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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Linux board turns to vibration analysis

Concurrent Computer Corp and Experimental Design and Analysis Solutions (EDAS) are working together to deliver real-time vibration testing and analysis solutions.

News from Concurrent Computer Corp, Feb 17, 2004

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Motherboard maker moves up-market

Leading motherboard manufacturer QDI has moved to prestigious new premises on Europe's largest industrial estate in Slough, Berkshire.

News from QDI, Feb 17, 2004

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Slimline board serves up power savings

Slim yet versatile, the GENE-6330 is specially designed to serve space-constrained, heat-sensitive, weight-concerned market segments such as ultradense servers and mobile devices.

News from Impulse Corporation, Feb 11, 2004

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Compression board unburdens web server CPUs

The AHA361-PCIX is a PCI-X plug-in card that adds GZIP compression to Internet data streams and supports GZIP/Deflate compression for web host applications at up to 1.2Gbit/s.

News from Comtech AHA Corp, Feb 6, 2004

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Financial performance reflects industry upturn

Aculab has recently celebrated its 25th birthday.

News from Aculab, Feb 6, 2004

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Cutting the cost of acquisition

Adept Scientific has made significant reductions to the prices of the whole PCI-DAS 6000 range of data acquisition boards from Measurement Computing.

News from Adept Scientific, Jan 30, 2004

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Frame grabber takes four analogue signals onboard

The FG104 video frame grabber board is a low-cost, high-performance solution for capturing analogue broadcast signals across the PCIbus in an embedded computer system.

News from Parvus Corp, Jan 27, 2004

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SBC cuts DSP development cycles

In keeping with its tradition of providing high-performance low-cost products, Advanced Microcomputer Systems has updated its digital signal processing single board computer.

News from Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Jan 23, 2004

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PCI card is four-channel digital video recorder

The VioCard-100 board offers a complete four-camera digital video recorder (DVR) on a single PCI card.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Jan 23, 2004

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Awards symbolise excellence in Taiwan

No fewer than eight Adlink products have been honoured in the 12th annual Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Awards.

News from Adlink Technology, Jan 21, 2004

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Partnership brings Swift Glory

A new partnership with Swift Glory will enable QDI to further excel at the manufacture and sale of its key products: motherboards, VGA cards and PC bare-bone systems.

News from QDI, Jan 19, 2004

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Advanced MPEG encoder is complete solution

According to Vitec Multimedia, TwinPEG Pro is currently the most advanced and complete solution for video professionals.

News from Vitec Multimedia, Jan 16, 2004

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Multimedia board puts eight DSPs in parallel

The VP3T video parallel programmable processing platform is an extremely powerful PCI or stand-alone board dedicated to professional and industrial video applications.

News from Kane Computing, Jan 13, 2004

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Tiny hard disc drive breaks the inch barrier

A new hard disc drive is claimed as the world's smallest, with a media diameter of just 0.85in.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Jan 12, 2004

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Flagship SBC gains rugged options

Thales Computers has released two new rugged versions of its flagship PowerEngine7 single board computer.

News from Thales Computers, Dec 30, 2003

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Analogue output joins PCI range

The first design to feature analogue output is being added to MCC's range of high-quality PCI cards aimed to be functionally equivalent to National Instruments models.

News from Adept Scientific, Dec 18, 2003

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Graphics controller has multidisplay capabilities

The P17 is a double-width PC-MIP module incorporating a 235MHz 24bit RAMDAC offering a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixel, coupled with enhanced multidisplay capabilities.

News from MEN Mikro Elektronik, Dec 11, 2003

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Learn about computer telephony in Hawaii

Aculab will hold its global partner conference in Hawaii, USA on the 17th- 20th February 2004.

News from Aculab, Dec 9, 2003

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New distribution and support channel for France

Arcom has appointed Antycip as a new distributor for France.

News from Arcom, Dec 8, 2003

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PCI range evolves to cPCI and PXI formats

Spectrum has developed a new, advanced and extensive range of CompactPCI and PXI board products.

News from Dataquest Solutions, Dec 3, 2003

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Half-size CPU boards provide budget ePCI-X intro

Two new CPU boards are based on the latest fast ePCI-X standard.

News from Kontron UK, Dec 1, 2003

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PCI card aids video development

The LCP-1500 pnx1500 TriMedia/Nexperia PCI card from Momentum Data Systems is now shipping from stock at Kane Computing.

News from Kane Computing, Nov 27, 2003

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High availability for push-to-talk solution

Sonim Technologies has designed the Force EndurX high availability system into its Instant Communications Solution.

News from Force Computers, Nov 18, 2003

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High-availability platform evolves

The EndurX CO 21KX with Gigabit Ethernet switching offers EndurX high-availability middleware and software upgradeability in a "five nines" ready platform for carrier-grade applications.

News from Force Computers, Nov 18, 2003

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Drives shrink to expanded demand

Toshiba is aiming to meet fast increasing demand for its 1.8in hard disk drives by doubling production to 600,000 units a month by March 2004.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Nov 17, 2003

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Showing 551-575 of 806 articles

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