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Latest articles from 'PC-Compatible Boards, Assemblies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Graphics cards power up to four monitors

Graphics cards offer 512Mbyte of memory, native PCIe x16 performance and support for independent or stretched mode on up to four monitors simultaneously.

News from Matrox Graphics, Jun 26, 2008

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USB/serial adapters cut maintenance work

All Sealevel SeaLink USB serial adapters use a state-machine architecture that greatly reduces the host computer's overhead when communicating over multiple serial ports simultaneously

News from Sealevel Systems, Jun 24, 2008

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Plug-in card provides four gigabit lines

The Niagara 2084 is a gigabit Ethernet server adapter offering four independent SFP channels in a single PCI Express slot.

News from Interface Masters Technologies, Jun 24, 2008

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Mezzanine system eases embedded design

Technobox' Micro Mezzanine System provides a range of FPGA-based carrier boards and a range of micro mezzanine electrical conversion modules (ECMs) that can be assembled in thousands of combinations.

News from Technobox, Jun 23, 2008

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Storage boost for small-form-factor drives

Compared with the traditional 2.5in form factor, 1.8in HDDs consume far less power extending battery life and allow for thinner and sleeker chassis.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Jun 12, 2008

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FPGA platform hosts vision development

Dual Cyclone III PCI mezzanine card provides a cost-effective low-power-consumption alternative to conventional signal processing accelerators.

News from 4DSP, Jun 5, 2008

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Mini-PCI card runs four MPEG4 channels

Card enables high-quality real-time video and audio capture and compression from one, two or four concurrent Pal or NTSC video sources to disk.

News from Advanced Micro Peripherals, Jun 4, 2008

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Board puts multimedia chipset to work

The VIA EPIA M700 leverages the uncompromising multimedia performance of the VIA VX800 unified chipset.

News from VIA Technologies, May 27, 2008

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PCI slots expand measurement options

PCI devices installed in the extension system behave and work as if they are directly installed in the host system and do not require any additional driver or software installation.

News from Adlink Technology, May 26, 2008

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I/O module supports hotplugging

The USB-IDIO-16 is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports and offers hotplug functionality for quick connecting and disconnecting.

News from Acces I/O Products, May 22, 2008

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Analogue output card provides 16bit accuracy

The PCI-6202 provides multiple programmable I/O options, including digital I/O (TTL), general-purpose timer/counters, motor encoder inputs and PWM outputs .

News from Adlink Technology, May 9, 2008

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Frame grabbers make full use of PCI Express

Boards deliver all the high bandwidth advantages of the PCI Express bus while acquiring at the maximum Camera Link rate of 680Mbyte/s across an x4 lane.

News from Adlink Technology, Apr 15, 2008

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Fanless x86 SBC design supports SATA

Geode LX 800 processor based SBC is a cost-effective and low-power design engineered to operate at less than 20W under full loading.

News from Adlink Technology, Apr 11, 2008

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Graphics cards extend thin client displays

Boundless Technologies can now provide customers a multi-video desktop that consumes less than one-tenth the power of an equivalent PC desktop.

News from Matrox Graphics, Apr 8, 2008

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Express performance for IEEE1394b frame grabber

Frame grabber targets area scan colour/monochrome inspection applications, such as PCB inspection and FPD surface inspection.

News from Adlink Technology, Mar 27, 2008

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Media player is made for PoS promotion

The ViewStream 300 is the latest advance in Digital View's family of media players that connect to LCD or plasma monitors and TVs.

News from Digital View, Mar 25, 2008

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Graphics card brings HD to small PCs

Combines advanced 3D graphics and incredible HD multimedia performance with extreme power-efficiency and rigidly low thermal specifications.

News from S3 Graphics, Mar 25, 2008

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Adlink to acquire Ampro

Ampro's US sales channels, customer services and logistics centres can help to increase Adlink's US sales of embedded computing products.

News from Adlink Technology, Mar 21, 2008

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Long-life motherboards scale to multicore CPUs

MicroATX form factor motherboards are designed specifically for embedded applications requiring a stable revision-controlled platform, with long-term availability.

News from Itox, Mar 10, 2008

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Agreement brings new graphics cards to Europe

Graphics cards based on the Chrome 400 series will be released to European customers through Memorysolution's distribution channels and will feature GDDR2 and GDDR3 memory from Qimonda.

News from S3 Graphics, Mar 10, 2008

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Catalogue covers industrial computing

Industrial computing products include computers-on-modules, embedded CPU boards, fanless industrial computers, digital signage platforms, vehicle telematics PC and network appliances.

News from Nexcom UK, Mar 7, 2008

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Interface controller connects large LCD screens

The HE-1920 features wide tolerance power supplies (12V DC +/- 25%), locking connectors and low-mass tantalum capacitors for maximum tolerance to shock and vibration.

News from Digital View, Mar 6, 2008

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PCI board handles 32 video streams

The Condor transforms any industrial PC station into a centralised intelligent video surveillance system.

News from Mango DSP, Mar 4, 2008

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Hard disks provide portable storage boost

The dual platter 120Gbyte MK1216GSG offers an aerial density of 283.3Mbit/mm and can hold over 30,000 high-quality MP3 files or just over 150 hours of DVD quality MPEG-4 video.

News from Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, Feb 27, 2008

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Bus adapters bring WiMAX to workstations

Adapters allow the use of PCMCIA cards in any workstation that has an available PCI slot but does not have a built in PCMCIA port.

News from Elan Digital Systems, Feb 19, 2008

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Showing 76-100 of 806 articles

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