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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Video board raises system definition

The Matrox Vio Analog offers a cost effective solution for high-resolution display capture, for simulation and training markets in particular.

News from Matrox Graphics, May 10, 2007

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Single-board PC handles graphics

The CX700M features the VIA UniChrome Pro II Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) ensuring optimal performance for all multimedia, entertainment, and productivity applications.

News from Commell, May 7, 2007

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Catalogue collates industrial computing lines

Extensive 174-page brochure contains detailed product specifications, marketing material and ordering information for all of Nexcom's range of industrial computer solutions.

News from Nexcom UK, May 2, 2007

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Mainboard is base for AMD systems

Mini-ITX motherboard incorporates an AMD S1 processor socket compatible with AMD Turion 64x2 Dual-Core, AMD Turion 64 and Mobile AMD Sempron processors.

News from Commell, Apr 23, 2007

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Boards convert analogue video to digital output

The Prisma II series of RGB/DVI/video convertor boards provides a cost-effective means of connecting TFT LCDs to standard graphics and/or video interfaces with analogue control.

News from Apollo Display Technologies, Apr 23, 2007

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Video acquisition cards get UK reseller

The Aexeon and Nexeon ranges of intelligent PCI or PCI Express video acquisition boards from dPict Imaging will be sold in the UK by Kane Computing.

News from Kane Computing, Apr 19, 2007

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Industrial board has high-bandwidth interfaces

Intel 945G Express chipset based industrial motherboard is claimed to deliver outstanding performance.

News from IBase Technology, Apr 16, 2007

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COM Express gets common implementation agreement

Three companies have agreed to support a common implementation strategy for COM Express modules and have produced a set of documentation describing how different products can be mixed and matched.

News from Adlink Technology, Apr 11, 2007

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Dual-core CPU boards for harsh environments

Boards with dual-core Intel processor options are intended for applications requiring low-power operation in harsh environments.

News from GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Apr 6, 2007

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Quad-core platform hosts OEM and ODM designs

The scalable G700 uses the quad-core E5335 Intel Xeon processor and the Intel 5000P chipset and maximises available PCI Express I/O through modularity.

News from Flextronics - Short Range Wireless, Apr 5, 2007

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Motherboard supports 64bit computing

Mini-ITX motherboard series is designed for either the Intel Core2 Duo or Intel Pentium D processors up to 1066MHz FSB.

News from IBase Technology, Apr 3, 2007

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Fanless industrial PC sports Core Duo

The ThinkIO-Duo top-hat fanless PC addresses complex applications that demand the high standards of Intel Dual-core technology.

News from Kontron UK, Mar 30, 2007

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Motherboard supports top speed Core2 Duo

Industrial microATX motherboard supports the Intel Core2 Duo processor, which improves performance and lowers power consumption up to 40%.

News from Adlink Technology, Mar 29, 2007

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Mainboard applies latest Intel chipsets

The LV-676 Mini-ITX motherboard is a mainboard based on the Intel Q965 Express chipset.

News from Commell, Mar 28, 2007

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COTS computers take on tactical roles

Multiple-role real-time 2D/3D COTS tactical visual computers support real-time visual computing applications in both vehicle-based and man-wearable deployed environments.

News from Quantum3D, Mar 19, 2007

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Digital I/O boards are optically isolated

PC/104 utility boards feature 48 individually optically isolated digital inputs.

News from Acces I/O Products, Mar 15, 2007

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Remote graphics units extend industrial control

ABB is using Extio remote graphics units in its new System 800xA Extended Operator Workplace.

News from Matrox Graphics, Mar 15, 2007

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COM Express board uses dual-core microprocessors

COM Express board supports Intel's latest dual-core processors for embedded applications.

News from Itox, Mar 9, 2007

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Card allows extra displays to be deployed

External graphics upgrade device allows users to convert a dual-link DVI output into three standard DVI outputs.

News from Matrox Graphics, Mar 9, 2007

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Embedded PCs, network security and gaming in focus

Acrosser will present its latest embedded PC, network security and gaming platforms on Stand C40 in Hall 21 at CeBIT 2007, from 15th to 21st March in Hanover.

News from Acrosser, Mar 9, 2007

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Single-card LVDT/RVDT to digital convertor

The 73LD4 is an LVDT/RVDT to digital convertor on a PC104 card.

News from Acal Microsystems, Mar 8, 2007

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Mezzanine card adapts XMC to PCI Express

XMC to PCI Express adapter allows a single XMC mezzanine card to be inserted in an 8x PCIe slot

News from Technobox, Mar 6, 2007

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Dual-channel SCSI adapter on PCI mezzanine card

A dual-channel SCSI Ultra 320 Controller on a PCI mezzanine card supports two channels - one directed to the 68-pin SCSI front panel connector, the other to the rear I/O PN4 connector.

News from Technobox, Mar 6, 2007

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Dual-port PMC for SAS or SATA storage control

Dual-port RoHS-compliant storage-control PMC provides support for up to eight lanes of SAS or SATA.

News from Technobox, Mar 6, 2007

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Industrial CPU boasts Core 2 Duo power

High-performance module is equipped with a Merom 2.16GHz processor (T7400) and has as its basis the Intel 945GM and ICH7-M chipsets.

News from DSM Computer, Mar 6, 2007

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Showing 151-175 of 806 articles

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