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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Industrial motherboard at the leading edge

New from RDS is the D2151-S from Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

News from Review Display Systems, Jul 14, 2006

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Capture and compression board saves PC resources

The VMC-5400 is a capture and compression board designed for developers and integrators of mission critical video-based equipment and video broadcast applications.

News from Vitec Multimedia, Jul 12, 2006

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Mezzanine card supports four Ethernet connections

The Technobox 4435 is a PCI Mezzanine Card format quad 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet adapter with front panel I/O.

News from Technobox, Jul 11, 2006

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USB board suits many measurement applications

The Model USB-CTR-15 embedded digital counter/timer board is packaged in a small, rugged, industrial enclosure and features 15 independent 16bit counter/timers.

News from Acces I/O Products, Jul 10, 2006

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Digital I/O cards go RoHS compliant

Adlink Technology has unveiled a complete line of PCI digital I/O cards that are compliant with the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

News from Adlink Technology, Jul 6, 2006

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Adapter links PCMCIA with USB

The Elan U132 USB to PCMCIA Cardbus adapter provides a novel solution for users of PCMCIA 3G modem cards who need to connect their card via the USB port on their computer.

News from Elan Digital Systems, Jul 5, 2006

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What is the future for PC/104?

The PC99 specification recently released by Intel and Microsoft has left many engineers wondering if the days of the venerable PC/104 interface are numbered.

News from Sensoray, Jul 4, 2006

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Tsao leads Adlink's expansion into Korea

Adlink Technology has opened its first sales office in Seoul, South Korea with Vice President for Sales Bob Tsao as Country Manager.

News from Adlink Technology, Jul 4, 2006

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Quick-start software kit for VoIP to be launched

ACAL Microsystems, in partnership with Audiocodes is preparing to launch the TP-12610 Software Development Kit for ATCA applications

News from Acal Microsystems, Jun 30, 2006

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Motherboard is made for demanding applications

The PMCA is Commell's next generation mobile Micro ATX motherboard, featuring the latest Intel Centrino mobile technology 945GM Express chipset.

News from Commell, Jun 29, 2006

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Award recognises HDD innovation

Toshiba Storage Device Division has been recognised for innovation in hard disk drive technology as part of the Nikkei BP Technology Awards 2006.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Jun 26, 2006

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Video cards offer price/performance options

Four-channel video capture cards include auto-sense input and multiple-screen support making them ideal for cost conscious applications in the security, surveillance or in DVR applications.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Jun 23, 2006

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Distributor watches out for bargain deals

A novel parts matching service monitors global supply and demand and automatically generates spot market trading opportunities based on pre-established customer preferences.

News from Horizon Technology, Jun 23, 2006

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CardBus adapter adds USB and Ethernet

Sensoray's new PC/104+ CardBus adapter includes two USB ports plus a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port.

News from Sensoray, Jun 23, 2006

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Cards add displays to mission-critical systems

EpicA series dual- and quad-display graphics cards are designed for thin clients and other mission-critical systems.

News from Matrox Graphics, Jun 22, 2006

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Extension system expands PCI capabilities

A multi-slot extension system supports 13 full-length 5V PCI cards and permits remote control operation from a host computer as far as 10m away.

News from Adlink Technology, Jun 22, 2006

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Graphics modules support more monitors

Matrox Graphics has expanded monitor and graphics hardware support for its popular GXM graphics expansion modules.

News from Matrox Graphics, Jun 15, 2006

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Analogue to MPEG convertor interfaces via USB

The latest addition to the range of video capture products from Sensoray converts analogue NTSC or Pal colour video and audio into one of three supported MPEG digital video formats.

News from Sensoray, Jun 6, 2006

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Image processor makes HDTV fit for display

Sensoray has introduced a 1080i compatible HDTV image processor for embedded systems in the broadcast and medical markets.

News from Sensoray, Jun 6, 2006

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Compact HDD raises storage density stakes

Toshiba has developed its first 2.5in hard disk drive to incorporate perpendicular magnetic recording and achieve the industry's largest capacity at 200Gbyte with only two platters.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Jun 6, 2006

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PCI Express adapters provide eight ports of SAS

LSI Logic has announced the industry's first low-profile Serial Attached SCSI RAID storage adapters.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 5, 2006

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Adapters enable PCIbus expansion

A new deal with Mobility Electronics gives Amplicon exclusive UK distributor rights for the company's full line of "Magma"-branded products.

News from Amplicon, Jun 5, 2006

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Fujitsu Siemens to adopt SAS adapters

Low-profile MegaRAID Serial Attached SCSI adapters have been selected by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for integration into the next-generation Primergy server platform.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 5, 2006

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Embedded computing stars in Taipei

Adlink Technology is set to shine in the industrial and embedded computing section of Computex Taipei 2006.

News from Adlink Technology, Jun 5, 2006

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MPEG2 HD encoder comes in PCI format

The Moviemaker HD from Optibase is the only single-chip-hardware-based card that can support 4:2:2 up to 150Mbit/s.

News from Garland Partners, May 29, 2006

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Showing 251-275 of 806 articles

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