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Wireless LAN adapter has industrial specifications

WLAN serial port adapter is ideal for portable industrial devices and is designed for straightforward wireless upgrade.

News from connectBlue ( 8 February 2007)

LNB covers full spectrum of satellite broadcasting

Low-noise block gives Sharp a complete lineup of satellite receiver components, from small systems for single-family houses to modules for satellite systems supplying entire blocks of flats.

News from Sharp Microelectronics Europe ( 6 February 2007)

Narrowband modules cover European ISM frequencies

Industrial radio transmitter and receiver use narrowband FSK for industrial applications where high performance and reliability are required.

News from Circuit Design ( 2 February 2007)

Bluetooth modules offer enhanced datarates

General-purpose embedded Bluetooth modules are fully compliant with the Bluetooth v2.0+EDR standard.

News from Free2move ( 2 February 2007)

868MHz transceiver boosts power for range

The BiM3B radio transceiver module is an enhanced higher power replacement for the already established BiM3A-869-64.  Brochure available  

News from Radiometrix (26 January 2007)

Amplifiers come with customised filtering

NuWaves Engineering has added a custom filter am