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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Credit-card-size HDD aims for multimedia devices

The MK4004GAH 40Gbyte 1.8in hard disk drive is the size of a credit card and weighs only 62g, providing significant storage for next generation multimedia applications such as digital video cameras.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Nov 14, 2003

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Module brings 16 analogue signals onboard

The M35N M-Module is an analogue input card that meets a wide range of input requirements for automation and instrumentation applications.

News from MEN Mikro Elektronik, Nov 13, 2003

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Extenders protect PXI measurement systems

The PCI-8570 and PXI-8570 enable remote control of PXI systems through a PC to avoid exposure to harsh or high-shock environments.

News from Adlink Technology, Nov 12, 2003

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Linux option for low-power connectivity engine

The low-cost, extremely low-power VCE405 connectivity engine is now available with Linux support.

News from Thales Computers, Nov 10, 2003

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Low profile speedy multifunction serial interface

The ACB-Ultra.LPCI is a low-profile PCIbus RS232/422/485 synchronous serial interface.

News from Sealevel Systems, Nov 6, 2003

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ETX baseboard takes choice of CPUs

The EAP-EX31 is a highly integrated ETX (Embedded Technology Extended) CPU module carrier board with a 3.5in SBC form factor.

News from Evalue Technology, Nov 4, 2003

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Image scaler enables video wall

VisComm Solutions has selected PremierViewPro as the scaling device for Visimax, the company's new full colour, large scale LED video wall.

News from Calibre UK, Oct 29, 2003

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Low-profile PCI serial card has standards covered

Ultra COMM+I.LPCI is the first low-profile optically isolated serial I/O adapter from Sealevel Systems capable of RS232/422/485 communications.

News from Sealevel Systems, Oct 29, 2003

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Put a tiger in your server

The Tiger i7501R (S2735) is a dual Intel Xeon processor-based server solution for the mid-range 1/2U server market and those upgrading to a smaller form factor such as ATX.

News from Tyan Computer, Oct 27, 2003

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64bit SBC comes with Intel seal of approval

The NuPRO-900 provides maximum system bus, memory and I/O bandwidth to expand end user performance, scalability and productivity in a myriad of applications.

News from Adlink Technology, Oct 16, 2003

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Motherboard offers thin-client solution

A new thin client solution adapts one of the industry's smallest, most highly integrated Mini-ITX motherboards into a flexible and reliable computer platform for embedded engineering.

News from JK Microsystems, Oct 15, 2003

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Image capture cards compress to new standard

The DS-4000 range of PCI image capture and compression cards is based on H.264/MPEG4-AVC compression standards.

News from Kane Computing, Oct 14, 2003

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Whirlwind storms ahead

Aculab and SkunkWorks Australia have formed a strategic alliance - creating a storm with Whirlwind.

News from Aculab, Oct 13, 2003

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Dual-Opteron board powers up workstations

The Tiger K8W (S2875) is the market's newest dual AMD Opteron powered entry workstation platform.

News from Tyan Computer, Oct 7, 2003

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Opteron board thunders into server applications

The Thunder K8S Pro (S2882) is an AMD Opteron based platform for 1 and 2U server applications.

News from Tyan Computer, Oct 1, 2003

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Serial cards have all PCI specs covered

All Digi International asynchronous multiport serial cards have been enhanced to support the latest PCI standards, including PCI-X compatibility.

News from Digi International, Sep 15, 2003

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Motherboards exploit latest Via chipset

Following the recent release of Via's high performance Apollo KT600 chipset, QDI has added to its K7 series of motherboards with the KD7X/600 and K7VM400M.

News from QDI, Sep 12, 2003

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Specialist drives aim for new applications

Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division (SDD) has a new European market strategy for working with customers in an array of industry sectors.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Sep 8, 2003

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Grabbers take up to four analogue lines

Crellon Microsystems has a new series of real-time video frame grabbers capable of capturing four analogue video streams simultaneously.

News from Crellon Microsystems, Sep 1, 2003

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Legend raises sales in spite of SARS

Legend Group has announced its results for the first quarter ended 30th June 2003.

News from QDI, Aug 27, 2003

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P4 board optimises memory bandwidth

The EMB-9277 is an Intel Pentium 4 ATX industrial mainboard.

News from Evalue Technology, Aug 25, 2003

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Fanless computer provides noise-free operation

Stealth Computer Corporation's LPC-301FL fanless PC features an Intel ULV Pentium-III 400MHz processor that provides for optimal heat dissipation and power consumption.

News from Stealth Computer Corp, Aug 22, 2003

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Frame grabbers gain Linux support

The popular Euresys Picolo range of frame grabbers is now available with Linux support.

News from Multipix Imaging, Aug 19, 2003

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Graphics card incorporates hardware monitoring

The Tachyon G9800 Pro-M is the only ATI Radeon 9800 based graphics card in the world with hardware monitoring.

News from Tyan Computer, Aug 14, 2003

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PCI card adds eight serial ports

The Ultra Comm+8.PCI is a multi-interface, eight-port, Universal Bus compatible PCI adapter.

News from Sealevel Systems, Aug 13, 2003

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Showing 576-600 of 806 articles

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