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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Development kit supports VxWorks 5.5 RTOS

Arcom has launched another Pentium 'board support package' development kit to support Wind River's VxWorks 5.5 real-time operating system (RTOS), the most widely adopted RTOS in the embedded industry.

News from Arcom, Nov 3, 2005

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ZigBee Alliance gains another member

Arcom is demonstrating its commitment to industrial wireless network gateways by joining the ZigBee Alliance at the participant level.

News from Arcom, Nov 2, 2005

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Serial card takes flow control onboard

The JetCard 1400 Series is specially designed for long distance industrial applications that require high speed RS422/485 interfaces.

News from Korenix Technology, Oct 31, 2005

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Sponsorship brings gamers to Sweden

VIA Technologies and S3 Graphics are to sponsor the DreamHack 2005 event, taking place from 24th to 27th November in Sweden.

News from VIA Technologies, Oct 28, 2005

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Full-size PICMG CPU is a versatile performer

Available now from Wordsworth Technology is the high performance low power Commell FS-97AVL2 full-size PICMG Pentium M CPU card.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Oct 24, 2005

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Video expander runs over USB

Viewport is a USB powered adapter which provides a fast, simple way of connecting another monitor to a computer to expand the available workspace.

News from Steadlands International, Oct 20, 2005

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Pentium-based SBC features energy-saving design

The PCI-956 slot SBC is a new PICMG 1.0 compatible board equipped with an Intel Pentium M760 and the mobile Intel 915GM Express chipset.

News from Kontron UK, Oct 19, 2005

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Mini-ITX mainboard hosts open-source firewall

The VIA EPIA CL6000 Mini-ITX mainboard has been adopted by Vermont-based Logic Supply, a well-known Mini-ITX systems provider and retailer, for its new range of Perimeter firewall appliances.

News from VIA Technologies, Oct 10, 2005

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Hard drives switch to SATA interface

Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division has optimised its family of 2.5in hard disk drives for highly portable consumer electronic products and notebook PCs.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Oct 7, 2005

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Mini-ITX board supports dual-core processors

The LV-674 SBC is based on the Intel 945G Express chipset, and supports Intel Pentium D and Celeron D dual core processors with 1066MHz FSB.

News from Commell, Oct 7, 2005

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Website gains helpful RoHS and WEEE guidelines

Arcom has published information about its commitment to the European Union RoHS and WEEE Directives along with some helpful guidelines for its customers and end users.

News from Arcom, Oct 6, 2005

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Motherboards upgrade to dual-core processors

Itox has added first Intel dual-core products into its long-life product line.

News from Itox, Oct 6, 2005

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Frame grabber adds real-time image authentication

The Matrox Morphis frame grabber is now available with a real-time image authentication offload engine that helps users identify whether or not an image has been tampered with.

News from Multipix Imaging, Oct 5, 2005

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Extreme motion control comes to PCIbus

The DASP-52504 and DASP-52506 are new generation PCIbus high-speed four- and six-axis motion control cards for extreme motion applications.

News from Axiomtek, Sep 30, 2005

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MicroATX motherboard offers long service life

Wordsworth Technology has announced the introduction of the new microATX form factor fully-featured ICPMB7880 long life Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D LGA775 mainboard.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Sep 23, 2005

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CPU module creates flexible computing platform

Available now from RDS is the new ETX-821 ETX CPU module from Aaeon.

News from Review Display Systems, Sep 23, 2005

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Platform promises future-proof MPEG-2 encoding

The Accelera high definition MPEG-2 encoder is an accelerated, future-proofed HD platform for video compression.

News from Aspex Semiconductor, Sep 19, 2005

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PCI relay card has handles high power

The PCI-7260 is billed as the world's first true high-power relay output card for industrial automation and machine control.

News from Adlink Technology, Sep 15, 2005

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Server management boards adopt new protocol

Avocent Corp is to integrate the new DMTF SMASH server management command line protocol into its embedded Virtual Presence Infrastructure product line.

News from Avocent, Sep 14, 2005

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Advantech expands into India

Advantech has opened a new office in Bangalore city, which is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India.

News from Advantech (UK), Sep 14, 2005

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Compressor board puts HDTV in space

NASA will be using the LSI Logic HDTVxpress Compressor PCI board to provide real-time high definition content creation capabilities aboard future space missions.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 12, 2005

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Designers join the 0.85in HDD revolution

Current and future designers have been given the opportunity to show the world the future of high performance mobile devices with the launch of the "Hard Disk Drive Revolution" design competition.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Sep 2, 2005

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Management modules to integrate Intel interface

Intel and Avocent are working together to incorporate Intel's Advanced Server Management Interface (ASMI) specification into Avocent's family of next generation remote server management modules.

News from Avocent, Aug 24, 2005

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CPU promises mid-range performance at low power

The Rocky C800EV is an all-in-one full size PICMG processor card for mid-range performance and low power applications.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Aug 24, 2005

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Credit-card-sized controller on show

Micro-Robotics will demonstrate new CAN protocol and IDE software for its VM-1 credit-card-sized control computer on Stand 416 at Instrumentation Southern.

News from Micro-Robotics, Aug 17, 2005

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Showing 326-350 of 806 articles

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