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Bluetooth module gains audio headset firmware

Firmware for the F2M03MLA multimedia Bluetooth module simplifies connection to mobile phones incorporating the latest Bluetooth audio technology.

News from Free2move (13 December 2007)

ZigBee kit gains analysis software

The Basic edition of Daintree's SNA software will be bundled with the One RF ZigBee Demo Case from December 2007.

News from One RF Technology (13 December 2007)

Designs put HDMI over ultrawideband

Pulse-Link has produced a range of HDMI-over-coax and wireless HDMI production ready reference designs for consumer electronics device manufacturers.

News from Pulse-Link (10 December 2007)

Amplifiers power up basestations

The TMA series of tower mount (masthead) amplifiers from Eleading Technologies provides a balanced amplifier with bypass function.

News from Gigahertz Marketing Solutions ( 4 December 2007)

Radio platform is basis for tracking and telemetry

System addresses all the needs of high-volume, reliable and cost efficient telematics systems.

News from Media Systems ( 4 December 2007)

Digital transceiver covers a wide range

Software defined radio platform will be useful in both civil and defence applications, providing reduced time to market and the ability to customise its capabilities

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