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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Linux platforms migrate to 64bit processing

Concurrent Computer Corporation Integrated Solutions Division now produces 64bit versions of its highly deterministic real-time computing systems running RedHawk Linux.

News from Concurrent Computer Corp, May 5, 2004

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Pair to provide graphical solutions

Concurrent Computer Corp Integrated Solutions Division and Orad Hi-Tec Systems have formed a worldwide alliance to deliver COTS-based graphics to the visual simulation market.

News from Concurrent Computer Corp, May 5, 2004

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Mini ITX motherboard majors on graphics

Ibase Technology reckons it leads the motherboard and IPC industry in shipping the first Mini ITX motherboard featuring integrated-chipset graphics with the best performance in the market today.

News from Ibase Technology, May 5, 2004

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Pentium 4 board aims for legacy upgrades

The SAGP-845MEV is a new PIAGP form factor Socket-478 processor board.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Apr 27, 2004

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Drive squeezes 100Gbyte into new-wave notebooks

The MK1031GAS is a new super-slim 100Gbyte 2.5in hard disk drive Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Apr 26, 2004

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Compression plug-in features faster datarates

The AHA361-PCIX is a PCI-X plug-in card that adds GZIP compression to Internet data streams and supports GZIP compression with data transfer rates up to 2.0Gbit/s.

News from Comtech AHA Corp, Apr 23, 2004

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Linux multiprocessor systems upgrade Aussie subs

The Australian subsidiary of Concurrent Computer Corp Integrated Solutions Division has delivered high-performance iHawk multiprocessor systems to Raytheon Australia in New South Wales.

News from Concurrent Computer Corp, Apr 23, 2004

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Digital video comes onboard

Deltacast will introduce two new SDI and ASI PCI boards to the American market at NAB 2004.

News from Deltacast, Apr 13, 2004

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High availability for wireless LAN solution

Kineto Wireless has used Force Computers' EndurX high-availability system platform based on Intel architecture processors in its MoWLAN.

News from Force Computers, Mar 30, 2004

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Long life predicted for PCI platform

The new RadiSys Endura SH845GV long life embedded platform based on the Intel 845GV chipset is now available via Wordsworth Technology.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Mar 30, 2004

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Motherboards upgrade to latest Intel and AMD CPUs

QDI has released an upgraded version of its highly successful P2PE/800 motherboard with the launch of the P2PE/800 Pro, upgraded to support Intel's new Prescott CPUs.

News from QDI, Mar 23, 2004

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Distribution for novel image scaler

Calibre has appointed True Colours as distributor for its novel image scaler PremierViewPro-LED.

News from Calibre UK, Mar 19, 2004

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Disk drive makes it into the record book

Guinness World Records has certified Toshiba's 0.85in hard disk drive as the smallest HDD in the world and will feature it in the 2005 edition, scheduled for sale in September 2004.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Mar 18, 2004

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Image scaler hits the colour "sweet spot"

The PremierViewPro-AV is a new high performance, extremely flexible image scaler from Calibre that is designed specifically for use in projection, AV and home theatre applications.

News from Calibre UK, Mar 17, 2004

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Industrial PC takes on process-critical tasks

The model 730 is the latest addition to the Rugged Technologies 7586 range of industrial computers designed for reliable operation in tough environments and process critical applications.

News from Rugged Technologies, Mar 16, 2004

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Motherboard supports full P4 family tree

The QDI P4I848P is a PC motherboard designed to support a full spectrum of Pentium 4 CPUs, including Celeron, P4 Willamette/Northwood and Prescott.

News from QDI, Mar 12, 2004

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Small-form-factor PC comes to hand

The LPC-401X is an Intel Pentium-4 based small form computer system that is part of Stealth's growing family of LittlePCs.

News from Stealth Computer Corp, Mar 11, 2004

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PCI board accelerates legacy applications

The PCI-953 is a PICMG 1.0 generic processing engine board designed to support a broad range of applications requiring ISAbus support with high-performance processing.

News from Kontron UK, Mar 10, 2004

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CPU module powers up WinCE handheld

Qubos of Dublin has begun volume shipments of a Medallion CPU module-powered handheld device.

News from Technical Solutions, Mar 5, 2004

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PCI board takes on workstation support

The PCI-951 full-size single board computer now supports the Sun Solaris 8 operating system.

News from Kontron UK, Mar 3, 2004

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Motherboard showcase in Hanover

At CeBIT 2004 in Hanover, QDI will showcase products built on the new Intel Grantsdale chipset, the latest Prescott platform, the AMD K8 platform as well the mainstream K7 platform.

News from QDI, Mar 3, 2004

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SBC nominated for EDN award

The EBC-C3 single board computer has been selected from a field of hundreds as a finalist for this year's EDN Innovator/Innovation Awards.

News from Winsystems, Mar 3, 2004

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Full-size SBC crams in the interfaces

Aaeon's new SBC-860, powered by an Intel Pentium 4 processor, is a full size form factor single board computer with onboard CompactFlash Type II support and four USB 2.0 ports.

News from Impulse Corporation, Feb 27, 2004

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Mezzanine card lends Pentium power to telecomms

The hot-swappable KosaiPM gives telecomms OEMs an easy way to add processing power to AdvancedTCA or proprietary systems equipped with Advanced Mezzanine Card expansion bays.

News from Artesyn Communication Products, Feb 24, 2004

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SBC ready for next-generation industrial computing

The NuPRO-850, developed by Adlink and based on the PICMG 1.2 form factor, features the Intel Pentium 4 processor with HT technology, the Intel 875P chipset and Intel 6300ESB I/O controller hub.

News from Adlink Technology, Feb 23, 2004

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Showing 526-550 of 806 articles

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