93LV is a fully featured, USB to I2C-bus communications adapter.

News from Calibre UK, Jun 23, 2003

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Motherboard harnesses DDR400 memory

Harnessing Via's latest KT400A chipset and compatible with the new generation AMD (Barton) AthlonXP 3000+ processor, the KudoD7X/400A is an upgrade to QDI's Kudoz7X-6A.

News from QDI, Jun 23, 2003

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Flash and USB come together in removable storage

New from SimpleTech is an embedded USB Flash drive combining solid-state memory and a USB connection for fast and easy data storing and sharing from any computer with a USB port.

News from Simpletech Europe, Jun 23, 2003

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CD-sized SBC takes charge of communications

The powerful ECP-5614 5.25in single board computer supports Intel's FCPGA/FCPGA2 Pentium III or Celeron processors up to 1.4GHz.

News from Evalue Technology, Jun 19, 2003

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Platform to gain real-time modelling support

Opal-RT is to develop a new Linux version of its widely acclaimed RT-Lab software for Concurrent's iHawk Series 860 family of systems.

News from Concurrent Computer Corp, Jun 18, 2003

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Compact board embeds Pentium 4 and much more

The LV-670M series of industrial compact Mini-ITX motherboards is based on the mobile Intel Pentium 4-M platform.

News from Commell, Jun 17, 2003

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Showing 601-625 of 806 articles

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